Bosch garden choppers: features and rules of operation

Garden shredders, which are also called shredders, are very popular with farmers and gardeners. These are universal devices that are intended for crushing branches, grinding wood, grass, foliage, dry trunks and other vegetation to be recycled. In this article, we will consider in more detail the Bosch garden chopper models, read their characteristics and various possibilities.


Grinding garden waste in Schroeders occurs due to the rotation of several two-dimensional knives inside the drum mechanism. In the assortment of Bosch brand you can find several variants of shredders with varying degrees of power, then consider them in more detail.


High Speed ​​Shredder AXT RAPID 2000. High-quality knives with laser sharpening. This model is oversized, mobile and very easy to use. It is equipped with a powerful engine with the highest torque in its class.

The advantages of the model:

  • This shredder is characterized by very high performance and durability;
  • Improved funnel and pusher are embedded in the unit;
  • components, including knives, are produced in Switzerland, which is a guarantee of the quality and reliability of the product;
  • The engine power is 2000 W, productivity – 80 kg / h, the speed of the knives – 3700. / Min., The diameter of the processed branches is 35 mm;
  • Weight is 11.5 kg.


This shredder is also mobile. It is equipped with a high-tech engine and a treated laser knife.


  • This model weighs enough (only 12 kg), and therefore it is very easy to move;
  • equipped with a practical plunger that simplifies the filling of the shredder;
  • Power is 2200 W;
  • Performance – 90 kg / h.


One of the best models is a silent chopper AXT 25D. Compared to previous models of the brand, it is this machine that makes the minimum number of noise, but it shows high performance. This model is equipped with an optimized cutting system. There is a removable bunker that saves space during storage.


  • Power – 2500 W;
  • Productivity is about 175 kg / h;
  • The maximum diameter of the processed branches is 40 mm;
  • Weight is about 32 kg;
  • This model has an automatic tightening mechanism that greatly simplifies work with vegetation in the garden or on the site.

The AXT 25D model is equipped with a grass collector and a practical pusher.


Universal electric chopper AXT 25 TC is equipped with an improved cutting system, which guarantees the processing of only solid materials without possible jams.


  • Power is 2500 W;
  • Productivity is about 230 kg / h;
  • Weight – 31 kg;
  • Schroeder is able to recycle branches with a thickness of up to 45 mm;
  • There is a 53 l traveler;
  • Cutting mechanism – closed;
  • The model is equipped with an additional security system.

Recommendations for choosing

Some unmarried details and Soviets of specialists will help make the right choice in favor of a kind of garden shredder Bosch.

  • First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the capacity from which the Functional Opportunities will be further dependent. The more powerful the engine will be, the more leaves, branches and other garden debris per hour can be recycled.
  • For home use, you can choose almost all models of Bosch brand, as they are semi-professional, here everything will depend on what specifications are you interested in.
  • Before the acquisition of the shredder, it is best to consider the volume of future work in advance. If the garden or plot is small, then it is best to take models with an average power, for example, AXT RAPID 2000.

  • When choosing a shredder is worth paying attention to the type of engine and the ability to recycle the branches of a certain thickness. For example, the AXT RAPID 2200 model can recycle branches with a thickness of no more than 40 mm. This moment is necessary to take into account based on the characteristics of the vegetation of its own site.
  • The more powerful the chopper, the more weighs and the harder it is to transfer it. For domestic use in small areas, it is best to choose only mobile versions that are easy to move manually.

As additional criteria for choice, it is necessary to pay attention to the convenience of the receiving hopper and the presence of a practical pusher.

Operating tips

  • Implementation of the grinder follows according to the instructions that goes to it complete.
  • When working with machinery should use protective gloves and glasses.
  • Pushing the branches and other garden waste follows only with the help of a special pusher, and not manually.
  • If the diameter of branches or barrels is more permissible, then they cannot be processed.
  • It is very important to ensure that in the funnel, in addition to foliage and branches, there are no third-party objects, otherwise the chopper may fail.
  • It is undesirable to process freshly cut branches, as they quickly spoil the cutting mechanism and shut down the knives.
  • All spoiled knives should be changed on time. Earth from branches and leaves should also be removed because it can lead the technique to breakage.

Before purchasing a tool, check for faults. In case of any breakdown, all components and parts should be purchased only in service centers. Store the shredder follows dry place, preferably heated. After each use, the technique should be cleaned.

Customer Reviews

Most of the bosch brand garden gardeners are positive. Customers are satisfied with a complete set of equipment, powerful engines and shredders capabilities. Customers suggest that silent models are perfectly recycled branches, fine wood and grass. In this case, all waste is used as fertilizers, which is a big plus. Moreover, the shredders are very easy to carry, some do it with one hand.

From the disadvantages, it is possible to distinguish the fact that sometimes the chopper can be clogged by grass, which is in the future it is difficult to get. As for the spare parts, most of them are available for acquisition at an adequate price. In general, garden shredders of Bosch brand unequivocally recommended for the acquisition, because they leave positive reviews not only lovers, but also real professionals of their.

In the next video you are waiting for a Bosch garden chopper review.

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