Choose weightlifiers for motoblock

Motoblock – an indispensable adaptation in the farm. Thanks to him, you can handle land without spending big forces or a lot of time. But there is one unpleasant item. Not all motor-blocks are capable of performing their direct functions equally well, as many of them often suffer from the problem of a tonv. It is not left unnoticed, and manufacturers specifically make weightlifiers in order to solve this difficult problem.

For what is needed?

Mostly weighting agents are used in motoblocks, which are more designed to plow the earth.

Wealer, increasing the weight of the motoblock, normalizes the balance, thereby stabilizes its work on the inclined plane and on solid ground. It increases the efficiency of work and simplifies work with agricultural machinery.

And also motoblocks are great for transporting small cargo on any road. It is because of this that they became simply necessary in the countryside, where there are not always smooth good roads. And weightlifier makes it possible to use agricultural equipment and in this capacity.

How to make yourself?

Weightlores are attached to both the body of the motoblock and its wheels. In principle, any items can act in the role of this sweeper. But it is still better to take care and make more or less professional equipment. Let’s wonder how to make them right.

To create such components will be needed:

  • Small weights;
  • rod pancakes;
  • Car clutch baskets;
  • Hex profile.

But it is also impossible not to mention the necessary tools:

  • apparatus for welding;
  • Bulgarian;
  • electric drill;
  • Polymer paint of any color.

First you need to cut a profile into two parts, each of them should be 10 cm. Next, with the help of a drill, drill holes that are needed for hopps. Next, it is necessary to attach rod discs to the parts of the profile and the clutch machine basket. After this process to these most baskets weld weight 3 kg. At the end, all this constructed design is coated with polymer paint. Fix on the motorcycle.

Because of these actions, the weight of the motoblock increases by 40-60 kg. Concrete for these purposes is better not to use.

How to fix?

Best weightlifier attaching to a frame with special bolts, although you can also welcome them directly to the housing of the motoblock. To be honest, then the option with bolts is much practical, since in the case of transportation it is easier to put it in a box or any other place. As well as for the unnecessaryness of weighting agents attached by bolts, it is easier to disconnect than welded.

Unfortunately, there are such cases when weighteners do not give the result expected from them. If you hit this situation, then you should load a motoblock even more.

We advise to the body to attach pancakes from the rod weighing up to 20 kg, and to the wheels to attach a round weight giri, but a small size. Here, the main thing is not to rearrange, since excessive overload can bring harm to the device itself, which will cost you quite expensive.

Specific examples

Weightlores often equip the Wheels of Motoblock Shtenli G-192.

This is a large-sized device, with which the earth processing becomes a trifle. But there are certain rules of operation.

  1. SHTENLI G-192 wheels should not be overloaded, more than 100 kg, since such an overview can be negatively to say the engine.
  2. His work time is about 60-70 minutes. After this time expires, it should be turned off and wait until the engine cools. Then you can take again. It should be noted that the larger the weight, the less time the motoblock will work, and it will have to cool it anymore.
  3. It is necessary to follow the terms of maintenance. That is, with permanent periodicity, replace oil, spark plugs and filters. Once a year to produce a complete technical inspection.
  4. To protect your eardrums from unnecessary noise, use earplugs, and from vibrations you will help gloves.
  5. Do not forget to store a fiberboard in a warm dry place. It is very important, since moisture – the enemy of any technique and can spoil the operation of the device.

Some technical parameters of this motoblock:

  • There is support for additional devices;
  • Type of connection with the pulley power selection shaft (belt);
  • heavy cultivator;
  • reverse rotation of cutters;
  • Cultivation depth 30 cm;
  • Soil processing width 90 cm;
  • Electrostarter is present;
  • diesel engine, four-stroke, cylinders 2;
  • Driving capacity of the engine 12 l. with.;

  • disk clutch;
  • Step-mechanical gear shift lever type;
  • Autavers present;
  • Number of gear 6 forward, 2 back;
  • Type of regulator toothed;
  • Wheel sizes – height 13, width – 7.50 cm;
  • Pneumatic wheels;
  • tank volume 6 l;
  • weight of 5 kg.

Consider an example of the weighting of the MZR-820 motoblock.

This type of motoblock is already somewhat less than the previous one, but this does not mean that it is less effective. With it, you can plow, clean the snow and carry small loads, if you lose the wheels.

Now let’s talk about some rules of operation.

  1. First you need to say that it is better not to overload, as it has small sizes. Permissible overload wheels may be no more than 50 kg, and the total overload should be no more than 100 kg.
  2. When you first start, make sure that the motobock is fully refilled, and oil is flooded with.
  3. After you run up the oil, you need to merge it, and with the next operation, the device fill the new fresh.
  4. Make sure that the cutters do not get small stones, grass and branches. They can damage knives.
  5. Turn on the device on a flat surface.
  6. Once a year, pass the full technical check in special places.
  7. Keep the motoblock in a dry warm place.

Here are some of its parameters:

  • Tank volume for fuel 3.6 l;
  • warranty period 3 years;
  • Type of motor gasoline;
  • Power 180 kW / 8 l. with.;
  • clutch belt;
  • chain regulator;
  • gear lever, speed of 2-1;

  • 100 cm capture width;
  • capture depth 30 cm;
  • Volume of the engine 210 cm3;
  • inclusion with hand;
  • weight of 90 kg;
  • Configuration cutters, wheels 4-10, couch;
  • Power selection shaft is present.

About how to make a cradle for a motoblock with your own hands, look next.

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