Characteristic and features of tracked snow blowers

In the winter period, residents of country houses and owners of country sites often face the problem of snow cleaning. Also this question is relevant for utility services of apartment buildings. If earlier the only way to solve it was a shovel, then snow removal cars come to the rescue. Of course, they occupy the places more, but it is coping with high quality and faster.

A wide range of cars can be divided into wheel and tracked. Each view has its own features and nuances of use. From this article you can find out what a caterpillar snow blower, what are his pros and cons. Also here the most popular models of such equipment will be considered.

Pros and cons

If you encountered a situation where the courtyard hooked, you may need half a day for clearing his shovel. In this case, you should familiarize yourself with the technique for cleaning snow on the caterpillar. The choice of models is very large, but they all have the same main parts:

  • engine;
  • rotating shaft;
  • The housing and housing, due to which the snow is not delayed in the mechanism, and ejected on both sides;
  • impeller, like big spirals.

Thanks to these elements, the machine performs its function. The work process is happening: the impeller lift snow, which is then crushed into the casing. After that, with the help of a directional pipe, located on the housing, the snow is thrown into the movement.

An important component of the design is wheels or caterpillars that provide traffic. Let’s look at the features of the caterpillar stroke, which distinguish it from the wheels.

  • Best Patency. Thanks to the large area of ​​contact with the soil, the technique “keeps confident”, it is easier to clearly clear the difficult sections with it. Wheels such features do not have.
  • Wear resistance. Caterpillars are less whimsical and do not require frequent replacement. Of course, it is important to comply with the rules of operation.
  • Reliability. Due to the fact that rubber is not used in the production of caterpillar coating, it cannot be damaged. With wheels, the opposite. If you do not notice in the snow nail, glass or something like that, then, most likely, “shoes” of cars will need to change.
  • Large pulling. This moment allows you to work on caterpillars with large snow volumes. Long period. Also such an unit with a smaller probability will get stuck in a snowdrift, which cannot be said about the wheel. In addition, caterpillar models are better coping with a blind snow.
  • Best clutch. Another plus – such a snowpressure will be able to work on ice or hillock. At the same time, you will not need to keep it at the expense of your own physical strength.

However, this technique has its drawbacks, which should also be analyzed in advance.

  • Low speed. The wheeler is much faster than caterpillars. From this it follows that the cleaning time will need more.
  • Worst maneuverability. Despite good permeability, sharp reversals are given to this unit with great difficulty. The design itself is quite massive, so you need to focus on the big angle of reversal.
  • Weighs snow removal machine on caterpillars more than the option on wheels. This is explained by the fact that the rubber has a much smaller weight. This moment must be taken into account to those who will use the aggregate. It is important to determine in advance whether a person can carry the device and control this weight.

  • Greater gasoline consumption. This consequence of a rather big weight of the car. So that the unit remains on the go, it must have a more powerful engine than the wheeled models. Accordingly, fuel consumption increases.
  • High price. Given all the moments described above, it is easy to understand that the total cost of the tracked snow removal machine is higher than the cost of the wheel. Nevertheless, all costs pay off during operation.

Summing up, we can say that technician with caterpillars is suitable for working with plenty of precipitation. She is not afraid of wet snow or ice. Also the car easily copes with large snow mounds.

It is more convenient to work on the embossed area, namely on the slopes and descents. For narrow tracks with a large number of turns, it is not the best option. Here should be preferred wheels.

How to choose?

All caterpillar models work on one principle. Snow together with ice is collected using an impeller, where it is crushed. Then through a snowman, he throws away to a sufficient distance. It means that the system of work is not a fundamental question when choosing. Oriented need for other moments. Big performance – the best result. Good average – 11 l. with. It gives sufficient capacity for reliable and long work.

An important element – the size of the bucket that the snow takes. So, for processing the territory where maneuverability is needed, it is better to choose a smaller bucket. On free and large areas, on the contrary, large bucket will ensure greater performance efficiency.

Another point – the release of snow. Each selection area has an individual layout. Therefore, for some, the parameter is 15 meters, and the other couple of meters will be enough. In addition, you can choose an option with a seat for more comfortable control or without it. Systems of control systems differ. And there is also the opportunity to buy additional spare parts to improve the functionality of the unit. It is worth noting that if you have a wheeled snowpressure, you can redo the mechanism, when drinking a chain and having them to drive.

To select the correct option, you should estimate the size and relief of the site to be cleared. Important and how many precipitation usually falls out, and what are the climatic conditions in general. It is also necessary to decide who will work with equipment. When you have clear answers to all these questions, you can start buying a specific device.

Rating the best models

To date, the choice of similar equipment is very large. There are many manufacturers who differ in the country of production and pricing policy. Based on the characteristics and experience of real users, you can make a rating of the best models on the market.

Husqvarna St 327pt

This is a professional version in which the four-stroke engine model is built. Husqvarna has gained popularity due to good quality, noise insulation and minimum vibration. The unit is often used by communal services and owners of large household territories. The system has several speeds that can be easily changed if necessary. Technique is quite easy to manage. Maximum snow capture width – up to 68 cm.

Honda HSS655ET

This self-propelled cleaner is very popular thanks to the brand name, but in fact it has quite high characteristics. The model has a 12 l gasoline engine. with. and two-stage cleaning system. It captures up to 55 cm snow in width and throws it to a range of 14 m. In addition to other things, HSS655ET is ideal for manual control. There is a larger option for large sites (HSM1390IKZE) with a snow grip 90 cm in width and 60 cm in height.

Al-Ko Snowline 760Te

This model is similar to the previous. Here the engine is not so powerful (up to 9 liters. with.), but two-stage cleaning is also present. In addition, the direction of the gutter and the pipe for emissions can be adjusted independently.

These are just a few well-known models to pay attention to. In any case, before purchase, it is desirable to explore the technical characteristics of the options and make a conclusion that they are decisive for you. It is recommended to pay attention to the volume of the engine, the alloy of the housing and, of course, the presence of caterpillars or wheels. In conclusion, it is worth reminding that whatever a good car you bought, it will serve you for a long time only with good care and timely service.

In the next video you are waiting for test drive traizer snow blowers Herz and Patriot Garden.

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