All about Roses “Lady of Shalot”

Roses have a strong association with something beautiful and beautiful. Such flowers are used to decorate gardens, parks, big estates. Each variety has its own characteristics and features. But among the Large diversity, Roses of the Kennel David Austin are standing out, and in particular, the Rose “Lady of Shalot”.

History of creating a variety

Rose “Lady Of Shalot” refers to English varieties. Briton David Austin appeared breeder. Roses released from under his hands became recognized worldwide. They are distinguished by the old classic form of buds, as well as a strong fragrance that extends to long distances. Such a culture has a strong health and has a long blossom. All this is considered a business card, which determine the affiliation of the plant.

The first result in the test for the creation of roses was the variety “PET Austin”. Its color was a crimson-copper with aluminum or golden lowers. Then, a few years later, in 2009, the world was presented a new beautiful grade “Lady of Shalot”.

David Austin himself describes culture as one of the most endless, which adapts to any weather conditions. Roses have excellent frost resistance.

For such a short period of time, “Lady Of Shalot” was able to achieve the location of many gardeners who began to give preference to this particular rose, and also received nominations and premiums in a variety of contests (for example, a silver medal at the competition in Glasgow). And in 2011 for outstanding characteristics and a wonderful appearance of the rose was awarded a certificate. The competition was held by the Royal National Society of England Rovers.

It is noted that unnamed varieties of roses participated in the creation of culture, so the pedigree will not be completed. When the “Lady of Shalot” recorded in the registration list received a unique and unique letter code AUSNYSON.

The name “Lady of Shalot” Rosa received a very interesting way. In the year of the presentation of culture around the world celebrated the 200th anniversary of the famous poet Alfred Tennison. He wrote the ballad “Salot Magician”. In another translation to Russian, she was called “Lady Salott”. Since in the described ballad, the main character has red hair, she became a prototype of roses, whose buds cast a reddock.


Rose “Lady of Shalot” refers to a very common variety for shrubs – scars. Schraba is a kind of shrubs, fleece roses. Belong to park cultures that are easily winter without additional shelter.

Flowers say that Seedling has good growth in young age. A bush is formed to be represented, it develops powerful escapes and very branched. Crown lush and pretty. The peculiarity of an adult bush is that it absolutely does not need an additional support or garter.

Saving average, not too thickened and not fully worried. Gradually, they are blonding to the ground, becoming slightly arcuate. Everything is as conceived David Austin. Spikes on the surface are present, but they are small and not so spiny.

The characteristics indicates the shoot length of 100-120 cm. In warmer regions with a long lighting day, the escape height can reach 2.5 m. Sewer bush grows up to 100 cm. But, as already noted earlier, with warm weather and favorable conditions, the crown extension is not limited to anything, and it can grow more and more.

The leaves are well developed, medium sized, distributed alternately, unparallers. Satten-green shade, with a small gloss. The plate is slightly elongated, rounded in shape, along the edges there are jar. New foliage has a slightly bronze subton.

Shoots strongly covered with a large number of buds. Inflorescences consist of 1-3 flowers. Under a large number of buds, shoots begin to bow a little. But the weight of the colors can not break the branch, as the flowers are pretty light.

In the form of buds, lush and rounded, slightly pointed, very thick, consist of approximately 40 or more petals that have a width edge edge. Outlet shape – cup-shaped. It is because of this form that the bouton itself resembles the vintage classic roses.

In structure, external petals are stacked by spirals. But the internal is laid free and chaotic, without some special location. It is due to the fact that the middle of chaotic, the impression of a closed bud, which is not revealed even with full dissolution.

Color gamut booth is very diverse, you can enjoy overflow from salmon to orange. The inner petals are very gentle and their color is also very gentle, most often it is a peach-salmon shade with small pink slings.

Due to the cup-shaped form, all the petals are attached to the outlet very tightly, and therefore there is incomplete dissolution of the bud, which also gives the opportunity to see in the depths of the flower small copper notes. The size of the socket is 8-10 cm, which is quite a lot for bush roses. It is this trick (the dimensions of the buds and incomplete disclosure) allows you to visually emphasize the fullness of the brush, even if some boutons are only formed and have not even revealed.

Rose “Lady of Shalot” has a long period of flowering throughout the year. That is, several times during the season buds are gaining color and bloom. Many flower products note that the last bloom in the season is no different from the first or the number of buds, nor by volume.

Blossom begins at the end of May or beginning of June and continues until the onset of the first cold. On average, one flower in the fully opened form holds on the outlet from 5 to 7 days. But with a strong sun or the protracted rains, this process is reduced. It is noted that in cool weather, the bud is revealed much slower, but at the expense of this petal hold together and do not appear much longer. To save the diversity of buds and the duration of their flowering, all the flowers that beat away, you need to remove.

Aroma medium, places pronounced. It is noted that in the smell there are apple notes, as well as aroma of spices, which is mixed with a small adduction of tea rose.

If the seedling is strong and developed and planted correctly, he will be bloated already in the year of landing. But the first peak falls only on the second or even for the third year after landing.

The grade can withstand weather and frosts from -26 to -29 degrees Celsius.


Rose “Lady of Shalot” universal. She comes around in garden sites, in parks and rosarians. Unpretentious, since some dacms manage to grow this rose even on the balcony.

But still the plant requires a special place to germinate, as it is considered a perennial culture. The selected place should be sunny and without strong shading. Throwing the wind should be average, preferably without drafts.

Rose cultivation can be carried out by two variants – seedlings or seeds. Both options are best acquired in a special store or kennel, so as not to stumble upon a low-quality product (very often unattended sellers sell a simple ripe rose hips instead of Rosa “Shalot”). So before buying it is necessary to accurately make sure that you get.

Seeds are sold in small packages, with a description of the manufacturer, as well as instructions, how to put seeds. Saplings are sold in special containers, dark bags. If the seedlock is purchased, it is worth it to inspect the plant for damage to the stems or roots. If some deviations are noticed, then the purchase is better not to exercise – there is a possibility that the plant will hurt.

Many reserves and nurseries recommend landing roses in autumn, in September-October. During this time, before frosts, the culture is already allowing roots and takes on a new place. In winter, the bush will not gain color, and therefore all the forces will be directed to rooting.

Since the root system of the plant is deepened into the ground by an average of 1.5-2 m, then the land plot is necessary for 1 m. Useful minerals and fertilizers contribute to the persistence. Earth should not contain too much sand or clay.

For planting the plant, it is necessary to dig a hole 50×60 cm, the first value is the width, and the second is the depth. The well is spilled with warm water, then lowered the seedling, straightening the roots throughout the hole. Next, everything is sprinkled by the earth and tampering.

After landing, the site is abundantly spilled by water, and then the earth frills. At the request of the bush, you can lay a mulch.

Proper cultivation depends largely on subsequent care. If with watering and feeding more or less understandable, then it is worth considering diseases and pests. Rose is very often susceptible to such diseases as:

  • Puffy dew;
  • rust;
  • Black spotlight;
  • Gray Gnil.

And among the pests, you can most often meet:

  • bear;
  • rose leaflet;
  • Custom tick.

To prevent the appearance of diseases or pests, it is necessary to spray roses with soap and milk solve or fungicides.

Application in landscape design

Rosa “Lady of Shalot” due to its unique features often use landscape designers. It is perfectly combined in color scheme with many other flowers. And due to the fact that the bottom of the bush is practically not taken away, it is used to build living hedges.

If experimenting with several varieties, the rose will fit well into a complex flower leaf, which is also called the mixturore. “Lady of Shalot” looks very beautifully on the background of coniferous plants, which their green color is only stronger than the refinement of buds and their color.

Also there are also exposures of roses in pots. The main minus of such cultivation is. Soil in closed capacities dries very quickly, even if the pot is the volume of 60 l.

In the directions in the design of roses, Austin perfectly fit into the Styles of Country, Modern, Minimalism. Flowers fit well for old good English lungs. But in any compositions better abide by the distance.

If the crown has a large roses, then the gap between cultures should be from 1 m. If the krona is small, then the distance is reduced.

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