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In industry or in private affairs, it is often necessary to process the soil in any locality, carry out the extrusion of the Earth. Electrical trap – type of equipment that is used for this in large construction, in everyday life and in horticulture. With it, it became possible to automate heavy handheld work.

What it is?

Electrical Effect is an automatically operating tool that is used to solve such a task as the creation of earthen yams of various types and destination.

The device is represented by design from rod, handles and drives. It is equipped with an electric engine, which is its distinctive feature. To the stock (the name of the rod part of the frame) attached special blades on the thrust bearings, which are assembled and the land is rising, when the unit fell into the ground in the process of developing a pit.

The drill mechanism is installed vertically and crushes the soil with a support for the tip.

The clamping equipment mechanism fixes the direction of drilling in the ground. The principle of work is based on the fact that the unit is activated, and the blades receive rotation and begin to spin, which provides a gearbox – a mechanism connected using a clutch with an engine device. The greater the input voltage, the more torque. The speed of rotation with such an engine is not a synchronous rotation of the magnetic field of the stator, which is explained by a special rotor device.

The efficiency of using electrical equipment in wells is explained by the use of the electric motor. Its design is thought out: the cavity has high tightness, inside good insulation, including the penetration of the working fluid, is also provided constant pressure. In the main assemblies of the unit for digging the soil current is fed through the wire.

Currently, the electrical workers are widely used in earthworks. Since they first entered the use, manufacturers and users invented many ways to make their operation to a maximum convenient, economical on the cost of human resources and time.


When operating an electric hammer, it is possible to perform many types of work without a voltage, due to the fact that the device can be used immediately after it was turned on, moreover, it is characterized by high performance.

During operation, small mechanical costs are noted, which is a plus: the efficiency is equal to seventy percent.

It is difficult to manually work with a ground density soil, especially if it is encouraged by the drilling elements (stones or other breeds, roots), and the use of the aggregate makes it much easier to develop soil.

Electrobur will have to “go to the yard” at dachas and in gardening. They can loosen the soil and make the pits of the desired depth for planting various crops, whether decorative shrubs or young trees. Therefore, the use of an aggregate in the summer is very common, it is among land owners. Earth drill can be planted on a drill or screwdriver and use for any purpose, cultivating soil.

Electric Yamobur is used when the installation of fences is performed and you need to make a deepening in the ground for the fence. Similarly, when embedding the foundations of any structure, the foundation becomes necessary soil drilling for piles. Sometimes it becomes necessary to drill ice, what a tool with an electric drive comes to help. Convenience is due to the fact that you can use various blades.

But in order to successfully use the tool, you need to decide which specifications will be required for successful work on purpose. So, the diameter and the type of blades differ, the length of the rod. For earthworks of various types, accordingly, suitable aggregates are selected accordingly.

Removable drilling blades can be screw-like, auger or disk.

In the case when it is required to get a hole with smooth edges, which would not be sat down, the nozzle is applied, which is a pipe with a spiral of the blade around it – this is a screw. They can be drilled tunnels in the ground, it is used for a well under water, and is also suitable in order to make poles for pillars.

During serious work, double-deed augers are most useful, with their help it is easier to raise tight soil than one-sick.

Auger needs to be chosen according to the type of soil, with which it has to deal. For example, for the Earth, which freezed and covered with ice, there is always a separate type of durable nozzle in the store.

Screw blades are very popular, because most practical and universal. Garden Bur is able to make recesses in the ground to the meter, so you can make pits for the basis of light designs: swings, benches. Such a manual, soil electrical trap is suitable for summer residents, can be used even in the stony ground.

Disc type is represented by a nozzle in the form of the blades attached to the rod located at an angle to each other. May be useful for the garden.

The length of the rod is selected, based on the growth of the user and the required pocket depth. It is not always convenient to work in the inclination by the electricurbation and, besides unsafe, therefore the length of the rod is an important characteristic. For borehole drilling, it will be optimal to choose a rod 1.5-2 m.

Electric engine units work from the mains. Battery drill is very convenient because it can be drilled even without connecting to the outlet. If long-work is planned, it is better to use the extension, because the battery can be discharged.

Today, the electrical structures allow many work. If there were no these tools, the effectiveness of solving many tasks would significantly reduce. Due to the fact that now suppliers offer equipment corresponding to the needs of consumers, the productivity of labor has increased significantly, the human strength is spent less.

Burov manufacturers compete for the championship in the market and try to improve new equipment models. Brands use the greatest demand:

  • Stihl;
  • EFCO;
  • Echo.

Stihl – The first domestic company producing a variety of technical equipment at attractive prices. Models presented by this brand receive many positive feedback. Buyers celebrate decent product quality. As for the electrical workers, Stihl guarantees a long service life of the aggregate.

There is a large selection of models of drills designed for various formats.

The technique for any even the most specific taste is implemented by the following brand – EFCO, specializing predominantly on the equipment for the garden. It is not surprising that this Italian brand is so known in the Russian market: official representations trade with its products in a variety of countries. The borants of this company are very durable and applied to tasks of different scale, from the doors’ dors for fishing to responsible professional work.

Third, Japanese manufacturer, supplies electrical workers, which, like other rules of goods, have deserved recognition at the international level. This is not by chance: the technique is characterized by the simplicity of the device and at the same time exceptional reliability. The thoughtful design of the bers for the Earth and Ice promises protection against any random breakdowns. In addition, the aggregates are very powerful, used even for earthworks with dry and stony ground.

The Bison, Fiskars brands are popular, they are successfully operated when creating a nuclear destination (for wells, piles, etc.).

In order not to be accidentally deceived and to purchase high-quality, satisfying all the characteristics of the electrical trains should avoid untested suppliers.

Famous brands have become popular thanks to the reliability of proven product times, cooperation with official dealers of such brands provides quality guarantee.

Child Nuances

When the issue of choosing the appropriate electrical husband is faced, it is important to determine the conditions in which the unit will be applied. Based on the type of land, the prevailing area is solved, which power of the device is optimal. Serious large-scale work is carried out using a device having a slightly large size than an electric home for domestic destination.

The parameters of the device determine its cost and scope of operation. Thus, electrical power (about 1.5 kW) will be a good option for solving uncomplicated tasks like making single pits under seedlings in the country area. If the product has to be used in a large building project, where the pium drilling may be required, the other deep holes in the ground may be needed, then they will need a capacity of at least 2 kW.

Equipment of the unit also plays a less role and pay attention to it when choosing. For example, for homework, the nozzle diameter may be no more than 15 or 20 mm.

From the massiveness of structures, roasting, the diameter of the nozzles depends. The nozzle coming with an electric train can be replaced by new as needed.

To take advantage of all the advantages that electrical trains are compared to other drill vehicles, do not purchase the unit if you doubt the conscientiousness of the supplier. Then you can evaluate bonuses that use the electric bora. Namely – Efficiency in electricity consumption, silentness and environmentalism for the environment, because when operating in the atmosphere, poisoning exhaust gases are not distinguished.

Operating Rules

Using such equipment as electrical trains, it is important to comply with the rules for storage and safety during application. Following simple recommendations will allow to extend the service life of the tool, to avoid premature failure, as well as prevent injury.

  1. Metal parts of the device may be subject to the destructive effect of corrosion processes. Therefore, to protect the blades and rods from rusting, they are covered with special anti-corrosion coating or paint for metal.
  2. In order for drilling to be easily carried out, the sharpening of the blades periodically check and, if necessary, sharpen.
  3. The reason for the unexpected breakage of the device may be the work of the unsuitable blade for this type of soil. Therefore, before drilling the soil, it is first investigated, and the top layer will be better enough to break.
  4. Electrobur raises the land upstairs and can break if working without interruption and shutdowns to remove accumulated land from auger. Periodically stop drilling and remove the excess of the earth. This will help avoid inflection and breakdowns.
  5. Be careful not to be injured.
  6. After completion of the work, cleaning from the nulipole land and checking the condition of the equipment is important.

As in the case of circulation with any other equipment, the electrical enemies requires attention during operation and timely basic care.

How to make it yourself?

If there is a yamobur with an electric motor in the presence, then no longer need to strain, rear ground shovel. The tool now does everything himself, with it you can make a pits for various purposes, you can spend water on the site, lay the foundation of the house and arrange the garden, planting trees.

Instead of buying, as an option, the electrical structures make it yourself from the girlfriend. Designing a high-quality unit – the task is performed for all. Homemade Drill is not inferior to the one you purchased ready.

Moreover, Freedom is provided to the inventor to make their changes: modifications give the device with additional functions and facilitate work.

Such useful modifications are: an increase in the number of blades of blades; Adding a box in which the soil is going and pr.

You can create just such an aggregate that Ideally walked for drilling. Independently determined by the type of nozzle and size blades, power, equipment dimensions, engine characteristics by soil properties.

To get a new reliable electrical work, you need to collect such details as the cutting ground part, rod, handles and motor. Blades can serve a circular discs, and for self-creating auger, you can search for a suitable model – ready-made drawings are used to create on the template of workshoots. The electric motor is made from the perforator, also the powerful motor is obtained from the starter and the gearbox drill.

With their own hands from the electrocultivator, it is easy to create an effective machine for the processing of the Earth, including its unincounding and removal from it the roots, with which the drill copes well. What you need to start the design?

Tools and materials

One of the simplest versions of the homemade drill is the aggregate of a drill. The tool is ideal for using it to develop its own powerful technique.

It is designed for long exploitation, makes it possible to use different types of nozzles for a bora. But the same lawn mower is not so simple, as it seems at first glance, and if there is an electrical trash from it, then difficulties may arise due to gearbox.

So, before you begin, the following materials will be needed:

  • drill;
  • worm reducer, it is easy to install;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Steel discs of the desired diameter, depending on the size of the pit.

You can start work.

Stages of manufacture

  1. On disks, the number of which corresponds to the number of tiers of the cutting part, make in the middle of the holes under the rod. The hole must be equal to the diameter of the rod.
  2. Cut discs so to get a circle sectors.
  3. Cook the wheels with a spiral, connect them with rings.
  4. The ideal version of the tip will be the metal drill, it facilitates the drilling process. Sharpened peak less convenient.
  5. The tip is placed below the screw nozzle for 5 cm.
  6. Cut the tip of the drill, auger.
  7. Now the nozzle is installed on the drill with the gearbox.

Universal Electrobur Ready to Use.

Overview of the electrical arm for winter fishing See More.

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