Bosch Grass Trimmers: Features and Model Row

Bosch Grass Trimmers got widespread from users. This equipment is distinguished by reliability and multifunctional use. Trimmers are gasoline, electric and manual.

Bosch Garden Technique is very popular among the population, thanks to its positive characteristics, high reliability and ease of use.

Electric trimmers

This equipment is characterized by a large number of components of nodes and comfort in operation. Any equipment includes a large number of functions, equipped with an effective noise smoothing system, has protection against closures and voltage failures. Electrocosa is easy to operate and for a long time does not need to be repaired. Spit can be applied in country areas, in parks and squares, any sizes. Garden electrodes spend not so much energy and have greater performance. The presence of equipment varieties makes it possible to choose any user tool with the necessary set of functions.

Such an aggregate copes well with high grass, as well as a lawn haircut. Small sizes and high functionality make it possible to apply the product to mowing herbs on sections with a large area. Powerful battery allows you to perform activities in hard-to-reach places. The trimmer is equipped with an unintended shaft, with a tightly adjacent head of the device, it does not give grass and every garbage to fall inside. The equipment has a reliable casing, which serves as protection against shocks when falling. Keys for switching between nodes are on the spit handle, and this increases the tool management comfort. The device is equipped with a shoulder strap and an additional handle, which increases the accuracy of the mowing.

One of the varieties of electric trimmer is the battery Bosch AMW 10. Battery charging is enough for 1-1.5 hours of work. The product is used during gardening and garden work. This model is equipped with grass hawk nozzles under the trees and along the fences. Motor intensity 1000 W, which allows the tool to mow grass on any area. At dachas you can use the nozzles with a brush cutter and a secateur. Cutting knife is easily replaced.


  • Motor placement top;
  • Mass a little more than 5 kg;
  • mowing size 0.36 m;
  • The package includes a shoulder set, nozzles.

Gasoline models

Bosch gasoline unit has a greater intensity of work and can cope not only with small vegetation, but also with bushes. Benzokos works offline and does not depend on the sizes of the cable. Therefore, such products are used far from home and on large-scale sections. Motokos has a motor two-stroke or four-stroke. For first mixed gasoline with butter in equal shares. Four-stroke engines separate oil and gasoline tanks.

Technical features:

  • Motor capacity is 1.5 l;
  • Package size for gasoline for 4 hours of activity.

This tool needs periodic repairs and measures of prevention. It is characterized by an elevated level of vibration and noise. Equipment sometimes will not start the first time.

Bosch AMM 30 It is a manual small unit with a width of graze capture 0.3 m. The device has a small mass – 6 kg. The height of the cut reaches up to 0.4 cm. Rotary type cutting group, spindle knife with four blades. As there is no engine in the device, then the power of the device depends on the strength and skills of the operator.

Principles of choice

When choosing an electric trimmer or motocos oriented to certain parameters.

  • Grass capture width when working. Products with a small grip are well suited for mowing of complex lawns, with large – for large-scale areas.
  • Power. Plays not the last role. High-power equipment suitable for high and thick grasses. For ordinary lawn, a tool with low power will fit.
  • The magnitude of grassbian. Trimmer with big grassball suitable for cat grass on a large area.


Products of the famous German brand are distinguished by a high level of quality, good assembly, durability and reliability, long service life. To properly operate devices, you need to get acquainted with the instructions. A clear adherence to the recommendations makes it possible to do without repairing a device for quite a long time.

While using the technique, it is necessary to strictly follow the safety rules when interacting with power tools, master the basics of their use. Before starting work, you should check the status of moving elements, after completion, be sure to clean the tool from dirt and grass. If there are small breakdowns or malfunctions, they can be eliminated independently, adhering to the instructions. If serious faults occur, it is better to contact the service.

About how to wind the fishing line on the trimmer for grass Bosch Art 23 SL, look in the following video.

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