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Petunia is one of the most popular plants that can be kept on loggia or garden flower bed. The “Tango” series uses the greatest demand in flower circles, which is the early large-flowered plants with a variety of bright color. Petunia “Tango” can often be seen as a carpet or as the main balcony or terrace decoration.


Flowers of the Tango series are distinguished by a large size and very saturated color. Petals can be both monophonic and decorated with a border, star, a contrastful neck. This is one of the most common species for both garden growing and for “distillation” in cassettes. The diameter of buds can vary from 8 to 13 cm. The height of the plants of individual varieties can reach 40 cm. The series is characterized by pretty simple departure.

Blossom abundant, continues from June to autumn frosts.


Tango series includes several varieties, most popular of which are the following.

  • “Burgundy Star”. Has flowers with a diameter of 10-13 cm, the height of the shrub 20-25 cm. Aesthetically looks both in the pot and in the country. Differs good branchism. Standing tolerates adverse weather conditions.

  • “Ed Star”. Flowers in diameter 8-9 cm are decorated with a characteristic framing on the edge, which gives them some mysteriousness. The bush grows from 25 to 38 cm. The variety is characterized by a large number of flowers.

  • “Blue”. Plants are aligned by Gabitus, their height is 25-35 cm. Bud diameter 8-10 cm, their color is blue. May be contained in containers, on the balcony or garden.

  • “Alay”. It has the same features as the blue variety, but the color of the flowers is scarlet.

  • “Blue Star”. Refers to dwarf species, height reaches 20-25 cm. Is a long-range hybrid with large buds. Resistant to sharp temperature change. Used to distill in “cassettes” and future sale or as the soil flow of street flower. Flowers diameter 11-13 cm.

  • “Red”. Options “Tango red with a white neck” or “Tango red with a white star”. From the names it is clear that the flowers differ in red and white color in two variations.

  • “Burgundy”. Shrub height 25-35 cm, flowers in diameter 8-10 cm. Petals have burgundy saturated color, there are options with a white star. The content is possible in the garden plot, and on the balcony.


Landing is better to spend in February – April. Seeds are granules, the shell when entering the Earth dissolves. When landing, place the planting material on the surface of the compacted and moistened soil and spray the soil from the sprayer. Cover the glass container to create a greenhouse effect. After a couple of weeks, the first shoots will be thrown, their appearance is possible only in the light, so the capacity should stand in the sun, but not under the right rays.

Next, it is necessary to regularly spray shoots, and when 2-3 present leaves appear a dive. Now the shoots need extra nutrition, for this, complex fertilizers will suit, as part of which there are iron and trace elements for rapid root formation and flowering acceleration. Adjusting the duration of the light day for the plant, you can adjust the period of flowering. Favorable temperature limits during this period +16 +18 degrees. On the garden plot seedlings can be transplanted after frosts.

Preferred soil option – Easy fertile soil with good drainage. The plot must be sunny and well protected from wind.


Whatever grade is chosen for landing, for all there are general rules for growing:

  • It is required to regularly water the flower under the root warm and rain water, but it is important not to overdo it, since the plant does not endure the moistened soil;
  • After several procedures watering need to loose soil;
  • For the summer it should be added 2-3 feeding complex fertilizers;
  • Remove the blurred flowers, Perform the chief shoot of the main escape for the proper formation of the bush.

How to plant and grow petunia – look at the video.

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