Choosing a motoblock “Agat”

Gardeners and farmers for a long time appreciated the technique of domestic production. It can be attributed to the products of the machine-building plant “Agat”, in particular, the motor-cultivator.


Production line is located in the city of Gavrilov-yam Yaroslavl region.

In different modifications, engines of proven foreign brands from the USA and Japan are used, as well as Chinese manufacturers.

Qualitative characteristics of agate products are due to a powerful production base.

The main technical characteristics of the motoblocks of this brand are presented below.

  • Small gabarities of the unit are designed for the processing of small sites.
  • Versatility is provided by a wide range of hinged equipment. Each component can be purchased separately based on the need.
  • Easy design does not cause difficulties in operation.
  • Autonomy due to the presence of fuel engine.
  • Service does not require specialized knowledge – it is enough to produce standard actions described in detail in the attached instruction.

  • Equipment of a gear reducer with three speeds, two of which are designed to move the device forward, and one – back.
  • The presence of four-stroke carburetor engines with one cylinder allowing to save fuel. Their power varies – they are produced in modifications from 5 to 7 liters. with. Also on sale there are models with intermediate values, for example, 5.5, 5.7, 6.5 L. with.
  • Imported power devices allow us to operate technique in the conditions of the northern regions, as well as on the arid territories of our country.
  • Low location of the center of gravity simplifies work with equipment, making it easier and maneuverable.
  • The manufacturer has provided the ability to dismantle the steering and wheels, so that the motoblock is easy to fit into the trunk of a passenger car.
  • Since spare parts for the “agate” motoblock of domestic production, their cost, as well as the price of the aggregate itself, is much cheaper than foreign analogues.


The main distinguishing factor of models is the engine design and its performance. All other details are almost similar.

Machine-building plant cooperates with world leaders for the production of power units, among which can be distinguished by brands such as Subaru, Honda, Lifan, Lianlong, Hammerman and Briggs & Stratton. These brands produce reliable products operating on different types of fuel. Depending on this, the motor-block parameter is gasoline or diesel.

  • Motors on gasoline are especially popular because they have an affordable cost.
  • Diesel devices are more reliable and possess a big motor.

To date, the plant produces several models “Agat”.

“Salute 5”. It is based on the Japanese Engine of the Honda GX200 OHV brand with forced air cooling, which protects it from overheating, therefore, increases the service life. Running on gasoline, start manually through starter. Specifications Standard: Power – up to 6.5 liters. with., The depth of earth processing is up to 30 cm, the volume of the fuel tank is about 3.6 liters.

The model has a steering, which makes it easier to work on the ground.

“BS-1”. The standard modification of the middle class is designed to handle small land plots. The unit is equipped with the American gasoline engine Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 13N3 with electronic ignition. Among the technical specifications can be noted power (6.5 liters. with.), the volume of the tank (4 l) and the depth of the extinction of the Earth (up to 25 cm). Distinctive features – automatic gearbox and the presence of adjustment of steering handles in two planes.

Model “BS-5,5”. This modification also has a BRIGGS & Stratton RS Engine. Compared with the previous device, it is less powerful (5.5 liters. with.), otherwise characteristics are similar. The device works on gasoline.

“HDD-6.5”. Motorized machine is equipped with a Hammerman’s diesel engine with air cooling function, which allows to work effectively even with intensive load. The unit is characterized by economy fuel consumption. The main disadvantage is its inability to the conditions of the northern regions of the country, since at low temperatures problems arise with the launch.

ZH-6.5. This is one of the latest modifications of the brand “Agat”. Motor production Zongshen was created in the image of Honda GX200 Type Q.

NS. The cultivator is equipped with a power unit of Japanese origin Honda Qhe4, the power of which is 5 liters. with. It is easier and maneuverable, which is due to the installation of a less roomy fuel tank by 1.8 liters.

“L-6.5”. Motoblock on the basis of the Chinese engine Lifan. It can be used to work on the square up to 50 acres. Gasoline is used as fuel. The unit starts manually, there is protection against overheating, depth – up to 25 cm. The device is adapted to winter conditions.

“R-6”. The technical device is equipped with a four-stroke gasoline apparatus of Japanese production Subaru. Motoblock is considered one of the most powerful in the ruler – it has a rated power of up to 7 horsepower. Among the advantages should be noted adjustable management.

Motoroblocks “Agat” depending on the hinged components can perform various functions. Below are only some examples.

  • Snow removal.
  • Garbage collector.
  • Mower. With a rotary mower “Zarya” you can throw not only weed grass, but also rudenessable plants such as collisions or straw.
  • Potato eye and potatoes. Such an aggregate can be obtained using additional nozzles that allow you to simplify the procedures for planting and digging potatoes, as well as other root.
  • Glober. Equipment is required on farms to mechanize manual work for spinging and enclosing a bed. It is also effective for “cutting” section of the bed.

Motor-cultivators “Agat” have a wide range of action, which simplifies the work of farmers and gardeners having agricultural products up to 50 acres.

Construction device and components

The main elements of the motoblock are shown below.

  • Carrier frame that is two reinforced steel square. On it, with bolts and brackets, all working components and control system, in particular, gearbox, protective structures, engine, steering wheel or control levers are mounted.
  • Transmission.
  • The clutch is carried out due to the clinorem transmission by means of a stretch roller. Also in the clutch system includes elements such as control levers, belt and return spring. Easy design ensures the reliability of the entire system.
  • Gear reducer, oil-filled, housing made of aluminum. Tog connections increase the reliability of the transmission. Reducer with a three-stage gearbox.

Since the task of this element is related to ensuring uninterrupted torque, it is filled with oil to reduce friction. For tightness of the connections, a gland that sometimes requires replacement. As a rule, almost all models have a “reverse”, which means that they are equipped with a reverse reducer.

  • Motor happens to gasoline or diesel imported production. If desired, the engine can be replaced with domestic. The cheapest option among overseas is the Lifan Chinese Motor.
  • Chassis In the form of a semi-axis necessary for motion motion. Sometimes the manufacturer establishes pneumocoles that are required to improve the passability. Their broad protectors increase the grip with the soil. Also for these purposes caterpillars. The package usually includes a pump. Stability The device provides wheel blocks in the form of a folding stop.
  • Hitch – element for attaching attachments.

    • Sheds. For the motoblock, additional attachments are produced, increasing the functionality of the technique and allowing to produce various actions. The most common options are presented below.
    • Plow. For the primary suspension of the Earth or during the autumn plowing, when the soil is dense and grasped the roots of plants, it is better to give preference to a twist plow, and not cutting cuts, because it is deeper in the ground, turns the reservoir to the top layer down. It is necessary that the roots dried and extinct in winter.

    The procedure facilitates the processing of the Earth in the spring.

    • Cutters. Cultivators, as a rule, are included in the standard package of the Agat brand. With their help, the device not only cultivates the soil, but also moves. In contrast to the plow, the cutters do not damage the fruitless layer, but only soften and saturate with its oxygen. Nozzles are made of hardened steel and are threefold and four-lines.

    • “Goose paws”. This is an advanced adapter for hinged components. The device is a seat on wheels, which is connected to a hitch with a hitch. It is required to ensure some comfort operator while working. The device is advisable to use when processing large land plots.
    • Mower. The most popular among the nozzles is the “Zarya” lawn mower. It is equipped with a rotary mechanism. With its help, lawn is formed, hay harvested, small bushes are carved. To the positive points should include the ability of the equipment not only to mow grass, but also to lay it, as well as the stability of the unit to enter the rocks of the stones during operation.

    • Groundoshachentes. Arable work, dipping and weeding Groz – a standard set of actions for the specified type of attached equipment. As a rule, they are used in a complex with other nozzles: a plow, potatoes and a richness. Gruppes not only loose ground, but also moving a fiberboard.
    • Dump. Canopy is a wide shovel with which you can remove snow and large trash. Snowprook adapted to low temperatures.

    • Rotary brush is convenient for cleaning the territory – With the help of it you can fit the residues of snow or remove the small garbage. It is rather tough, so easily believes ice and frozen dirt.
    • Auke’s snow blower Indispensable for harvesting garden tracks or local area. The snowpressure can cope even with the strokes, swinging the snow for three meters.

    • Mechanized facilities for planting and cleaning potatoes. The potatoes allows you to dig root roots and lays out them with rows along its movement. The plant has a more complex device and helps to ensure the landing of tuber with smooth rows to the necessary depth. In addition, manufacturers equipped the device with an additional unit for applying fertilizer.
    • Trailer. In order to transport piece or bulk cargo, it is enough to attach a cart to a motor-cultivator.

    Manufacturers produce trailers of different lifting capacity, with varying degrees of automation of the discharge process: manual or mechanized.

    On cutters and plows during the package, additional weightlifiers are installed, which allow for dense soils to deepen the necessary depth.

    • Tractor module. In addition to separate attached equipment, the “KV-2” layout module can be attached to the motoblock, due to which the device turns into a multifunctional mini tractor. The resulting vehicle does not require registration.

    The main technical characteristics of the tractor module “Agat”:

    1. fuel – gasoline or diesel;
    2. manual type of motor startup (from the key);
    3. Transmission – manual transmission gearbox;
    4. rear drive.

    • Crawler module. Cooking prefix will make a motoblock passable like all-terrain vehicle.
    • Module “KV-3” For the motoblock “Agat” equipped with caterpillars with triangular tracks, allowing you to move well on snow-covered areas and off-road.
    • Motobunger going pretty easy, caterpillar ribbons installed on wheels with shock absorbers.

    How to choose?

    Before choosing a mechanized assistant for agricultural work, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze all available information. It is necessary to clearly understand, the specified motorcycling is suitable for land or not.

    First of all, it is worth considering options depending on the engine power. If the soil is very dense or virgin, then the device with maximum power should be selected.

    Then you need to consider the type of engine depending on the fuel on which it works. It all depends on the region and the availability of one or another type. As a rule, the gasoline motor is cheaper, but the diesel is distinguished by reliability, therefore it should be paid to the benefit in both cases.

    Another criterion – fuel consumption. It depends on the power of the motoblock. For example, a power engine from 3 to 3.5 liters. with. consumes 0.9 kg of gasoline per hour, whereas the more powerful analogue by 6 liters. with. – 1.1 kg. However, it should be remembered that low-power aggregates will cost much longer to process the Earth, therefore, saving fuel consumption is questionable.

    Also, when buying, you need to pay attention to the design features of the gearbox. It can be collapsible or unintended. The latter is designed for a longer operational period, but when it fails, it is not repaired, but is replaced with a new. In addition, the reducer with the chain and gear transmission distinguish.

    Based on practice, experts advise to take the latter, as it is distinguished by reliability.

    Coupling for canopies can be individual for each equipment or universal suitable for any nozzle.

    The plant “Agat” has a wide dealer network, so before purchasing the motor-block itself or components to it, it is more expedient to consult with the seller. This can be done in specialized outlets or on the Internet. They will answer all the questions you are interested in, will give advice or select the model according to the criteria.

    User manual

    In the configuration of the motoblock necessarily turns on the model instruction manual. Before work it is recommended to carefully study. As a rule, this document contains the following sections.

    1. Device device, its assembly.
    2. Instruction by running (first start). The section contains recommendations on how to start a motoblock for the first time, as well as items that contain information on checking the operation of moving parts at low load.
    3. Specifications of a specific modification.
    4. Tips and recommendations for further maintenance and content of the device. Here you can find information on the replacement of oil, seals, lubricant and inspection of parts.
    5. List of frequent types of breakdowns, causes of their occurrence and ways to eliminate, partial repair.
    6. Safety requirements when working with a motor-block.
    7. Also usually indicate addresses where you can pass a cultivator for warranty repairs.

    Tips for care

    The first 20-25 hours of work are called the battery running. At this time you can not arrange overload. Checking the functionality of all assemblies of the unit is performed at low power.

    In the period of work, it is necessary to adjust the idle course, but you need to follow so that the motoblock does not work in this mode longer than 10 minutes.

    Even if the motor-cultivator is not quite new, but simply got it before the spring smell after the winter “hibernation”, it is necessary to run it first, check the level of all fluids. Often after a long period of dusting, the engineering is required to replace the oil.

    You should also explore the candles and change them if necessary. Set up the ignition system.

    Carburator adjustment is necessary after long idle. The new mechanism also requires this. Check will help identify defects and eliminate them before field work.

    Detailed instructions for setting up and adjusting the carburetor is provided in the product documentation.

    Competent training of the cultivator is a guarantee of effective actions in the future, therefore It is necessary to practice in advance and solve the following questions:

    • how to put a border or plow;
    • What is needed attachments;
    • what to do if the engine stalled;
    • at what power to which depth you can plow the earth.

    Low Motor Motoblocks with a capacity of 5 liters. with. It is impossible to operate when running for a long time. In addition, when using them, work should be taken into account and cannot be overloaded, otherwise they will quickly fail.

    Ownership reviews

      Reviews of the owners agree that the Agat Motoflock greatly facilitates the work of people associated with agriculture. As for cultivation, it is carried out quite efficiently. In addition, the device is easy and stable.

      Among the disadvantages, problems are noted with leaking oil after 1-2 years of service.

      How to prepare for the work of the new Magate Motoflock, look in the video below.

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