All about Spanbonde

Gardens and gardens will never cease to be in demand. Today, many daches grow in their sections a variety of cultures. So that the yield is higher and productive, people often resort to the use of special material – Spanbonda.

It can be used not only in the country, but in many other areas.

We will get acquainted closer with this multitasking material.

What it is?

Spanbond call a special technology for the production of a special non-woven material from the polymer melt with a filter method. In the professional field, the material itself, which is produced by the described technology.

The process of manufacturing high-quality spanbond must include2 main stages: Formation and subsequent fastening of the canvas fibers. There is another stage of manufacture. It consists of Additional trim of beols. Measures staining, impregnations for which special compositions are used, and other procedures that increase the positive properties of non-woven.

High-quality spunbond is performed in different colors. This material is easy to paint and looks quite respectable.


Spanbond is a popular material used in many spheres of human life. Such multitasking tissue of different colors is distinguished by certain technical specifications. They should be taken into account if you planned the purchase of such matter for certain purposes.

Melting temperature

The technical characteristics of the nonwoven material have the direct influence of the components that are used in its manufacture. Often the spanbond is based on polypropylene or polyester (PET) in a granular or powder state. These materials are melted, and then drive through a special spinning machine with die (these are thin holes).

Ready material can change its own physical properties under the influence of too high temperature values. In the most unfavorable situations, nonwoven Matter can soften, start sitcing, melt and even decompose. Some brands due to the presence of special additives are manufactured as sustainable that the heating, reaching 130 degrees Celsius, is unreserved.


The width parameter of the nonwoven type material under consideration is determined by the distance that takes place between its edges. This indicator may vary in fairly serious limits – from 6 cm to 4 m and more.

Spanbond is a material that is easy and troubledly lifted, so many manufacturers produce cutting on that width that is in demand by consumers.


Spunbond is a nonwoven material that can have different sizes. Often they are depending on the level of product density. Options with such dimensional parameters are distributed:

  • 3.2×10 m;
  • 3.2×150 m;
  • 1.6×200 m;
  • 1.6×150 M.

In the range of different firms you can find the cloths of various sizes. Of course, it affects the cost of the finished product.

Thickness and density

The thickness of the spunbond is determined by its immediate purpose and the method of manufacture. The degree of its breathability, stiffness, thermal insulation and many other important characteristics will depend on the thickness of the nonwoven matter.

It is important to pay attention to this parameter, selecting spunbond because it is one of the most important. As well as a significant criterion is the degree of tissue density. What it is higher, the more expensive the product.

In most cases, for all sorts of agricultural needs apply Agrolokna with indirect indicators of thickness from 17 to 60 g / kV. M.

Modern consumer has the ability to choose sponbond for any purpose. Depending on this, you need to choose matter of a certain thickness and density. Many large manufacturers offer options with the most different parameters.

Advantages and disadvantages

The material under consideration is not in vain became so popular and in demand. It is sold in many specialized stores and is in great demand. This is not surprising, because this nonwoven matter is characterized by a large number of positive characteristics.

  1. Non-woven type canvas freely passes through its structure rays of ultraviolet, which are needed for healthy planting growth on the garden.
  2. Spunbond distinguish Low electrical conductivity.
  3. Qualitative material. Made by proper technology, will differ in high strength characteristics for a break. Moreover, this concerns situations when the canvas is not only in dry, but also in wet state.
  4. Parp permeability – another positive spunbond rate.
  5. This is a material that Not afraid of fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Spunbond is not afraid of low temperatures. Of course, under the action of high temperature indicators, some of its properties may change, but many manufacturers produce high-quality matter, which are complemented by special impregnations that make them more resistant to such external conditions.
  6. Qualitative material Passes water. Some summer residents are surprised that the only purchased matter does not give irrigation fluid to get to plants on the site, but there is nothing strange. So that the canvas has become a water permeable, must pass for a while (so that it goes. Although on sale you can find various products from such sponbond, which, on the contrary, is moisture-resistant.
  7. Spanbond is Wear-resistant material. This factor is positively reflected in the durability of non-woven matter. She can serve for a long time without bringing any hassle.
  8. The material under review is easy Domain colored. That is why on sale you can meet a large number of cloths made in a wide variety of colors. Thanks to this, spunbond becomes not only practical, but also more attractive, presentable.
  9. Spanbond presented in a wide range of density. This suggests that the most suitable option is possible to choose almost for any purpose.
  10. High-quality matter “breathes” and does not allow moisture to evaporate too fast.
  11. If you use properly selected spunbond on the garden, the summer houses can get rid of themselves from many problems. For example, beds will be delighted from annoying weed herb, gardeners will be able to save free time and strength, working in the country. Fruits and berries, thanks to Spanbond, can remain in perfect condition.
  12. Many dacities are interested, is it possible Wash the material under consideration. It is believed that such a procedure is permitted for. However, it is best to wash the product at a temperature similar to that which is stored on the street in the summer, then the film should not be injured. It is advisable to exhibit such values ​​in the machine – 30-40 degrees and careful mode.
  13. Spunbond is non-combustible material, What does it talk about his security.
  14. Qualitatively performed spunbond distinguishes Ecology. This material does not highlight hazardous chemicals and are unable to harm nor landings on a garden or human body.
  15. Spanbond is inexpensive material.

The cloth under consideration has not only advantages, but also disadvantages.

  • Spunbond is breathable, but under it plants breathe differently – as in the respirator. These can not get any insects that are engaged in pollination or birds. On the one hand, this is good, but on the other – not very.
  • If the spunbond is used for arched type structures, then water drops will simply slide on them and do not have time to penetrate the inside. If summer rainy, then it is even good.
  • Typically, the material under review has a democratic price tag, but there are varieties that are quite expensive. This is a high-strength reinforced version.
  • Following the spunbond season, it is recommended to expose disinfection.
  • Some varieties of non-woven materials when they are spread over the ground, they abundantly pass water, so you have to resort to ventilation. Otherwise, you can encounter an excessive convergence.


Spunbond is different types. Get acquainted with them closer.


Separate type of matter. Most often applied in the medical field. He has such a structure that does not miss any air or moisture. It is a more rigid and durable material that is a two-layer. The density can be from 42 to 65 g / kV. M.

Matter of this type is very well protected with polypropylene coating.


Widespread and often occurs color spunbond. Similar matter can be painted in a variety of colors. For example, it can be blue, green, white, red, gray, beige, brown and even black options. Often glue type of material is realized in black.

Sometimes there are more interesting and bright copies with a pattern.

Colorful material is used in many areas. Bags of furniture designs, covers and many other products.


Nonwoven Matter of this type can cost expensive. Most often reinforced spunbond used for the manufacture of greenhouses and greenhouses. The canvas is complemented by a high-quality reinforcing layer, due to which it becomes more durable, practical and well protected. Usually produced in rolls or packages. Is often covered with a laminating layer, at the expense of which it becomes waterproof and does not get dark.


Fungalized canvas usually Designed for temperature fluctuations from -50 to +100 degrees Celsius. Refer to the class of weakly manual materials. The canvases are made moistureproof and are commonly used as vapor insulation layers. They are fixed on the outdoor walls of various buildings.

Fungal spunbond and isolation of roofs, balconies, saunas, baths, veranda and other similar objects.

PVC point coating

Inexpensive material. The basis of the base in it can be white, blue, pink or other. The coloring PVC points is also varied, but more often there are light gray elements. This is non-slip nonwoven matterium, characterized by high density and tensile strength.


High-quality filter type spunbond uses popular in our time. Similar matter are often used in drainage structures, in the preparation of water bodies, in many filtering systems. This type of spunkonda is also durable and reliable.

Difference from other materials

The current market is literally overcrowded by various underfloor materials used in different fields. Because of this, buyers often do not understand what spunbond is so different, for example, from agrovolokna. The answer is simple: the listed matter has about the same characteristics. The fact is that this is the same product released under different brands. The same can be said about such material as Agrotex or Agricultural.

Almost nothing distinguishes and geotextiles, however, it is also non-woven, and woven, but is manufactured by the same technology as spunbond. In fact, this is one of the types of spunkonda, but with a wider area of ​​application.

Often spunbond compare with many other common materials. For example, with microfiber. These are different matter, but many manufacturers make napkins from them. Only microfiber is suitable for the manufacture of soft products for cleaning different surfaces, and spunbond is more often used to produce wet napkins.

Scope of application

Spanbond is multitasking material. As mentioned above, it is used in various fields.


Often spunbond buy for garden or garden care. The material has properties useful in agriculture:

  • effectively protects landing from frost, precipitation, weed herb;
  • It helps the soil to warm up faster, contributes to the rapid shoot of the sprouts;
  • Increases the time between watering.

From Spunbonda It turns out a great observer material for greenhouse or greenhouse.

For landscape work

Often spunbond applied in landscape design surrounded by private houses. It can be used as a strip layer under drainage. With the help of laying this material, surface surfaces for decorative embankments. When using high-quality nonwoven matter, you can make neat flower beds.

In construction

In this area, spunbond can be used as follows:

  • Suitable matter can be used instead of vaporizolation;
  • The material is placed under the crushed stone during the construction of roads;
  • from Spanbonda make good windproof membranes;
  • Intermediate layers are made between the wall and the trim to prevent the formation of cracks.

For furniture

Light nonwoven material is often used in furniture production. It turns out a great separator between the upholstery and filling. Also spunbond is often used as a gasket material for springs.

For the same purposes, they often use a special thermal. It’s hard to say which of the mother is better. But call felt and spunbond substitutes for each other. It happens that both the material is also present in the furniture structures.


Since Spunbond is preferably presented in low-cost varieties, it is used in the production of such things:

  • bathrobes (not only medical, but also for employees of dining and other catering establishments);
  • appropriate hats (hats);
  • aprons;
  • Special trousers.

A lot of workwear for employees of the service sector produce from high-quality spanbond.

Packaging and storage systems

Of the material under consideration, excellent packaging and storage facilities are obtained:

  • Covers and organizers for clothing storage;
  • repository for different household trifles;
  • things that need to be protected from dust, but allow them to remain breathable;
  • Shoe covers;
  • for cosmetics.

The medicine

Consider how spunbond can be used in the medical sphere. From it do:

  • disposable sheets;
  • medical bathrobes;
  • masks;
  • shoe covers;
  • Medical hats;
  • Disposable Surgery Sets.


As a filtering part, spunbond can be used as follows:

  • for filters designed to work with chemicals;
  • in air car filters;
  • in filters intended to protect the human respiratory system;
  • for household filters (meant dust collectors).

Best manufacturers

Consider a small list of the best manufacturers of high-quality nonwoven.

  • LLC “Geometraids”. The company produces nonwoven matter with different density. Production manufacturer quality, dense and soft. The assortment has products calculated both on year-round use and for certain seasons.
  • Plant “Elastik”. Close-up manufacturer of Spanbond and Meltblaown. The plant produces high-quality products at democratic prices. Each product is made from reliable and high-quality components.
  • “Hexa”. Pretty large manufacturer, producing high-quality and durable products, perfectly copes with its main tasks. Hexa boasts a rich assortment of practical goods. Quality control of goods is carried out at all stages of production.
  • TD “WAN-MARKET”. Manufacturer of nonwoven fabric spunbond, as well as hydrocarized materials, laminated products and polyethylene film. TD “WAN-MARKET” specializes in the production of high-quality products adapted to operating conditions in a wide range.

Recommendations for choosing

We will deal with some recommendations for choosing a suitable product of nonwoven type.

  1. Before you go for the purchase of such a material, you need to decide what exactly you buy it. Based on this, it makes sense to select the canvas of a certain thickness and density.
  2. Pay attention to the color of Spanbond, especially if aesthetic component is important for you.
  3. Decide on the desired volumes of nonwoven. It is advisable to buy spunbond with a small margin so that in the event of an unforeseen situation did not have to buy another roll and not face the lack of matter.
  4. Make sure in excellent condition of packaging in which the non-woven material is realized. It should not be damaged or torn plots.
  5. Today, spunbond produce many major manufacturers. It is recommended to buy only high quality branded canvases. Pick suitable matter in specialized stores.

      More detailed information on how to choose the proper spunbond, look in the following video.

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