All about Iwah Schwerin

Many owners of country sites make beautiful green plantings on them. Currently, there is a huge number of different decorative plants with different sizes. Popular option are small willow. In this article we will talk about the features of IV Schwerin.


Willow Schwerin are beautiful decorative shrubs up to 4 meters high. They have elongated and narrow sheet plates, whose length can reach 10-13 centimeters.

Such willows possess an openwork crown with relatively flexible branches that hang down.

Leaves have a smooth and slightly shiny surface. From the opposite side, they are silky, with a slight white tint and exposed to edges. Similar shrubs will be able to suit both single and group landing. They are considered unpretentious plants: they can be planted both in the sun and in the shade.

Overview hybrida

To date, there are various hybrids of such decorative Yves, but the most popular is considered a special variety, and it is called “Iva Schwerin Improved”. This species is a decorative shrub, which has beautiful and long sheal plates.

This type is cultivated in the form of both a single-barreled and multi-rolled plant.

The first option can reach 15 meters, while it will form a pyramidal crown. The second option will grow to 6-8 meters. It will form a rather strain and wide crown.

At any time of the year, such Iva will delight the long escapes of interesting yellow-brown coloring. Such a hybrid perfectly multiplied with cuttings. It has good resistant to various diseases and negative impacts of garden pests. Willow easily transfers.

It is this kind of it most often used for landing in parks and alleys.

Another decent option is the hybrid “Record”. Such willa possesses a beautiful scattered crown and annual shoots. The tree can reach a height of 15 meters. Leaves from shrubs elongated, dark green colors. The hybrid “Record” is undemanding to the soil, but at the same time prefers moisturized and breathable places.

Iva “Record” is characterized by high winter hardiness.

Features landing

So that such willows be able to grow normally and develop, the rules and landing technology should be followed. She takes a few steps.

Preparation of planting material

At this stage you need to carefully cut some cuttings.

Then the cuttings are placed in a container with liquid for 20-30 days.

Then cuttings transplanted into plastic containers. They are laid in advance in advance the soil with various nutrients. All contents are abundantly watered with clean water. When complying with all rules, the plant must take.

Choosing a suitable place and the formation of the pit

At this stage of the landing should be chosen to be optimal for the growth of Yves section.

It is recommended to choose places that are well illuminated by the Sun, but it is not blocked by the winds.

Distance to the fence must be at least three meters. At the same stage, the pit is digging for landing of young seedlings. Its diameter should be approximately 55-60 centimeters, the same parameters have the depth.

If on your land plot is too hard soil, then it is pre-pouring a drainage layer consisting of clay. Its thickness should be about 17-20 centimeters. If the ground is too dry, it is recommended to pour a full bucket of water to moisturize the Earth.


The plant is pulled out of the tank. Do it should be careful not to damage the root system and earth.

A young seedling is placed in a dummy pit and half fall asleep with nutritional elements.

It must contain two parts by humus, two parts of the turf, as well as one part of the sand. All this is thoroughly tamped, and then well moisturize. After that, the soil is added, completely falling asleep pit. The area around the seedlings also tamper. It should be formed a small deepening for further moisturizing the soil.

Watering after landing

When the seedlings are already planted in the pit, you need to abundantly pour the soil around shrubs. First poured one full bucket.

We must wait until the water is completely absorbed, and then pour two more buckets.

Later, the surface should be closed and processed by peat or chernozem.

Tips for care

Despite the fact that Schwerin’s willows are considered unpretentious decorative plants, they still require some care.

These shrubs need periodic watering.

In the spring and autumn periods, they should be moistened only twice a month (in the absence of rains). If regular atmospheric precipitations fall out at this time, then it is not necessary to irrigate at all. Summer IVA will need to water once a week. At the same time, about 20 liters of fluid should leave for one procedure. In excessively hot periods, watering is recommended twice a week.

Do not forget to loosen the land in a timely manner near the trunk.

This procedure should be carried out in the spring after the heating of the soil, while the depth of loosening should not exceed 10 centimeters. Summer soil loose 2 or 3 times. In the autumn period, it is also worth conducting one such procedure (it is recommended to do this in October). Then will be mulched peat, but you can use a mass consisting of a bark of coniferous wood.

It is important to remember about feeding. In the spring it is better to carry out the humus or special mineral fertilizers in the soil.

They can be used after the warming of the Earth. Still feeding in July. Timely spending handling shrubs so that they are not damaged by diseases and malicious insects. Applying fungicides should be used for handling shrubs. They smear the barrel and the crown. Periodically examine the plant and check it for pests and plates on sheet plates.

All about Iwah Schwerin in the video below.

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