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For the formation of a beautiful garden you need special edged tools. Not so long ago, hacksaw and a secateur belong to such equipment. With the advent of suchkores (vessels, brush cutters), garden works have become more pleasant and easy. Sulls are three main types: mechanical, electrical and gasoline. The article will talk about gasoline equipment designed to circumcise the branches.


Gasoline vehicle belongs to professional tools, it has a two-, three- or four-stroke air-cooled engine. These species differ in power, weight and cost. All control elements along with random power protection are located on the rod. Such an aggregate is the most powerful of the equipment on trimming trees and is able to handle a large garden array in a short time or timber.

Lightweight bumps with a short handle are designed to circumcise small branches. With the help of such a tool, pruning the garden makes one hand. Bustores with rods allow you to work at an altitude of up to 4 meters.

It should be remembered that gasoline equipment can not be applied using a stepladder or arranged on a tree, it is intended only for cutting branches, standing on Earth.

Advantages and disadvantages

Gasoline models, if compared with electrical or mechanical bodies, have great advantages. The presence of such a tool at the gardener will greatly facilitate the routine work on trimming trees and shrubs. The advantage of gasoline equipment is the following.

  • Due to the highly product internal combustion engine, gasoline vessel refers to the most powerful adaptation for branches.
  • It has high performance, is able to handle large plantations in the garden or park zone.
  • Unlike electric coatroof, gasoline equipment is mobile and independent of the power supply.
  • Electrical tools can not be used during weather conditions with high humidity, and the weather does not affect gasoline such.
  • For mechanical brush cutters, the maximum thickness of the cropped branches should not exceed 5 centimeters. And gasoline have enough power to cope with thick and solid branches, removing them at any angle.
  • All surfaces of the vehicle have a reliable anti-corrosion coating, which is very important, working with fresh wood highlighting caustic juice.
  • Perfectly sharp blades make it possible to trigger not “twisted” branches and not harmful plants.

Unfortunately, shortcomings also have:

  • Gasoline suchcores makes noise;
  • It needs fuel;
  • It requires periodic maintenance;
  • More powerful models have a lot of weight;
  • Gasoline equipment in terms of cost is superior to all other vehicle models.


Equipment for cropping the garden should be diverse, as it performs different tasks. Sometimes you have to cut branches, “diving” into a spiny shrub, or keep a tool above your head, working with dry bumps at an altitude of 3-4 meters. For fresh frills and dry, for thin branches and thick, for the usual cutting material and forming curly bushes there must be different vehicles.


This is a very powerful gasoline equipment that can be completely removed bushes, thinning garden, or cut off large volumetric branches. The working part of such an aggregate is released from the engine, which moved back and does not interfere with the working point. Disc mill, cutting branches, made of durable high-alloy steel.

For low shrub

Lightweight models are used with nozzles resembling a hairdressing machine and D-shaped handles. They are designed to form bushes, with their help you can also perform curly trimming, just changing the nozzles. The cutting tool may look like a long crest or fork, can have a one-sided or bilateral blade. One-sided models are more productive, but double-sided amazingly maneuveranes and can give the brunt any form.

For the formation of “live elevations”

To circumcise “living walls” at high height use the bar. Before starting work, the cutter tire is installed at a convenient angle to facilitate and speed up the formation of hedge. For a short “live fence” haircut, you can use the same cutting tool, but without a rod. The turning unit will facilitate the work, as well as the engine that creates a convenient balancing, performing the role of a counterweight.

Light gasoline suchkores

They are used if you need to remove the branches in the diameter of more than 30 mm. With the performance of this task, the technique of Hitachi CS33ET12 or mini chainsaw-suchcores Patriot 2515 copes well. Similar equipment can take over 80% of household work, can form trees, clean small branches, sawing bruises. The tool has light weight, small dimensions and good maneuverability, in most cases it is one-handed models. The volume of fuel tanks of light tools allows you to work without interrupting for an hour, as it is equipped with a primer of gasoline swap.

SUCHKEDING WORKS At the same time, it is equally quickly both with dry and fresh branches.

Gasoline supervisers

It is necessary to work with suchores in protective glasses, especially for vysotheres. They look like saws with motors on long telescopic rods. At the end of the elongated handle, a fixed bus with a moving iron chain and pointed teeth are fixed. Connects the engine and cutting tool, a metal shaft, which is located inside the rod. Most often, the vultures are equipped with double-circuit engines. As needed on the rod suchkores, you can change nozzles.

  • Disk cutters are able to remove small trees and under the root to cut the shrub, with their help they remove the branches of the middle thickness.
  • Trimmers are used for thin frills and leaves. You can highlight a successful model of suchkovesis-trimmer Husqvarna 531RS from Japan. The equipment has a fast and easy start, acceptable weight and fast treatment speed of the upper wood array.
  • Chain saws cope with the fattest branches.
  • For rough processing of the wood massif, you need disk knives.

Choosing gasoline suchcores, you can pay attention to the model Champion RR126, marked with ergonomics and ease of operation. It has an affordable price at a fairly high power of the motor. It can be durable branches, up to 20 centimeters thick.

The model is popular Husqvarna Due to light weight and ability to trim branches even in the most hard to reach places. Despite the high capacity and long time, fuel consumption at the same time in the minimum waste. The model is equipped with an inertial wheel, it makes it possible to reduce vibration and improve the quality of trimming.

      Austrian company Stihl famous for its comfortable and safe winds. The aggregate “CHTIL” – the record holder among all the famous votors due to the maximum length of the bar, which allows, standing on Earth, to work in a tree crown at an altitude of up to 5 meters. Equipment has a reduced level of noise and vibration. “CHTIL” is able to produce artistic trimming, ideally align “live elevation”, form crowns of decorative trees.

      Such work becomes available, thanks to a large number of nozzles that are equipped with suchkorev. Gasoline vessels is professional equipment, it is not tied to a power source, has a powerful engine and is able to pruning trees of any level of complexity. It should be chosen under large plantations and large-scale work.

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