Choosing the engine on the motor-block “Cascade”

Motoroblocks “Cascade” are common technical means and are used to perform various works. Popularity is due to the fact that manufacturers equipped these aggregates with the necessary functions and characteristics, which allows it to be used in almost all cases of life, as well as for processing land plots.

By many owners, this technique is valued due to its affordable cost, compactness and high characteristics.

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Constructive features

Motoroblocks “Cascade” have 4 main components for control and movement. This is:

  • motor;
  • controls;
  • PPC;
  • chassis.

Chassis consists of a frame and leading wheels. There are also additional nodes with which the torque from the motor is transmitted to the wheels. Equipped with powerful wheels with large treads, which allows you to use the device even on heavy soils.

The transmission is distinguished by reliability and transmits torque from the engine to wheels, being an integral participant in the rotation of the unit. Torque is transmitted using gearboxes and chains, and the box itself has four speeds and is installed in a special block on the frame. A large number of models has a rear speed, What allows you to increase the maneuverability of the device.

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Control is carried out by a clutch handle with which you can adjust the damper on the carburetor by adding or reducing the engine speed. Also using the clutch handle are blocked wheels when you need to turn in one direction or another. The steering wheel is able to adjust under the growth and other user parameters.

Thanks to all these moments, driving a fiberboard easily and simply even with long work on the site.

So that the car worked smoothly throughout the term of use, it is necessary after the purchase to run rolling and constantly add fresh oil to the box and motor.

Pour high-quality fuel is also important. If you do not comply with these rules, then with time the device may fail and will become unsuitable for use.

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Which engine is suitable for a fiberboard?

The motor belongs to the main elements of any mechanism and depends on the efficiency of the entire device.

Usually the motor consists of:

  • distribution mechanism;
  • cylinder block;
  • carburetor;
  • ignition;
  • starter;
  • cooling systems.

Initially, Motors DM66 and DM68 were installed on the motoblocks. But they often fail due to improper use, natural wear and for other reasons, and therefore it is necessary to replace such a motor if it is not possible to restore it.

It is worth noting that in Russia these engines are no longer produced, and therefore it is often necessary to complete the replacement of the unit and it is necessary to acquire products of foreign production when replaced.

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Lifan 168

One of the most common engines that are used to replace is “Lifan 168”. It has the engine capacity of 196 cubic centimeters and works on gasoline. Power is 7 horsepower, air cooling, and therefore they can only work short time.

To ensure the duration of the engine Lifan, after installing the Chinese motor, it needs to constantly pour fresh oil and conduct.

Installing the motor is simply produced and will not require re-equipment of fasteners on the frame.

The fluid replacement work is made like this:

  • On the plugged engine, unscrew the drain plug, which is located on the pallet;
  • merge oil from the system;
  • spin the plug;
  • pour new oil;
  • warm the motor;
  • Check the level and add.

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

B & S I / C

B & S I / C engine can also be installed, which refers to modern models and is popular in domestic conditions. Often they are used on the “Cascade” units.

This is caused by such features of the motor:

  • Power of 7 horsepower;
  • reinforced transmission;
  • increased combustion chamber;
  • minimum noise when working;
  • High functionality even at low temperatures.

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Vanguard OHV

Imported Motor Vanguard OHV also relates to powerful engines that can be installed on the motor-block of this manufacturer and cope with all the necessary tasks. This engine has a power of 7 horsepower.

One refueling is enough to work without interruption for 4-5 hours.

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Subaru EX17

You can also put the SUBARU EX17 engine, which is popular among the owners of the Cascade Motoblocks. He proven himself great. It has a special design of the distribution mechanism inside and a large diameter of the shaft, which allows you to increase the power of the engine and its efficiency.

As can be seen, currently there are quite many engines that can be installed on the “Cascade” motoblock. The choice of a suitable model depends not only on its functional, but also the capabilities of the owner financially.

The engine is recommended to acquire dependencies on the specifics of the machine use to ensure its durability. Therefore, before buying, it is necessary to deal with the characteristics of the motor, consult with the specialists and acquire the optimal model.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the package, the quality of the assembly and other points that are familiar with any motorist. If there are no skills, you should always contact the specialists for help. The engine must comply with all the requirements that will allow it to effectively exploit it and increase the use of it.

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Main Motor Tallouts

Among the main troubleshooting of the “Cascade” motoblocks can be noted as:

  • The engine will not start;
  • Motor works with interruptions.

Causes of such faults can be the most different, from poor quality fuel to clogged candles. Also the reason may be in a discharged battery. In this case, you need to recharge the battery and clean the fuel line or a candle, and if necessary, change it completely.

Another malfunction can be the loss of power by the engine. The main reason in this case is the clogs of the carburetor or filter, which prevents the desired amount of fuel into the combustion chamber. In this case It is recommended to clean the system, since the reverse return is possible when the motor is started.

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Experts recommend that such problems do not happen, periodically produce maintenance of this technique.

All the above breakdowns arise quite rarely, and it can be fixed if necessary, it is not necessary for this. If difficulties arise with maintenance or repair, then you can contact the specialists or search for instructions on the network.

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Hinged equipment

To increase the functionality of the Cascade Motoroblock, the manufacturer installs hinged equipment with which you can perform various operations.

Among the most common suspensions can be noted as:

  • potatoes;
  • trailer;
  • plow;

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

  • hiller;
  • soils;
  • Mower and so on.

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Choosing the engine on the motor-block "Cascade"

Survey Motoblock “Cascade” See in the following video.

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