Clutch to a mini tractor: features and manufacturer with your own hands

Mini tractor – good, reliable kind of agricultural machinery. But a big problem is often buying spare parts. Therefore it is useful to know how to make a clutch for a mini tractor with your own hands.

For what is needed?

To begin with, find out the main nuances of the upcoming work. The clutch of any type is designed to solve a very relevant task – the transmission of torque on the transmission. That is, if such a detail is not delivered, the normal work is simply impossible. Moreover, without clutch it is impossible to quickly and smoothly disconnect the engine crankshaft from the transmission. Therefore, it will not be possible to guarantee the normal start of a mini tractor.

Designers at the factories unambiguously prefer friction clutches. In them rubbing parts ensure the transfer of torque. But homemade grip can be performed by other scheme. The main thing is to figure out everything before you finally solve something. According to a number of specialists, the miniature car is much better to use the belt. In this case, the objective flaws will practically do not show themselves. But advantages will be disclosed completely. In addition, simplicity of such a detail is important for farmers. The sequence of work is as follows:

  • Take a pair of wedge-shaped belts (it is best to 1.4 m in length, by profile b);
  • The Primary PPC shaft add pulleys (which will be the driven link);
  • The spring-loaded bracket of 8 links associated with the pedal is complemented by a dual video;
  • Install the stops that cut the wear during the operation of the motor in idle mode.

If you put just such a clutch, then work will become much more efficient. Reliability of the whole system increases. Yes, and on the work costs, the clutch on the belt will definitely be the best choice. Recommendation: You can use the used gearbox. There is another version of work. Motor put flywheel. Take a grip from the car and when installing it uses a special adapter. You do not need to pay for this adapter – wonderful products are obtained from crankshafts. Next, the clutch crankcase. It must be put up pallet up.

Important! We will have to check whether the fastenings of the flanges of primary shafts and crankcase are compatible. If necessary, the gaps are expanding using a file. PPC in this scheme is also desirable to shoot with an old car. Best if the kit will enter the distribution box.

Ready gearboxes are used to simplify operation.

What other options can be?

In some cases, hydraulic clutch use. Its clutches are working due to the effort attached by the fluid flow. Distinguish hydrostatic and hydrodynamic couplings. In the products of the second type, the strength created by the stream is gradually changing. It is the hydrodynamic design that is now becoming increasingly, because it is less wearing and works much more confident.

Coupling with electromagnetic couplings can be found. Engine and transmission in such a system are connected using a magnetic field. It is usually created by electromagnets, although the powder with magnetic properties can sometimes be used. Another clutch classification is made by lubrication needs.

The so-called dry versions work in a non-labeled state, wet are working exclusively in the oil bath.

It is important to remember the fact that various number of disks may be present in the clips. Multidiscian execution implies a housing with recesses inside. There are introduced discs with grooves of a special form. When they are spinning around their own axis, then one after another transmissive to transmission. You can make without turner and centrifugal automatic clutch.

When designing and manufacturing such products it is necessary to strive to minimize friction. If this force is used to work, non-production costs of mechanical energy grow sharply. It is worth considering that the centrifugal clutch is bad for transmitting considerable effort. In this case, the efficiency of the device also drops sharply. Gradually, the lining of the centrifugal clutch is erased by purchasing a conical shape.

As a result, the samples begins. Repair is possible, but will have to:

  • use a high-quality lathe;
  • robbing overlays to the metal itself;
  • Screw the friction tape;
  • use glue for her;
  • hold the harvest of 1 hour in the rented muffle furnace;
  • toss overlays to the required thickness;
  • Prepare grooves for which oil will pass;
  • put it all in place.

As you can see, everything is quite difficult, laborious and expensive. What is worse, only conditionally such a clutch can be considered independently. Yes, and the quality depends too much factors, including those that cannot be counted. Even a multi-disc clutch make much easier. Such products are recommended for equipment of agricultural machinery with transverse engine placement.

Important! Parts of the coupling are combined with a transmission and a starting unit. All this is lubricated with engine oil from a common source. As a workpiece, used adhesion from old motorcycles. An asterisk connects with an external drum so that it spins free on the shaft. Ratchet add to the leading drum. The driven and main disks are aggregated to the total shaft. It is important to keep their mobility. Construction is fixed using nuts. The placement of the leading and dependent disks is made in pairs. The first dock with the outer drum with the help of protrusions, and the second – with the help of teeth.

The last mounted pressure disk. It will help to pull the rest of the parts by special springs. We must definitely put on each of the leading disks friction lining. Usually these parts are made of plastic or traffic jams.

Lubrication, if necessary, is replaced by kerosene, the need for permanent oil supply is quite acquitted by a longer service than the belt transmission.

Additional Information

Quite often used inertial clutch coupling. In it, the levers are associated with slave shafts and complemented by cams. These fists inertia strength pounds in the grooves placed on a cupid half. In turn, this demummouft is connected to the leading shaft. The levers are fixed on the total axis located in the slotted knot.

The leading coupling is equipped with radial inertial fingers. They are spinning, and at the same time act on the intermediate element. Such an element through a slot is reported to the slave shaft. Additionally, an intermediate glass with a shank from the slot enters into contact with the axis, locking the levers in the clamp. It is necessary to hold them until the slave shaft is unwound.

But nevertheless, most people prefer the familiar disk clutch. So that it worked well, you will have to adjust the item immediately after installation. Adjustments are repeated and later, already during operation, after approximately the same intervals. At the same time, the pedal walked freely. If the adjustment does not help, consistently check:

  • technical condition of bearings;
  • Control of discs;
  • Possible malfunctions for cups and springs, pedals, cables.

How to make a grip on a mini tractor with your own hands, you can learn more.

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