Carver Snowflowers: Characteristics and Review of Models

Owners of private houses and cottages with large areas often face the problem of snow cleaning. Conduct with such scales will help a high-tech snow removal machine, which has sufficient power and endurance. So, Carver has proven itself as a manufacturer of high-quality, durable, designed for frequent high loads of winter motor-blocks. In the article, consider the model range of garden equipment.


All snow removal machines are collected by a single scheme. Their design is the main elements as:

  • Durable metal case;
  • the engine distinguishing with the capacity;
  • control components;
  • The so-called screw, similar to the screw of the meat grinder.

Units for snow cleaning are three species.

  • Single-stage. Such machines use augene augers, as well as sweeping snow. They are able to cope with snowdrifts up to 30 cm. According to experts, they are considered the most vulnerable, as the same augers rotate at high speed, capturing small particles, stones, branches, which leads to wear parts, otherwise – breakdown of the entire device. Therefore, it is not recommended to use single-stage techniques for cleaning the tracks from gravel.

  • Two-stage. Shanks in this case develop low speed, which allows them not to touch the earth. This type is designed for cleaning solid coatings such as asphalt, concrete, stone. Big bucket allows liquidation of strong snowy drifts.

  • Three-stage. They differ in high performance, aimed at performing intensive loads. The large diameter of the bucket allows you to handle quite bulk ice drifts. These are mainly used by industrial purposes, housing and communal services. Powerful models are equipped with a pair of steel auks, a large bucket and accelerator. The main feature is the function of grinding the incoming material to a homogeneous snow mass.

User manual

After purchasing the device, it is necessary to properly prepare it for work. Therefore, it is important to follow the following recommendations:

  • Explore the instruction that is included;
  • Inspect the appearance of the aggregate;
  • Check out the oil, fill gasoline;
  • Using the power button, run the mechanism.

Actually enjoy a snow blower is completely easy. All necessary measures are presented in the instructions additionally with graphic schemes. Subsequent launch must be accompanied by fuel check. Judging by the reviews, refuel better than high-quality gasoline. In addition, after some time it will take full oil change.

Gasoline aggregates are reliable, unpretentious helpers. Extend the service life of the machine will be able to regularly check the cutting bolts, fasteners, gear gear gearbox. Special attention should be paid to the state of cables subject to rapid wear – they are required to lubricate with frost-resistant oils. In case of wear of parts in specialized stores, you can purchase the necessary parts for a specific model.

Overview of the model range


ST-650 is a two-stage snow blower operating on a 6.5 liter gasoline engine. with. (4800 W). It is mainly used for cleaning small territories, such as cottages and country houses. The technique is equipped with a speed adjustment function, which allows you to select a suitable mode for the user. Snow emissions range – about 11 meters, it affects the slope of the discharge gutter, which, by the way, can also be changed independently. The auger is equipped with steel sharp knives, effectively grinding zolar snow. The average price is 20,800 rubles.

Other characteristics include the following:

  • The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 l;
  • Pneumatic wheels with a winter tread;
  • Bucket height 51 cm, 60 cm width;
  • total weight – 61 kg;
  • Number of speeds – 4;
  • Four-stroke engine type.


STG-6556 is a gasoline unit that performs elevated loads. He can clean quite large-scale territories. Two-stage auger system, plus they are made of durable metal. Due to the sharp teeth, the car removes the hardest, shred snow cover. On the electronic panel there are all the necessary switches of speeds / modes for a convenient workflow. Average price – 28 000 rubles. It is worth paying attention to the following features:

  • Power – 4800 W;
  • Emission range – 15 m;
  • Gasoline tank capacity – 3.6 l;
  • Device weight – 74 kg.

STG 6561EL

STG 6561EL is an easy-to-use motor-block with a gasoline engine type. Quick start is due to the presence of an electric starter. In addition, the equipment is equipped with a LED phage, which allows you to work in the dark. Price – 37 200 rubles. This model has such advantages as:

  • The presence of two rear gear facilitates maneuvering;
  • The operator panel allows you to adjust operation modes;
  • Included Fasteners – 1 pc.;
  • Working width – 610 mm;
  • Total weight – 83 kg.


STG-5556 Used for clearing pedestrian walkways, gardens, parking. Crane with ice boulders, covered with tight snow help, made of high-quality metal. Powerful gasoline engine withstands intensive loads. The casting angle is changing due to the regulation of the graduation gutter. Price – 26,800 rubles. This model has the following advantages:

  • the presence of a tread does not allow the machine to be stopped;
  • The principle of displacement is self-propelled;
  • Modes / Speed ​​Adjustment buttons are located on the console;
  • 5 speeds;
  • four-stroke engine;
  • Weight – 62 kg.

STG 6556EL

STG 6556EL helps get rid of the shredding snowy coup, ice. Equipped with headlights Aggregate is convenient to use in the dark. The mechanism is started quickly and easily thanks to the electric starter. Shift lever, speed adjustment – all this is located on the operator panel. Price – 37 300 rubles. This model has such characteristics as:

  • rear speed;
  • Electrostarter – manual / electric;
  • Movement – wheel;
  • bucket – 51×56 cm;
  • Motoblock – self-propelled.

Ste 2146

Ste 2146 is an electric snow blower with a less powerful engine. It is used for cleaning small sites. Simplified motoblock version copes with just dropped snow. A screw is covered with durable rubber, which protects the treated surface. In this model, the chute turns a maximum of 6 meters. Price – 6 500 rubles. Features of the model are as follows:

  • Capture width – 46 cm;
  • Power – 2100 W;
  • single-stage mechanism;
  • Weight – 11.3 kg.

The Russian Carver Saddow Technology Brand guarantees customers quality, reliability, efficiency in the cleaning of the house territories. The choice provides a wide range of snow removal machines, differing in power, dimensions, as well as snow clearing area. You can buy a cleaning machine in equipment stores or order on the official website of the manufacturer.

About how to use Carver snow blower, see the following video.

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