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Pine Geldreyha – evergreen decorative tree, whose homeland is the southern mountain areas of Italy and the West of the Balkan Peninsula. There, the plant grows at an altitude of more than 2000 m above sea level, due to unfavorable conditions, it takes a shape. Due to the spectacular view of the pine is often used in landscape design in combination with other cultures to create rare on the beauty of compositions.

Description of type

Bosnian pine can be considered a long-liver among other conifers. In Bulgaria, a tree was found, the age of which is about 1300 years. On average, the life of the culture is 1000 years old, but its decorative varieties, depending on the conditions, live no more than 50-100 years. The tree has the following characteristic features:

  • He has a direct barrel with a diameter of 2 m, reaching a height of 15 m, in the wild, the plant grows up to 20 m, in extreme conditions it becomes short;
  • The crown volume ranges from 4 to 8.5 m, the form of an overhead part is wide, spreadable or narrower, cone-shaped;
  • Pine branches grow from the ground, where they can be slightly lowered down;
  • Couplings are long, dark green and rigid, pointed, in length – from 5 to 10 cm, in width – 2 mm, the pairs are growing in the beams, because of this branch looks especially fluffy;
  • Young plants are bright, glossy, perhaps, so pine is also called Belokoroy; After the needle is popped, leafy scales appear on young shoots, making a bark like snakecake, and at old trees the color of the cortex is gray;
  • Pine fruits – bumps growing in 1-3 pieces, their length is 7-8 cm, the form oval, egg-shaped; Coloring at first bluish, later becomes yellow and more dark, brown or black; Seeds have the form of an ellipse, in length reach 7 mm.

Pine grows slowly, the annual increase in young plants in height – 25 cm, and in width – about 10 cm. In the 15th age, the growth of the tree slows down. Decorative forms of culture develop even slowly, and they do not possess the overall dimensions of the wild pine. For landscaping and decoration of gardens and parks, mainly plants are taken no higher than 1.5 m. And also Bosnian pine finds its application in group landings for landscaping of chalk mountains and limestone remains.

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The tree has several decorative forms, sought after gardeners.

  • Widely empty small Tree “Compact Jam” Differs high from 0.8 to 1.5 m. His crown is thick, lush, pyramidal form, which remains at the plant for life. The needles have a deep green color, located in the paired bundles, the surface of the needles brilliant. The tree must be planted on open spaces because it is light-minded. At the same time, the pine drought-resistant and unpretentious to the composition of the soil.

  • “Malinka” – This type of pine belt to 10 years grows to 1.6 m with a green mass in 1 m. Krone has a view of a cone or column, the branches are not scattered to the sides, but neatly arranged near the stem and are directed upwards, dark-green needles. Decorative culture is adapted to urban conditions, so that successfully applies to create landscaped ensembles in squares and parks. Despite the good adaptability, with strong gaspace and other negative external influences, it can greatly slow down in growth.

  • Dwarf evergreen village “Bandeer” has the same height and size of the crown. At 10 years it grows up to 75 cm. Pyramidal plant shape, slightly discharged. Couplings long, deep green color. The tree is unpretentious to the composition of the air, it can grow on soils with low fertility.

  • Decorative pine “Satellite” Pretty high (2-2.4 m) and volume (1.6 m). Dense crown has a pyramidal, sometimes a colonum shape with closely planted branches. Green hint cups slightly twisted at the ends. To the soil, the plant is undemandingly, but it needs light, so it is important to ensure lighting when growing.

  • Adult crumbling tree “Schmidti” It has a total of 25 cm and a similar width of the greene. Very beautiful her crown in the form of a sphere, thick with a rigid and long cheese of light green tone. Water deficiency culture tolerates easily, but excess watering can destroy it. Planting a tree preferably in an outdoor sunny plot.
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  • Decorative version “Dan Ouden” It has barbed needles, colonum-shaped or pyramidal form of the aboveground. Tree size average – it can grow to 1 m wide and up to 1.6 m and height. The plant is not afraid of drought, loves the sun, adapted to grow in an urban trait.

Any of these conifers can be cultivated in the country territory and create excellent compositions with single and several trees, but it is important to know the rules for planting and content of this type of pines.


Bosnian pine Geldreyha can grow on the rocky slopes of the mountains, but prefers lime soils. Tree of sun-shine and can carry a lack of water, but drought does not like, as well as excess moisture. Therefore, it is impossible to plant it in lowlands and wetlands, where the roots of the plant are re. Pine seeds breeds, but this is a long process, so experienced gardeners are recommended to acquire young plants in special garden centers. Buying a little pine, one should consider her trunk and needles to eliminate the darkening and yellowing of the chewing, small damage. And it is also necessary to study the earthen com with the root system – it should not be wet. Spring is better in the cool time of the year – spring or summer, under reduced air temperature.

Preparatory work is as follows:

  • You need to choose a landing place solar and open, taking into account the distance to other trees and residential buildings; Depending on the variety, it may be greater than or less;
  • It will be necessary to dig a hole with a depth of 50 cm and a diameter of 60 cm; At the bottom, lay out the drainage layer of clay, gravel or rubble, its thickness should be at least 10 cm.
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The landing is carried out in the following way:

  1. Preparing a substrate from the turf (2 parts), humoring (2 parts), sand (1 part);
  2. On top of the drainage, a complex fertilizer is embanked for coniferous trees, and the prepared land is placed on top of 1/3;
  3. Pine together with an earthen room, removed from the container and installed in the middle, carefully placing her roots; The root head should be at the ground level;
  4. The pit should be filled with a nutrient mixture and compact, not allowing emptiness from the roots.

After that, it is necessary to pour a seedling well – 1-3 buckets are required for different types of pines. Young trees for 30 days need to irrigate once a week, then watering is carried out if necessary.

Correct care

Rules for the care of the plant are similar to the requirements for taking care of other conifers, but Have their own characteristics, namely:

  • It can be poured once in 15 days, with arid weather – more often and rich, as well as spending branches;
  • looping to a depth of 8-9 cm and the removal of weeds is necessary in the spring; In the summer, the procedure is carried out 1 time in 30 days, it is desirable after the rain passed;
  • fertilize pine needed annually with special means for firs and pines;
  • Sanitary trimming is carried out in the spring, throughout the season it is necessary to inspect the branches of the plant and carry out prophylactic treatment from pests and diseases; Autumn make a decorative trimming of a tree.

White pine, despite the cold resistance, is more suitable for cultivation in the southern regions, but small decorative varieties are taken in the middle lane. For the winter they still have to protect against frost. For this, special shelters are constructed, including from the hot spring sun capable of falling the branches of young plants.

Top 10 best varieties of mountain pines See next video.

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