Characteristics and features of the choice of heavy cultivators

Cultivators are an important type of agricultural machinery, which allows you to prepare the Earth to Sow. There is a lot of varieties of such equipment, many of her brands. However, it is not necessary to choose a brand, but real technical capabilities.


Heavy-class motor-cultivators have two main nodes: power unit and mechanical components transmitting force on cutters.

Using devices you can:

  • Grind soil whiskers left after disassembling;
  • lay the surface of the earth;
  • cope with weeds;
  • break the crust of the soil;
  • Stir the laid fertilizer from the ground to a homogeneous state.

Motor-cultivators also help during the processing of rivers. But in order not to pay extra money in vain, it is necessary to carefully examine the specifics of cultivation machines.

Not all aggregates will be able to treat dense clay soil. Electrical cultivators powered by the network can only be treated with a slight area (defined long wire).

Rechargeable versions of more mobile.

Diesel Heavy Cultivator, like a gasoline analog, is distinguished much more productivity than an electrical device. Therefore, the vast majority of powerful models are equipped with internal combustion engines. The ability to treat heavy, difficult to learn the land is often more valuable than excellent environmental properties.

In gasoline modifications used AI92 or AI95. Heavy cultivators operating on gasoline are equipped with both two-stroke and four-stroke engines (the second more productive and quieter, but more difficult).


Heavy cultivator weigh minimum 60 kg. The parts installed on it allow you to produce up to 10 liters. with. Such characteristics allow you to handle even a stubble sequence of over 10 acres.

So that heavy machines worked normally and stably, it is necessary to maintain a pressure of 1 kg per 1 cubic. cm.

If it is less – the mobility will be unreasonably large, if less – the cultivator “goes” into the soil, instead of cultivating it.

Tips for choosing

Not enough just to get acquainted with the inscription in the instructions. Of great importance is the quality of steel used in the manufacture of knives. If it is not enough, the working parts of the cultivator will have to systematically change. Yes, and the effectiveness of their work will not please farmers. The higher the power of the device, the better.

Attention should be given and configure the device. Since the auxiliary mechanisms are sold separately, it is better to immediately clarify what it will be compatible with.

In most cases, cultivators complement:

  • transport wheels interfering with grinding into the soil;
  • Plow for extracting potato tubers;
  • haymaking;
  • Broeon;
  • a set of cutters for fearful work on clay;
  • pneumatic wheels of increased passability;
  • milling cutting snow;
  • cramping wheels;
  • Aerators that do the holes in the Earth for ventilation;
  • dumps (for clearing from dirt, snow and debris);
  • Submissive brushes.

Specific models

The cultivator “KTS-10” is of great importance. Such a mechanism is very good when solid processing of the rod steam is required. He can also fulfill the pre-sowing processing of the Earth, to handle the autumn core pairs. The device is equipped with a trailer for gear harrows, there are also spiral rollers.

“KTS-10” has the following characteristics:

  • Treatment depth – from 8 to 16 cm;
  • Limit speed – 10 km / h;
  • The capture band is 10050 cm;
  • Dry mass – 4350 kg.

Version “KTS-6.4” able to process a strip of 6.4 m wide. Apparatus “KTS-7” will be able to cultivate tracks up to 7 m.

These versions are adapted for steam, and for solid pre-sowing soil processing. Such types of work can be combined with harrowing.

Thanks to the hydraulic components, it is possible to fully control the hydraulic cylinders.

Humidity of the soil treated may be no more than 30%. On the rocky surface cultivators “KTS” do not work.

A good alternative can be devices from “Veles-Agro”, which relate both to the trailed and multi-row, attached types. Hinged apparatus “KPGN-4” even more arrogant to soil moisture than “KTS”.

In the most difficult case, it is necessary to carry out soil treatment with anti-erosion cultivators. Such machines are suitable for basic, and for pre-sowing preparation of land. In this case, it is saved by the stool, which avoids the damage to the surface of the wind.

Model “KPE-3.8”, For example, it can be compatible with tractors “Dt-75” of various modifications, as well as with T-150 tractors.

If you apply a pair of tools and a special coupling, you can connect them to “Kirovtsy”.

CTC-10 Cultivator Overview – In the following video.

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