All about the fences from the stakeholder

Holding up a plot, urban or country house, you can not forget about its external protection. Be sure to make the territory impenetrable for attackers – and at the same time decorate it. Stakenice fences are well suited for this.


You can see the fence from Ershrokel quite often. In their appearance, the Ershtroker reminds professional flooring. But There is also a clear difference – separate sections are distinguished, which can be placed on metal pipes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, like all the material, Ershtroker has positive and negative sides.

It is different:

  • resistance to fire;
  • absolute fire safety;
  • rational value and quality ratio;
  • a long period of service (according to manufacturers, it may stop 15-20 years old);
  • unimpeded air circulation;
  • excellent permeability for the sun.

    Use such a fence simple enough and easy. It can be performed in a variety of colors. Moreover, if you need, you can easily change the color.

    However, it must be borne in mind that the Ershtroker is more expensive than wood. It will not be able to mount it quickly, but the resistance to the vandals and the kidnappers is small.

    Types of stakenika

    One-sided and bilateral

    Different fences from the stakenik can be erected around private houses. Exactly deserves the attention of bilateral ereshther. From one-sided, it is distinguished by the fact that the workpiece is painted on both sides. Paint and varnish coating are selected at its discretion. But it is necessary to follow the decorative protective layer from two sides of the plank completely coincided, otherwise the fence will look ugly.


    Most popular with modern designers enjoys a horizontal stakenik. This solution greatly simplifies installation. In addition, it is stylistically compatible even with the most sophisticated options for housekeeping. Horizontal fences are used in urban homes, and at dachas, and around elite cottages. In any case, the bar or other blocks are fixed vertically to 2, 3 and more transverse guide elements.

    With polycarbonate

    Some people combine a polycarbonate. In this case, metal parts usually perform a framework. Cellular polycarbonate is most often used on the bent parts of the fence. But you can use it “Castle” subspecies – the result will not be worse. If the first place turns out to be strength and durability of the material, you need to choose sheet blocks.

    Under the tree

    However, from aesthetic point of view, a much more attractive solution is a stakeholder decorated under a tree. On the technical characteristics and degrees of reliability does not affect. It is still worth considering the difference between samples of various shapes. Find in the T-shaped erupkener market succeeds quite rarely. But the products of the M-shaped format are much more common.

    M, n and p-shaped

    The bottom line is that a pair of curved structures with a corrugated surface is used. These details have a slight deflection. Such execution is characterized by increased rigidity in itself. Therefore, it will be possible to mount a stake on one self-tapping screw, saving fasteners. Pressure trapezoids are quite widespread.

    This stake in the edges there are flat sidewalls. Screw it will have to be screwed from two sides. Otherwise sufficient overall rigidity will not be achieved.

    R-shaped stakenik appreciate excellent aerodynamic properties. It is also worth noting that he will look no standard and add a kind of highlight to the appearance of a fixed area.

    Options for fences

    No matter how much the species of the very stakeholder – variations of fences from it will be significantly more. Very interesting type – Fencing with brick columns. To make the appearance even more attractive, can additionally apply:

    • facade plaster;
    • fake diamond;
    • Natural finishing stone.

    Pillars are usually covered with metal caps or concrete. But these caps are definitely painted in the same color as all the fence as a whole – then the external inconsistency is excluded. Combined structures where the metal stakenik is supplemented with brick columns, are valued for the optimal combination:

    • attractive external properties;
    • strength;
    • life of operation;
    • overall reliability even in the most adverse conditions.

    But Be sure to consider that the fence can be made not only from metal parts. Pretty fencing of plastic raw materials. Do not think that such a barrier is easily accessible for attackers. On the contrary, to break or stretch out of the ground, high-quality plastic blocks are extremely difficult. The service life of the plastic fence is 20-25 years: it is less than the PVC windows, but also the intensity of weather influences above.

    The polymer material is as coldtacks as good-quality steel, and does not change its form even in the most severe heat. At the same time, it is absolutely resistant to corrosion and significantly easier than steel stakenist. In addition, plastic heats up less and will not destroy plants. Touching it in cold or in a hot day safe. Of course, polymer, and metal, and wooden types of stakenik can be used for multi-tiered fence.

    Fences from dual metal stakenik are called “chess”. Such a solution implies shift plates in the ranks relative to each other. As a result, see what happens on the fenced territory, it will be almost impossible. But light and air will pass almost unhindered. On permeability for sunlight and wind “Chess” far ahead of solid professional flooring.

    As for the arrangement, a good convenient fence is most often done with a gate and a gate. It is convenient to enter and go through the gate. The gate is used when you need to skip the car or a large group of people or to put (render) heavy bulk cargo. Location of wicket and gate, their height, width all people choose at their discretion.

    Those who want to achieve increased decorative characteristics and make a more original fence can take advantage of individual elements with forging.

    Similar addition looks elegant and luxurious. It is worth considering that the connection of individual parts using welding simplifies and reduces the cost of work, however, the aesthetic qualities of the fence deteriorate.

    Some people prefer blind fences from a stakeholder. Their feature is that lumens remain between the structural elements. And yet a well-thought-out design allows you to prevent reduction of strength, which is afraid of many customers.

    There are even options in which blinds turn. This will allow you to change the illumination on the covered area. Experts noted that such a solution will be perfectly protected from noise, and another blind fence can be put on a relatively short time.

    Recommendation: Additionally increase the aesthetic quality of the fence will help the use of a non-standard gate in the form of an arch. But if it is decided to stop not on the metal, but on a wooden stakenik, then it is worth thinking about such an original version like a wicker.

    What is interesting, the “braid” or “Austrian braid” can be collected from ready-made polymer blocks that are now producing many firms. But in most cases, the main structural material is a typical cutting board.

    The choice of vertical or horizontal weaving remains for the consumer. Mount the fence will be fast. However, it is unlikely to serve more than 12-14 years.

    More durable steel fences create a large load and require a well-thought-out, strong base. Double-row fences and structures with brick columns deserve special attention.

    One of the best support options – the foundation on the screw piles. It is suitable even for a fairly complicated soil, which does not allow to use other types of foundations. IMPORTANT: to buy when buying piles is more expensive, and if it allows the budget, it is better to immediately order the highest quality reinforced designs.

    Quite often, however, fences put on a tape foundation. It is reliable and can withstand even brick or made from concrete, natural stone support pillars.

    One-piece execution is more popular than the ribbon team, because the technology turns out to be easier. Small-breeding foundation for the stakenant will not fit, it will allow you to put out that the grid is a challenge. Under the erupker need a “deep” support, which will be at least 30 cm below the freezing line.

    But possible variations on it do not end. You can also “play” with a color decision of the stakenice, not limited to simple places of white or gray material. A very attractive choice in many cases becomes “Green Moss”.

    Fences from brown, white, black and gray material – genuine classic. They will look attractive almost everywhere. With the help of such colors, it will also be created to form an excellent contrast composition. But the use of bright tones is far from always justified. Practice shows that they usually rapidly bother, and then cause irritation at all. It is more reasonable to achieve the original type, making a two-color or multicolored fence with a combination of major paints, their shades and halftone.

    Be sure to take into account the architecture of the house, surrounding buildings, the features of the area. So, on the background of green plants, an attractive in itself the green fence is visually “lost”. If still lacks standard colors, then you can try other nonsense colors:

    • cream;
    • chestnut;
    • citric;
    • beige;
    • light blue.

    How to choose?

    Preparing to put a fence for the cottage, you must first select the appropriate type of material. Of course, it is necessary to order it only from proven suppliers or in large firms with a solid reputation.

    • Barrera eurficker It is necessary to use where the resistance to corrosion is critical. He will keep the attractive appearance for a long time even in the most difficult situation. Nova Planks are valued for increased level.
    • Ekonov does not have such a number of rigidity. But this version is suitable for those who are very limited in finance.
    • Unix takes demand primarily due to an attractive appearance. 16 rigid ribs guarantee sufficient stability of this type of slats. For an additional increase in service life, all parts are covered with zinc layer.

      Stakenik can be used for a fence even on an uneven plot. It all depends on the rope steepness. If it is small, attractive will look a fence that repeats the natural geometry of the terrain.

      With a more serious slope, you will have to additionally do an aligning or step base. But the construction of the fence on the steps, which gradually rises as needed, leaves too many passages for animals and even for potential intruders.

      How to sew?

      You can create a simple solid intricate row. But this option often looks too simple and boring. Where it looks more likely to “convex arc”. Such a fence is set by several spans. He received his name for the characteristic appearance of the top. Even better, if the parts are connected not in the usual order, but on both sides.

      We are talking about in demand by many people “Chess”. In addition to reliable protection against prying eyes, it provides more aesthetic execution of the fence in general. It is also worth noting that extraneous four-legged beings will definitely not imbued into the territory where such a fence is delivered. To begin with, all the workspace is cleaned of garbage, remove all plants that may interfere. Then constitute an accurate scheme on which all the subtleties of the upcoming works are noted.

      When drafting the scheme, determined:

      • with a bias that should have a fence;
      • with a gap between the planks;
      • with a width of the gate and gate;
      • With the method of connecting the main elements.

      For their docking use:

      • Welding work;
      • Mounting clips;
      • Anchor mounts;
      • Corners.

      Stakenice plates after installing support pillars often shorten up to the desired size. Cuts on metal parts will have to cover special anti-corrosion protection.

      There should be a minimum of 5 cm of free space between the planks and the land. The distance between sections should be equal to the width of the unit section (or even less).

      Beautiful examples

      In addition to pure technical subtleties, it is useful to take into account and the design of the fence from the stakenik. So, for example, it looks like a combination of erunette and brick columns. Weave black and red colors looks sobfully and interesting. See something through such a fence is almost impossible. And it itself is harmoniously perceived on the background of a light gray curb and green grass.

      Optionally, however, use traditional columns of red colors. In this embodiment, they are painted in a dark green color, which is perfectly combined with a nonsense white vertical stakenist.

      A multicolor fence may be quite elegant solution. It looks original, for example, the combination of white-blue wavy fence and impressive dark red gates framed by brown pillars.

      How to make a beautiful fence from a metal stakenist, look in the video.

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