All you need to know about the borders

In this article, everything you need to know about the borders of the ordinary consumer. It will be possible to deal with household manual choppers feed and electric crushers of root crushers for animals, with other versions of such equipment. Also provide information on components, sought-after models and the procedure for use.

Description and appointment

Such a device, like a bubble, has a more official technical name – grinding grinding. It may seem that the teeth and the digestive system of animals are able to cope with any food, but it is not. Pre-crushing hard food very useful in agriculture.

Since it is absorbed easier and faster, the digestion is facilitated, the development of living organisms is accelerated. Cattle, bird and homely beast will hurt significantly less.

Experienced agriculture also have long noticed that the animals themselves are sweepy eating just crushed food. They get more pleasure from this process. The larger the surface area of ​​the piece of slicing, the higher the digestibility of vitamins and minerals. Another benefit is the possibility of mixing the crushed mass with supplements of protein and protein, which is only increasing the efficiency of the product. But grinding the feed by hand tiringly, and with the help of not intended for this tools and devices – unreliable and even dangerous; That’s why I need a special border.

Review of species

The main difference between crushers is how they are arranged. It is customary to allocate:

  • disk;

  • drum

  • Valtal types.

The drum crusher along with hammers fixed on a special disk, is also equipped with a knife drum. Typically, the drums are complemented by anti-flame plates in advance, to the main processing, cut the juicy feed. The rolling device has better proven to granules feed. To note: the same devices can still grind grain and crushing the beer malt.

The main principle of operation is a run between the rollers; If a flat-shaped teeth are installed, it becomes possible not only to grind, but also sprinkle grain.

Valtal devices are considered universal type. If you correctly take into account all influencing factors, with their help you can cook food for animals of all kinds – that is, for livestock, and for chickens, and for birds of other breeds. Grinding units may have unequal performance. It directly depends on how large the economy has to serve. Systems with a capacity of more than 1 ton per hour at home are deliberately impractical and can not recoup.

But the difference concerns not only productivity. It is important and what is possible, and what can not be put inside the corrosion. The usual kind of feed mass – green plants and grain. For vegetables, and especially for rooteplood, you need to use more powerful devices with sharp cutting parts. They are able to operate in mode 3 in 1.


Disk feeds work at the expense of a special rotary disk. The drum device uses a camera with a large number of homogeneously dispersed knives. All the productive systems are equipped with electrical drive. But it is rather characteristic of industrial class technology. They can cope with the hardest foods and prepare them in a short time.


The bubbles of this level will not only supply the necessary products to a large farm. Modern samples of this kind are superior to homemade techniques and outdated models for a number of practical indicators. They are more reliable and safer, thoroughly thought out. The amount of dust when crushing the grain mass is reduced to a minimum.

To enhance functionality, special nozzles are used.


Such models are mainly used in small farms and households. Yes, they are laborious. Yes, there are quite a lot of waste when working. However, with the help of such a bubble, you can supply the necessary meals:

  • a couple of cows;

  • several horses;

  • 2-3 sheep;

  • 5-6 goats;

  • 6-10 pigs;

  • 10-20 chickens, indeek.


Almost all grainflowers are designed about the same. The difference consists only of how many sections of grinding is provided. The highest efficiency is characteristic of combined devices, which combined knives and drum or, as engineers, gravist and cutting system say. It is necessarily envisaged by the power building, which stabilizes the device and eliminates the harmful effects of vibration. Additionally, the machine includes:

  • Bunker for primary feed feed;

  • transporting unit;

  • Processing zone.

Case hides a pair of cylindrical chambers. The first of the chambers is equipped with a hammer crusher. It allows you to produce initial processing. In the second compartment, a propeller type knife is usually put, with rigid fixation on the cylinder body. Channels of a square cross section with movable fastening are often used to connect compartments.

Very large demands have ELIKOR CORRESKI. The “ELIC-1” model works very simply by pressing multiple buttons. The capacity of the receiving bunker reaches 5 liters. The drive uses an electric motor force of 1700 W. The drive shaft is mounted with knives that are specific to each type of culture. It is also worth noting Products of the Electomash plant. A very good reputation has a model “IKB-003”. Peculiarities:

  • hardened steel knives 0.2 cm;

  • Electrical power 0.84 kW;

  • mechanical power (taking into account the efficiency) 0.75 kW;

  • net weight 8 kg;

  • The greatest time of continuous operation is 6 hours.

Rating the best for agriculture Models enters and cr-03. The device grinds fresh grass and vegetables. The manufacturer declares that it will be possible to prepare a mixture and mixtures for livestock, animals, birds. Knives are thoroughly compatible. It is possible to cut raw materials into fragments to a maximum of 2 mm long. It is also worth noting Burning “Lan”. The complaints cause only active vibration and excessively thin steel. Compactness did not interfere with engineers to achieve high power. In 60 minutes successfully processed:

  • 500 kg of root plates;

  • 150 kg of field herbs;

  • 300 kg of grains.

“IKB-2 whirlwind” – Cubera, which is also capable of crushing her plant. It makes up relatively quiet sound and almost never vibrate. Mark the ability to adjust the size of the product produced. The set of delivery includes auxiliary sieve and grater. The device was equipped with an asynchronous electric motor with a capacity of 1.1 kW; It provides a processing of 600 kg of cereal grains or 180 kg of vegetable mass.

It is still noticeable and to Models “IR 1” from the plant “Mogilevliftmash”. The device is suitable for manipulations with all grains and root. Grain productivity is 180 kg per hour, in root plants – 480 kg. Own weight of the cormites is 22 kg. It can be added:

  • graters;

  • trays;

  • a knife for working with stems;

  • Small and small sieve.

For coarse feed perfectly suitable “Niva IR 07”. Such a model is valued for versatility. In 60 minutes it will recycle up to 250 kg of cereals. Performance for vegetables and root crops reaches 600 kg. The capacity of the boot hopper is 14 liters, the electric motor is made by the collector scheme.

The Mlin-4 system is able to cope with:

  • branches;

  • rigid stems;

  • corn cobs;

  • grain.

Mlin’s crust worker:

  • works silently;

  • equipped with a motor with copper winding;

  • serves long;

  • Sold with 4 sieves of different cells;

  • per hour Processes 65 kg of stems or 100 kg of corn.

From other models they deserve attention:

  • “Delets”;

  • “DTZ KR”;

  • “Don”.

Child Nuances

The greater the quantity of the feed, the higher the turnover should be. That is why all devices except for purely personal farm must be equipped with an electric motor. Performance pick up for their own needs. Pay attention to such factors as:

  • model size (and affordable location in the site);

  • type of food processed;

  • power consumption;

  • lifetime;

  • repair requirement;

  • maintainability;

  • service quality;

  • reviews.

Tips for use

There are several basic subtleties:

  • put the device on a reliable and stable support;

  • monitor the preservation of insulation of wires and housing;

  • grounding all motorized bubbles;

  • prevent foreign people and those who do not have the necessary knowledge;

  • eliminate the device overload;

  • polling and cut only pervolored in the instructions of the feed;

  • eliminate the processing of wet herbs;

  • systematically replace or sharpen knives.

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