Burgundy roses: features, varieties and use in landscape design

Without exaggeration, we can say that Rose is one of the most popular flowers. With her beauty and aroma it is difficult to argue. And the variety of varieties and shades simply does not know the boundaries. Many gardeners in their sites grow these gorgeous flowers, choosing their favorite varieties. Every shade is beautiful. Some choose pink bushes for their plot, others – white. And the third prefers burgundy roses, study their features, varieties and use in landscape design.

Mature shades

The shades of roses there are a lot, and new varieties are constantly appearing, in which several shades are combined. Thanks to such a variety of gardeners, fond of roses, can arrange a plot to their taste. Many shades are very well combined with each other. Rose will never be extended in the garden. Those who prefer burgundy roses note that it is them in landscape design that looks most profitable. They look bright and elegant, solemn and festively. And it is no coincidence, because exactly such flowers as a gift is presented at a variety of events.

Even burgundy roses have a lot of shades: dark burgundy, bright burgundy, black and burgundy, white-burgundy.

It is noteworthy that burgundy flowers are found in almost every grade and varieties. Widely known bush, park, plenty rosette, common subspecies with large and small flowers, high and low. There is a burgundy tint and in varieties called Rose-Spray. These are low-spirited bushes with small flowers, on one branch can be located until fifteen buds. So one bush is like a beautiful bouquet. It does not matter that you prefer – velvet roses or pionic, tea or hybrid, – among them there is a burgundy color.

There is a huge amount of varieties of burgundy roses. When choosing a gardener oriented to those conditions in which he will grow roses. If he lives in the south, you can practically not limit yourself. If the frosts are thirty, you need to think well and choose those varieties that are able to transfer such frosts, even if they are carefully stolen. It should also take into account the features of its site – where there is a sun, and where more shadows.

And finally, consider where roses will be located – whether it will be a flower beds, alive hedges, compositions.

  • FOREVER YOUNG – Variety derived by the US breeders. Bright burgundy flowers with a diameter of about 12 cm possess a thin aroma. A bush in height reaches a meter, blooms over the summer several times. On rainy days, roses look bright, but in dry weather without watering their petals can hang out and become more faded. Places for landing need to choose such to measure the sun, and air. Wetlands Rosa does not like, various diseases begin to appear, for example, black spottedness, fault. Therefore, prevention will not be superfluous. Winter is transported well, but during frosty periods, the rose needs to be good, cover with leaves, coniferous branches, sawdust.

  • Above the creation of tea roses Freedom German breeders worked, the color may vary from dark red to dark burgundy. The exhaust bouton is distinguished by an abundance of petals. Long smooth shoots allow you to cut roses that do not appear long and retain your original view. Bush all summer pleases with its beauty and beautiful aroma. The undoubted dignity of this flower is that there are no spikes.

This type of roses relates well to the coolness, but freezing is not for him, so it does not fit for cultivation in the northern regions.

  • Red Naomi – Dutch variety related to dark shades. It blooms again, in the blossomed bud there are up to 80 petals. Look very well cut, long stand. Even one beautiful big rose on the leg in a narrow vase looks spectacular. In the arid days, the flowers do not become small, but need abundant irrigation. The variety refers to rather capricious, so needs preventive treatment from pests and diseases. And besides, freezing tolerates bad. You can consider the option of growing this variety in greenhouses.

  • “Ecstasy” – this is the merit of Russian breeders. Stems are long – up to 80 cm, the rose has a raspberry shade, the flower itself is in the form of a cylinder, the aroma is exquisite, few people will leave indifferent. The variety is good because resistant to various diseases. But loves the sun and timely watering in dry weather.
  • “The Grand Prix” refers to Dutch varieties. In summer, a half-meter shrub is covered with small terry flowers. Winter withstands the temperature to -15 degrees. Susceptible to such a disease as malievable dew, so without frequent treatments with drugs containing fungicides, do not do. Shrub should not allow growing thick, such roses need regular trimming.
  • “Black Prince” got its name for the dark rich color close to black. A bush refers to low. Sustainable frosts, but caring gardeners still prefer to cover roses for the winter. Care is easy: soil loosening, timely watering and mandatory pruning three times a year.

  • Astrid Grafin It is distinguished by a steady and pronounced aroma, which is heard from any corner of the garden. No wonder this variety was awarded a special award for its fragrance. Flowers have a burgundy-purple shade, a bush reaches one and a half meters. And heat, and freezing the hybrid tolerates well. But for planting you need to choose solar, well-ventilated places.
  • Black Baccara Love more darkened areas. In the sun, their dark color burns out, and they lose their special charm. Their pointed petals have the ability to spin slightly, which gives buds of an interesting species.

Buds are small, bushes too, in height they do not reach and meters.

Registration of a section of roses

The presence of roses on the plot makes it luxurious and picturesque, and what kind of design to choose, depends on roses. The variety of species and shades allows you to not limit your fantasy. Burgundy roses are beneficial and with other shades. Always win-win white or yellow rose looks, you can use several burgundy shades that differ in intensity. The high-rise flower bed looks like, designed in such a way when tall grades are placed in the center, then a tier should be tires, on the edges – border roses. Shades are chosen according to a tier. The flower bed of indescribable beauty will delight all summer if not forget to take care of roses.

Freshing varieties are great and for creating a living hedge, which will become the perfect garden framing or divide the area to zones. You can plant such roses near the gazebo for tea drinking and create a beautiful corner for recreation, in which everyone will be pleased to be.

With the help of such roses, you can create a beautiful army, and under it to place a swing or a bench for recreation.

Separately located small flower beds look beautifully on the plot, bringing bright and fragrant notes. They can be put at the entrance, near the recreation area. Roses are also wonderful look in compositions where stones, coniferous plants and other decor elements are used. The queen of flowers can be planted along the garden tracks, in separate flower pots, which are recommended to be installed on terraces, verandas, move in any places, depending on the mood.

Beautiful examples

Consider some interesting examples of how beautiful to place roses in your area.

You can surround yourself with roses in the following way: create an army from burgundy plenty grades and put alongside the variety of other shades. Elegant table and chairs will complement the composition. In such an area, it is nice to spend the morning and evening clock with a cup of coffee or tea. Everything is filled with harmony and tranquility. Better relaxation and do not come up with.

Burgundy bushes look very organically and along well-kept tracks. They emphasize the rigor and beauty of the surrounding area. Other green plantings will be a good addition to roses. The main thing is that in close proximity there is no too high trees that will block the access of light to the roses that they need for good flowering.

A wonderful garden decoration will be a corner where roses are combined, coniferous plants, various types of herbs, stones. It always looks stylish and interesting. A good addition to this corner will be an artificial reservoir or a small fountain.

On the features of the Red Naomi variety, see the video below.

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