All you need to know about Morane Oak

In the proposed article disassembled what it is – bog oak, And how to make it. It is important to understand how its production occurs, what is the density of such breed and other basic properties. Furniture and other products, windows and whole houses from oak are very valuable designs, and this topic deserves attentive consideration.

What it is?

Mony oak – the most expensive wood type, which only exists. For many centuries, real masterpieces created from it. But only special people could spend the necessary amount.

Mine oak products were transmitted as a very rich inheritance, stored for many generations.

Today, a number of such things are exhibited in museums or hit private collections.

Mony oak first appeared quite by chance. People discovered oak wood, spent hundreds of years under water. All such copies hit the sea before the onset of industrial era, and therefore environmentally friendly. Determine the age of wood can be even just visual way. For 300 years under water, sea oak becomes silver, there are also presence of pallets.

If the tree takes 1000 years under water, it looks completely different. Most often, such fragments are black, however, some of them have purple, and it looks very original. Changes are caused by the fact that the access of atmospheric or dissolved oxygen in water. From him, the wood separates the sandy-slim layer.

Also a lot means increased pressure rendered by water layers.

As a result, unique chemical reactions occur, a special substance occurs – tannin, which naturally preserves wood. It is possible to determine the moon oak not only in color. These copies of it are very hard, almost not inferior to stone. This material almost does not rot and does not dry. It is not necessary to cover it with any paint and varnish means and even harmful – the original texture of the moraine oak is too good to hide it.

Basic properties

Still in the pre-war period managed to find out that The moraine tree contains only 25% of water-soluble substances from the amount that is in products of fresh cuts. This change is associated with increasing porosity of wood cells and reduce their density. As a result, the moisture of limit saturation increases. The process of sleeping is balanced.

Because in the process of drying timber, sealed boards or billets dry absolutely.

Testing on moisture meters showed that the absolute moisture content of natural moraine oak exceeds 80%. Density when the humidity is reached 67.7% is 0.88 grams per 1 cm3. According to other sources, it can vary from 800 to 850 kg per 1 m3. For comparison: the density of fresh oak wood does not exceed 650 kg in most cases per 1 m3.

Hardness is as follows:

  • on compression along the fibers – 37 MPa;

  • on the rocking along the fibers – 12.8 ± 1.1 MPa;

  • Static bending strength – from 37 to 47 MPa.

How to get and doing?

Mining oak mining in no wide scale today is impossible today. Almost the entire volume of this material is already extracted from the seas and is used as intended. Each find becomes literally an event in the world of woodworking. Search for new specimens is becoming more and more expensive and longer. Even helps even advanced equipment.

In addition, finding the sea oak in the sea – it is only half of the problem, it is equally important to handle it correctly.

This process also requires a huge number of knowledge, experience and solid investments. Because only a few specialized firms can perform the task correctly. All alternative options for manipulations with moraine oak, besides perfect technology based, invariably failed economically after 7-10 years.

Moreover, even a minor kind of mistake may devalue all the efforts made earlier, and the whole party will be hopelessly lost as a sawn timber. There is no enterprise in the CIS to get more than 1000 m3 of real natural moraine oak for all rules per season. Apparently, in far abroad, such enterprises are also absent. Mining and processing of moraine oak are produced using mobile sawmors that are also carrying out long distances with car chassis.

Definitely use specialized plaels, which also have to be transported from place to place.

The direct search of the moraine oak is conducted by special electronic systems. It is impossible to do without equipment for underwater works. Away, of course, involve experimental divers. Since the quality and accurate characteristics of the incoming material cannot be predicted, this moment has to be monitored continuously prepared specialists.

Many drawbacks of finished raw materials can be found only during sawing. The final assessment of the quality of sea oak can only be given when the humidity is reduced to 4%. All conclusions that are trying to do before, inevitably turn out to be premature and cannot be used for the present product characteristics. In each specific location you need specific equipment. So, on dry chairs, it is not without excavators, raise a tree from the river or lake with the help of floating cranes or specialized excavators.

On small rivers it is recommended to use skiing machines. In any case, non-standard situations when working on water turns out to be a lot. And only the prepared workers will be able to fulfill the task quickly, without unnecessary risk. After extracting the moraine oak, each instance has to work individually.

In nature, there are no even two samples with fully identical characteristics.

One more problem – Together with the moraine oak raise inevitably and many concomitant fake wood. When sorting alloy all unnecessary just give other organizations. With a special search for the moraine raw materials, the decision every time you have to look for. The processing itself of such raw materials is complicated by a variety of factors. Even the best cutting equipment, for example, will be strongly wearing, and this is not the whole range of problems that you have to encounter.

Therefore, in many cases, it is more correct not to dive into a circle of problems associated with searching, drying, and so on, and make a simulation of moraine oak artificially. The trunk of a tree is perfect as a raw material – the best oak, from which all branches and other interfering parts are removed. In any arbitrary location of the bar or board nail. A short fishing line ties it. The main processing is carried out in a glass jar with ammonia – or rather, its solution.

Overflow of the solution should happen as quickly as possible. The bar must be inside the bank, but not to touch the fluid itself – that is why a nail is needed, a fishing line. The edges of the fishing line are pulled out and as quickly as possible to wear polyethylene lid. Outside the fishing line is fixed by the usual scotch. It is wound so that even a small leak of ammonia was not. Processing takes 1-3 days, depending on the desired color saturation.

The color of the frozen oak is obtained at an excerpt for more than 72 hours. Saturation coloring increases as further excerpts. The longer it continues, the deeper the impregnation penetrates. Get larger sea blanks can be obtained in large tanks. At the same time, open the reservoir with ammonia should be maximally careful, inhalation of its vapors is dangerous for life.

Another alternative solution is reproducing, however, only the appearance of natural moraine oak. It consists in using the veil. First, it is smeared with a brush under a small angle across the fibers. Then the longitudinal processing is carried out.

The usual painting brush for such treatment is suitable little, much better apply a wide “Flots”. This solution allows you to support the most close to the naturally elusive transition of the tones.

Morons on the water base absorbed in the wood quickly. But during the work it will take drying, which complicates and slows down the process. But it manages to reach a homogeneous shade. Machines based on ethyl alcohol evaporate very quickly. It is necessary to work with them as carefully and strictly in protective gloves.


In construction

Manese oak winds are in demand much more than it may seem at first glance. It is known at least 5 areas where this valuable material is used. Apply it for the construction of the house as a whole – approximately the same thing that send a chic sports car to ride a steep off-road. Easier and more convenient will take the necessary amount, cash and burn – if they are, of course. More reasonable measure – the arrangement of only individual surfaces and parts of buildings, such as:

  • window;

  • stairs (steps, railing);

  • Lower groats;

  • Visual decorations.

In the interior

Furniture, various souvenirs are preferably made of moraine wood. All such items inevitably over-time acquire antiques status. From this material you can get an excellent parquet or other floor covering. Such a design will be distinguished by a long service life. Among the furniture products, dining tables and kitchen workers are naturally used in the greatest demand. But you can, of course, make a wardrobe, bedside table, shelf. Back in the interiors of any house luxuriously and noble will look moraine:

  • figurines;

  • caskets;

  • Decorative figures.

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