All about Motobura

Motobur (Benzobur) is needed in the farm for carrying out earthworks and to install columns. This tool is applied in cases where you need to speed up the results of manual labor. Before choosing a suitable model, it is worth examining not only the rating of the best offers, but also presented in the species market. Master the drilling with manual gasoline yamburas is quite simple – detailed instructions will help how to understand everything.

What it is and why you need?

Motobur – Specialized Tool Variety for Earthworks. With it, the openings of the desired diameter and depth in the ground are created. This portable drilling unit consists of a transmission and a gasoline engine, with reduced coaxial or worm-type gearboxes. The grip is used by the centrifugal, it is with its help “the rotation is fed to the auger. Also, the tool always has 2 horseshoe-shaped handles, which operator keeps in their hands while working.

In models of hydraulic drive, mechanical elements are replaced by a system with a pump and a hydraulic motor that reduces wear. Such equipment requires less strength and time in the process of working with it. It is optimal when drilling wells with a diameter of up to 20 cm with a depth of 1.5 m.

Regardless of the design of the Motobur itself, in working with it are used predominantly screw nozzles having a spiral design. On the waist removed soil rises to the surface. With some types and drilling methods, column type tools are used as well as suspension nozzles.

Types of knives are also selected, based on the density and features of the soil on which it will be necessary to work.

The main characteristics that boiled can be like, look like this:

  • Motor power in the range of 1.3-21 liters. with.;
  • Mass of the device 7-250 kg;
  • Engine torque 75-1200 nm;
  • drilling diameter up to 500 mm with a depth of up to 10 m;
  • Transmission type hydraulic or mechanical.

Appointment of the tool It is impossible to limit the narrow spectrum of tasks. Motobura are focused on using as a utility tool in the household, it is also used by specialists in carrying out work in construction. With the help of a mechanical and hydraulic instrument, holes are created in the soil of different diameters, destination. The most common areas of its use are.

  1. Repair and strengthening foundation.
  2. Conducting work in the field of geological exploration.
  3. BEGEGRUE. Using drilling prepared holes for columnar foundations in the ground. They are used as protection against shirling shores, pvov, catlovanov.
  4. Preparation of pits under the poles. Using a drill, a holes for the supports of the fence, the foundation, the elements of the lighting system, thresholds are prepared.
  5. Installation of heat exchange systems.
  6. Linear Communication Laying for Lighting Systems, Power Supply.

Motobura with a gasoline engine can be used even in conditions close to extreme. They are successfully used by researchers in the Arctic and Antarctic. When preparing space missions, this type of tool is considered as the main device for sampling.

The principle of the device is pretty simple. Like ordinary mechanical yamobura, gasoline varieties are installed on the point. After starting the engine, the auger is started. The tool must be located vertically, gradually plunging to the depth – the main efforts of the operator are sent to keep the device strictly perpendicular to the Earth. The selected soil rises in a spiral.

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Benzobur is a pretty popular tool that allows you to significantly increase the productivity of manual labor. Depending on the design and features of the structure, the hydraulic and mechanical version of this equipment is distinguished. In addition, there is a professional tool that allows you to significantly increase the depth of drilling. All models are equipped with screws with a screw, but there are options with reverse – reverse.

Choosing gasoline yamobur, it is worth carefully learning all available types of such equipment.

By destination

The main classification of motorized devices for drilling implies their division into groups by appointment. Severate garden or household models, calculated on the removal of small holes in a depth of 2 m. This is enough for most types of earthworks:

  • for notching soil;
  • for land (landing plants);
  • For municipal improvement of land plots.

A distinctive feature of household drills can be called the readiness of the tool to short-term, not too frequent operation. Such models are not focused on intensive work in daily mode. Such a boring is suitable for fence posts – when preparing holes. A screw diameter in garden models rarely exceeds 150 mm.

Professional Boer – Powerful, Large-sized, Holding Significant Operational Loads. It is used when spinning piles and other complex manipulations. Such models are distinguished by a significant depth of immersion. For example, when drilling a well to water uses nozzles with an elongated screw.

Professional borants with a gasoline engine can maintain a long continuous operation. They are equipped with larger diameter screws, the nozzle immersion velocity can also be varied in the desired range.

According to Gabaritam

All popular benzobuurs available on sale can be divided into 3 large groups.

  1. Lungs. The equipment of this type has a mass of up to 30 kg, cope with it for 1 operator. The brown can create wells for small depths in light and loose soil. The bundle includes auger to 150 mm and a two-stroke motor, the speed adjustment is usually not provided due to the low power of the equipment.
  2. Heavy. These are large-sized equipment, having a lot of up to 80 kg. They are equipped with handles designed for 2 operators – all of them 4. This type of equipment is focused on working on dense and complex soils – clay, chernozem. The benzobur is equipped with a powerful four-stroke motor, a multi-stage gearbox, the bur has an extended design, provides a wider range of rehabilitation.
  3. Professional with vibration. They refer to the category of heavy, the jet rod is additionally included in the package. Such an addition reduces vibratory loads, allowing you to cope with the work of only 1 operator.

By speed of rotation

For this indicator, all the motobra are divided into one-speed and two-speed. The first category includes household models. To the second – professional used on different types of soil.

The feasibility of acquiring an expensive multi-speed model is determined on the basis of the estimated volumes and complexity of the tasks being performed.

By management

According to this indicator, the motobura is customary to be divided into mechanical and automatic. First have to be turned on manually. The automatic start of the engine and the rotation of the auger is carried out by pressing the button.

It is much more convenient than to start the motor manually, jerk.

Heavy and lungs

The classification of this indicator is somewhat different from the one that is applied by dimensions. Light motobra have a design designed for manual carrying, moving, installation. You can manage them with a small depth of drilling 1 person. Heavy models are equipped with wheels fixed on the frame. It greatly facilitates their transportation.

By type of design, heavy wheeled boraners can be.

  1. Modular. With the separation of gearbox and motor on different platforms.
  2. Single-family. Such models involve the fastening of all parts into a single block.
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These are the main signs for which heavy and lightweight benzobura are classified.

Best models

Numerous motobours are widely represented on sale. Find among them a suitable model is quite difficult. To understand everything will help the rating of models selected in terms of reliability, availability of prices, popularity. Overview of the main qualities of each tool will allow them to appreciate them. Top includes products of the most famous firms.

Stihl BT 131

Reliable professional motobur, as easy to maintain. This model is distinguished by the presence of an engine that does not require a replacement of oil equipped with an air filter. Also in the kit there is a built-in protection system, shock-absorbing pillow, protective legs from a contact with a screw, anti-vibration elements. The diameter of the jack for fastening the auger is calculated under the shaft of 20 mm, the mass of the tool is only 10 kg.

Ada Instruments Ground Drill 14 Reverce

One of the best professional models, has a power of 8 liters. with., Designed to work 2 operators. In the benzobura there is a reverse. This tool easily copes with the most dense soils, any problem areas are passed without difficulty.


2 l model model. with. It has excellent complete set, additional nozzles and tools are included in it. Motor has overheat protection, but heavily noise, does not have an anti-vibration system. The drill copes well with its tasks, reliable, build quality at height.

This is a good compromise option for homework in the garden and on the plot.

Maxcut MC 55

Cheap Motobur for work in the garden or in the country, develops speed of rotation up to 6500 rpm. Included only 1 set of handles, no screw. The model is characterized by a convenient key control, there is an air filter and anti-vibration system. Bur is equipped with a two-stroke motor, has a working diameter to 300 mm, weighs 11.6 kg.


Benzobur of domestic production is characterized by a budget value, 2 operators are designed to work. 2.5 l tool. with. Weigh less than 10 kg, equipped with a two-stroke motor, can be buried to 180 cm under the ground, suitable for winter fishing.

Auger not included.

Spare parts and components

Among the useful components that can come in handy during the operation of the Motorobur, there are a variety of items. The most interesting and current versions of components are worth considering Read more.

  1. Spring adapter. It will be needed to install on the tool of the screws with different diameters of the shaft fastening. The spring adapter helps to adapt the nest to the attachment of nozzles from different manufacturers.
  2. Handle with tilt adjustment. Positioning allows you to adapt the tool for the growth and length of the operator’s hands.
  3. Vibration Spring Spring. The damper is also needed to reduce the consequences for the mechanism when encrypted.
  4. Replaceable knives. They are not on all screws. Such a constructive feature allows you to do with the replacement of individual elements when breakdown or wear.
  5. Extension glands. They are needed to increase drilling depth.
  6. Oil. Specialized lubricants are used to refuel the gasoline instrument engines. When they are selected, it is customary to be guided by the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Engine, Starter, Reducer – Basic Bura Design Elements. They are not included in the list of spare parts. At the exit of these parts, it is necessary to carry out a large-scale repair. Sometimes the cost of such a replacement of spare parts costs expensive, its expediency is determined individually, based on the overall wear of the equipment.

Child Nuances

Planning to choose a motobur for operation, it is important to pay attention to the main parameters that affect the effectiveness of its work. Among the most significant criteria, you can allocate the following.

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  1. Power equipment. This indicator affects not only no price of the instrument, but also on performance, speed and quality with which work is held. For most household tasks, there will be enough model with a capacity of 2.5 liters. with. Through tight soils need more productive equipment.
  2. Screech dimensions. This part of the equipment determines which depth you can drill a hole. Household models typically have a diameter from 100 to 200 mm at a length of 1-2 m. In professional motorboards use augers from 500 mm.
  3. Engine volume. It should be chosen on the basis of the requirements for the speed of rotation and operating conditions of the tool. The more denser the soil, the higher the indicator should be. For most types of work, there are enough motors with a volume of 35-40 cm3.
  4. Features fueling fuel tank. It can have separate holes for the bay of gasoline and oil or imply the use of the finished mixture.
  5. Availability of protection system. It will work if the bruise will face too solid barrier. Special fuse breaks out the work of technology, eliminating its overheating or breakdown.
  6. Structure Stoke. Its cutting part should not have obvious defects, well sufficiently sharpening. Also worth paying attention to the subsidiary diameter of the screw – at 20 or 32 mm, from different manufacturers it is different. Replaceable blades – a big advantage, in case of breakdowns of one of them, do not have to change the whole shaft.
  7. Adjusting the corner of handles. It makes noticeably easier to hold a boraxy when you do the holes under the tilt, allows you to adjust the tool for individual operator requirements.
  8. Availability of wheels. It is especially important for heavy machinery. Carry manually to transfer to the area – hard work, especially if you do it all day.
  9. Availability of a system compensating vibration. It is a mandatory component of a professional tool, it provides the possibility of its operation 1 by the operator without the risk of injury.
  10. Completion. Most manufacturers implements their products without a screw in a set. It is worth clarifying whether it will be necessary to buy it additionally.

Drawing attention to these parameters, it is easy to find the appropriate option of the benzobura for professional use or work in the garden, in the country area.

Features of operation

Before driving a hole with a benzoinstrument, it is worth understanding some of the rules of its operation. At the first start, the carburetor is adjusted, according to the instructions applied by the manufacturer. Motobur need to fill, bay into the fuel tank required amount of gasoline. Turn the tool with auto package you can 1 press the button.

You need to use the motobore too correctly. It is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations.

  1. Before you drown a hole, you need to clear the area from the stones and garbage.
  2. Need to work in a certain rack. The correct position of the body includes a semicogenable state of the legs, in removal from the auger. Both hands must be on the handle.
  3. Every 30 cm auger without reverse removed from the pit. It is necessary to avoid swissing.
  4. Return strike – a natural phenomenon when the auger gets into a very dense medium. Return can be very strong. It can be reduced by choosing models with spring damper.
  5. When starting the motor, the starter cord can not be pulled out to the end. If you do not follow this rule, you can just snatch from fastening.

All these rules will be useful for those who first use Motobore independently.

As a set of experience, each operator finds optimal ways to work with the tool.

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