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The range of the country’s inventory is impressive by its diversity. Each dacket chooses his own set of favorite tools that facilitate the work process on the site. However, even the most powerful and modern devices can be unclaimed in a barn or garage. While the classic tool for earthworks in the form of hoes will be sure to use both the gardener and the summer house. Without such a device, no country season.

What it is?

Since the ancient centuries, people have used various devices for the cultivation of the Earth. Changing and improving the tool took place very slowly. The equipment was very heavy, bulky and sometimes only complicated the process of cultivation of the Earth. The question of the invention of a more advanced tool for land processing. So he quickly helped cope with the work was quite comfortable and not heavy. Then the hoe was invented, which was one of the first devices for the cultivation of the soil. She looked very interesting and was a long stick with sharpened on the end with a knife, and instead of a stone, the tissue of mammoth, shells or horns of large animals could be used.

Currently, gardening or dacha hoes looks very standard. This is a convenient tool because you can work with all its 3 sides. Being in the soil, the tool processes the top layer, and also creates grooves. These grooves are then very necessary for sowing. High-quality metal should have a special sharpening. In the process of operation, a self-task is carried out. Due to its small weight, it can be cut off thick thickets, but not affect the soil.

Important! The principle of the device of this hand tool was used to construct a cultivator.

Each expert knows that the universal triangular tool is ideal for land processing. Such a model has sharp corners, due to which the furrows in the form of “tick”. For lawn it is worth using a thin blade hoe. Comfort when using the tool depends on the angle of inclination. To remove grass, it is also necessary to make all actions at a certain angle. Many gardeners love to use a moth with curve blade concave form. Before purchasing the tool, you need to choose for what purposes it will be applied.

Where applies?

It seems that the moth for the processing of the Earth is extremely simple. Often it is also called chopper. Because of the various sizes of sections, many cottage owners need rapid performance. For the garden, it is very convenient due to the long handle. Its length should be proportional to the growth of its owner. She is very comfortable and universal. Due to its design, it has a solid working surface.

The variety of hoe implies various applications, namely:

  • The Dutch instrument in the metal mount has a hole that makes the chopper is much easier, but due to such a hole of the soil sieves in the process of weeding or dipping;
  • For the garden, it is very necessary for a widespread hoe; If the earth is satisfied soft, then such a tool is perfect for the garden;
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  • For rocky land, you need a tool with a narrow blade;
  • To remove weeds, pay attention to the option with a narrow working surface;

  • The hoe of the rounded surface has greater strength and is much more convenient during operation;

  • If desired, you can make some modernization in this hand tool; Some engineers offer to make a special bend or an abdamphic of a round form;
  • With the help of the chopper, it is very easy to clean the path from the grass, which is possible due to pointed edges on the sides;

  • The small format of the hoe in the form of a plow tooth is necessary when the earth loaned, the gloves of vegetables or the collection of weeds with roots;
  • To make a beautiful lawn, it is worth paying attention to the tool with an oval tip;

  • Little tip, which in width does not exceed 7 cm, extremely needed for work between rows when they are initial shoot.

Hand tool can have two working end, but of different shape and width. It will help treat the soil in the vineyards. Easy and ease of such work are provided with a compact and comfortable handle. Some gardeners can make a tool independently. To do this, you will need a classic bayonet or with a rectangular shovel tray. Need to align and cut it at an angle of 45 degrees, and then sharpen around the edges. Due to heavy handle tool will be quite effective.

If there are small experience and knowledge with the help of the chipping, it is very easy and effectively to carry out many works on the land plot. Methods of work depend on the type of soil treated. If the garden section is very narrow, then all actions should be ripped off and sight. In areas with a large area, it is worth making smooth movements like when working a plow.


Hoes have the most diverse characteristics, since the work on the garden is absolutely different. Several species are presented in specialized stores.

  • Hoe for various types of work. She has a working part in the form of a drop, blade or trapezium. The size of the cutting surface may vary from 70 to 200 mm. Such equipment is very easy to work on soft and fertile lands. It is perfectly handled the distance between the beds.

  • Dutch chipset has a hole in the middle. This design is very lightweight and quickly sifts the land. This tool can replace the cultivator. He simply removes all weeds, and also creates furrows for sowing.

  • Little hoe that combines two tools. It seems a small look at one hand performs the function of the hoe, and on the other – Rabel. Due to the presence of three teeth, it easily crushes the earth and leaves.

  • Tool for leveling edges of lawn He has a working surface in the form of a crescent and very easily penetrates even in deep layers of soil. Due to such a structure, the hoe creates a clear edge and a smooth edge.

  • Rechargeable eletrotka is one of the varieties of equipment for earth processing. No need to think about a special cable and carrying. Just press the button and start working. This is a very convenient option for spaces where there are no sockets or electricity. Of the cons of such equipment, their significant weight can be noted due to the presence of a weight lithuanium battery, which must be worn along with the equipment. Electrical machine must be charged from the battery, and it can be discharged at any time.
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  • Electricity with cutter different from the classic version of its working surface. Due to the work of the motor, the pressure on the triple milling mill is supplied and the soil processing occurs. Such equipment more deeply penetrates the soil due to an unusual nozzle. From the disadvantages of this model, you can note the longer time costs for the processing of the site.

Modern hoe can be self-catching, which greatly facilitates the work process in the country. In shape meets straight, needle or wedge-shaped model. All homemade hoes are presented with a stalk.

Such a wooden hoe is quite convenient to use, the main thing is to choose the appropriate tool size. In the country house there is also iron or forged hoe.

Differences from other tools

Tools with several types of purpose recently are only gaining popularity. All gardeners and gardeners attract the idea of ​​the presence of a small but multifunctional number of country tools. It is worth considering the main varieties of country tools.

  • Progressive cultivator. This fixture is fringed with the soil, carries out a prepot of beds due to special, rotating gears.

  • Fire ax or tool. This design has a long service life and thanks to the compact size it can take it everywhere. This is an excellent tool that comes in handy in the home and in the country house. With it, you can not only chop, but also disintegrate the soil.

  • Combisystems Selected under the size of the owner and additionally selected the necessary nozzles. Such equipment takes a little space and is much cheaper than buying several new-water tools.
  • Fokina plane is an equipment for cultivation and soil processing. It is made in the form of a bent plate, all three edges of which are strongly sharpened. The author of the invention assures that such a tool can replace forks, cip, rake and even a cultivator. The tool will rather have a shallow culture and loosen the upper layers of the Earth.

  • Chippet Zholobov Used for extermination of low weeds and herbs. Work this tool is very easy and just. It is only necessary to make reciprocating movements, in the process of which the soil breaking and the removal of weeline grass is carried out by a knife. This is a budget and easy to manufacture tool. Due to a comfortable designed handle load goes into two hands evenly. The gardener spends much less strength, if you do the same work with the help. The tool is highly speedy. In the process of use, it is not necessary to lean, the back may remain in a vertical position. However, such a tip is very heavy and can weigh up to 10 kg, it is possible to apply it only on even areas, and it is extremely inconvenient to carry out work between beds with plants. Due to the data of minuses, the equipment is greatly inferior to tips and moth.
  • Hoe is a tool that is suitable for plowing potatoes or tomato. He makes ridges and sides. For the remaining country work, this tool is ineffective.
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  • Chip is a hoe Compact size for the loosening of the Earth or weeds. This name of the hoe is often used in the southern regions of the former USSR.

  • Manual pololnik has a narrow and sharp working edge. It is suitable for extermination of weeds of small size and weeding in very narrow places.

Important! If we compare the hoom with a chipper or a cip, then it greatly wins on a number of advantages.

Subtleties of choice

In a selection of inventory for agricultural work, you must comply with a number of rules and pay attention to key details. Features of choice are as follows:

  • The toolkit must be reliable and sharpened;
  • The working part must be made of high quality steel;
  • It is advisable to choose options with an ergonomic handle in stores, because in the process of work there is a constant pressure on hands; It is worth choosing cuttings from hikoi or ash, and the base should be very smooth so that it does not occur injury;
  • The nozzle must be cast together with fixing fasteners;
  • The thickness of the cutting surface should not be less than 3 mm.

When buying a country tool, it is important to determine the purpose of its subsequent operation. To work between small lumen beds It is worth choosing a tool with a narrow blade. To create a beautiful lawn, you should look at the options with an oval shape of the blade. If the hoe is bought to enhance or create a furrow, then it is necessary to look at the equipment with a semicircular or trapezoid tip. Such hoes perfectly handle the soil to a depth of 60-80 mm. For work on clay or rocky soil should be supervised to the options with a narrow knife. For soft soils, you can use options with a large working surface.

Important! A competently selected view of the hoe will serve as a faithful assistant for a long time, will delight gardeners with quality and effective work results.

Operation and care

It is important to choose and prepare the necessary tool. Often, the country’s tools are made of carbon steel, since it can be molded at home. The main thing is to sharpen the instrument before starting work. A sharp tool will significantly simplify the process of work and protect the hands from the appearance of blisters and corns. The presence of experience, a clear sequence of movements is the basis of rapid and efficient soil processing activities. The tool is very quickly rust, so it is necessary to follow the following rules for the country’s country tools:

  • After the end of all works, the blade must be well cleaned from the ground and grass;
  • Then the base is lubricated with oil and goes to storage in a dry place;
  • Before use, it is necessary to investigate the integrity and sharpness tool; If necessary, it must be accurate with the help of special devices;
  • The hoes from the stainless steel are quite simple in care, so they most often acquire gardens and summer residents.

About the miracle hoe for easy weeding and looser See in the video below.

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