All about Hammer snow blowers

Snow cleaning is the daily monotonous work of each owner of the private house. And if at first such a pastime seems to be additional charge, then over time, each person understands that without the help of special equipment can no longer do. Therefore, special equipment appeared – a snow blower. Going to the store for snow removal equipment, we recommend paying attention to Hammer production.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hammer Electric Snowflowers Designed to Clean the Returns, Parking, Potions for the entrance. They are convenient to use terraces or steps for cleaning, since the electrical option is more easy compared to their gasoline competitor. Easier such models and maintenance: they do not need to fill or change the oil, it is enough to have only a source of power supply.

However, in the same one can also see and minus products: the distance that an electric snow blower is capable of operation is determined by the length of the extension.

Also, the disadvantages of products should include the restriction of the capacity by two kilowatts, however, in favor of this option, it also says a noticeably reduced price.


We will consider Hammer products on the example of the model Snowbull 2000e. This instance is able to clear the snow mound up to 250 mm high, in one pass the car clears the track of 500 mm. The advantages of the model should include the dropping of snow by 8 meters, as well as a long warranty from the manufacturer – 60 months. For ease of use, the technique is equipped with two special wheels, which provides the ability to move it on the ground, and not on the weight. The model has a special handle that can be configured to the direction of snow emissions. The distance is limited to 190 ° in front of the aggregate.

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Due to the circular screw, the surface is not subject to damage and scratches, and this is very relevant when cleaning snow from a decorative path, which is important not to deform. When the technique is turned on, the lever is regulated by two hands, which ensures uniform distribution of the load on both hands.

Thus, the operator is slower tired of the work done. Ease of operation complements and folding handle. It can be folded in half, and then the technique will easily fit in the trunk or a small hozpostroy.

Related products can be ordered to the snowpressure: All ammunition, as well as shovels, extension cords and network filters.

Summarizing all the characteristics of the Snowbull 2000e model, it can be said that the manufacturer Hammer, the production of products, takes care of both the quality of the work of the equipment and the convenience of its operation. These properties are different and other models of the company.


For the most part, Hammer product reviews are positive. There is quite simple operation. Buyers like the lack of need for serious maintenance. The car is great for cleaning snow in hard-to-reach places, as it is a small weight and easy to raise it. The effectiveness of the rubberized metal auger is noted: Additional rubber bands do not simply provide a neat movement of the unit, but also protect the metal surface from early wear. Satisfied buyers and the ability to acquire related products. Their low cost is noted.

Of the disadvantages, a small capacity of the equipment is called, however, if we argue objectively, this is the maximum possible indicator for the electrical snow blower, so in this case, buyers are likely to compare the electric and gasoline instance. In addition, according to users, a frost-resistant extender is needed for the work of equipment, which is also a minus of electrical equipment. In this case, the problem is solved by the purchase of Hammer extension cords.

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Overview of one of the Hammer snow blowers in the following video.

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