Characteristics and features of rechargeable cultivators

According to the data on the Yandex shopping area, only three types of motor-cultivators operating from autonomous power supply are well common in Russia: Monferme Agat, Caiman Turbo 1000, “Greenworks 27087”. The first two options are made in France. The manufacturer is Pubert. GreenWorks has already proven itself as a reliable manufacturer. Its goods are gaining all the most popular among the Russian buyer.

Rechargeable mincultivators

Today, all small-sized devices are acquired exclusively for women’s half. Hence the stereotype developed that the cultivators of small sizes are specifically made for women. And all because for work it is not necessary to pour gasoline to the tank, deal with the starter. In addition to all, these devices do not make loud sound. But you can’t perform complex tasks. Fixtures are created for lightweight loosening of land in the country.

Caiman Turbo 1000

The device is actively purchased for about 15 years. It is customary to consider this model the most first motor-cultivator running from autonomous power. Below will look at the main characteristics:

  • The mass of the device is about 32 kg together with the battery;
  • The battery is not cast;
  • tool with worm blades capable of loosening the soil up to 25 cm deep into and 45 cm – wrench;
  • two-speed mode, the possibility of reverse rotation;
  • Ergonomic handle, thanks to which you can control the design even with a half-meter cutter.

GreenWorks 27087

Another popular model of autonomous power devices. The battery is removed and capable of contacting with any cultivators of this manufacturer. This is a very easy, small-sized device, capable of digging up to 12 cm deep into and 25 cm – wrench. The model weighs about 13 kg together with the battery. Due to the small mass, the device will not “sink” in clay or too soft soil. There is an ability to install another cutter to increase the area of ​​digging.

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Black & Decker GXC 1000

The device is able to perform 5 moves per second, process the soil up to 20 cm. The battery is fully charged for 180 minutes. For comfortable work, a voltage is 12V. Legs are removable, so that they can be easily brushed from dirt. Battery Capacity – 1.5 A / h. The device weighs 3.7 kg.

Ryobi RCP1225

Another representative of rechargeable cultivators. It works from an electric motor with a capacity of 1200 W, equipped with a folding handle. Included the device itself, 4 cutting mechanism of increased strength and wheels for movement. All components are produced in China. The device is going to Japan. Motor-cultivator weighs 17 kg and created to work with soil at the most hard-to-reach areas. Swimming width – 25 cm.


Multi-sized second-generation motorcultivator produced in France. The tool weighs 33 kg, it is possible to adjust the holders. Included worm cutters. From positive qualities, you can note work in two speed modes, a small chain gearbox. Thanks to him, you will not leave a piece of untreated land. Of the minuses, there is no possibility of installing a plow or tool for digging potatoes. That is why small-sized electrocultivators are not approved by men. More than one more varieties of minisculates are popular: Black Decker GXC1000 and product producer Ryobi. However, GreenWorks 27087 overtakes these models in all characteristics.

Removable batteries

Some manufacturers sell the rechargeable mincultivator without battery itself. Such adaptations are very difficult to distinguish from those whose battery is included in the kit. Both variants of the device appearance do not differ from each other. So buying expensive devices in online stores without consultation with the operator, you are very risking. A good example is a cultivator GreenWorks 27087. For the basic package, the manufacturer requests a very small amount. And many are underway on this marketing stroke.

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Therefore, you should carefully read the product card before purchasing it. Included must be a power unit or battery. And for a small surcharge, sellers send additional nozzles in the form of saws and braids.

Large devices

If all the designs of the mini line are bought by women, it is worth talking about a multifunctional device for men. MONFERME 6500360201 – This is one of the best solutions that can be found in the market. It is endowed with four velocity modes. The cutting element allows to loosen the Earth up to 24 cm deep into and 45 cm – width. If the work is done on a solid surface, then one charge of the battery will be enough for half an hour digging. From distinctive features are observed:

  • tire control;
  • Mass of about 31 kg;
  • the presence of a reverse function;
  • solid building, thanks to which you will not spoil the available plants;
  • Ergonomic handles – the height of the handles each can adjust to themselves;
  • Three-year warranty.

After studying all the positive aspects of battery cultivators, you should talk about some shortcomings. And the main minus is the price. The price of medium-sized cultivators starts from $ 480. Tool for such money can afford not every. If we consider analogues produced in China, then the price tag here is more or less acceptable. The cost fluctuates in the area of ​​230-280 dollars. All medium price segment cultivators are equipped with similar components and have the same technical parameters. Power in theory ranges from 1000 W, in practice – a little less.

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Some models can work at an accelerated pace, making up to 160 rotations per minute, which makes them a little more productive. All rechargeable units produced abroad are equipped with lead batteries, while their Chinese analogues are available on a lithium-based basis. Batteries are solid-state rectangles, the average operation time of which ranges from 30 to 45 minutes. However, the charge is filled about 8 hours.

Tip: Never charge Li-Ion batteries completely.

According to manufacturers, nickel-cadmium batteries are calculated on 200 full charge-discharge cycles. If you produce some calculations: 200х40 m = 133 hours. If you are infrequently used by the device, the battery life is enough for more than 2 and a half years. Pay special attention to the storage of the device. Specialists do not recommend just to leave it in the garage box. Electric motorcultivator should be charged half before leaving it for a while. The tool does not like sharp decay temperatures.


Situating the above, you can make sure that the electric rechargeable cultivator is a very necessary device in the country, capable of solving many tasks while working with the soil.

How to choose a battery cultivator, look in the following video.

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