All about garden borders

The paths and tracks in the garden make moving around the territory more comfortable and simple. But the whole garden aesthetics quickly fades when heavy rains are standing on the courtyard or severe snow. So that the paths are not “broken” and remained the same attractive, it is necessary to install good garden borders. We will talk about them about them and this article.


Garden borders are an integral part of a well-groomed and attractive plot. The range of similar products is regularly updated with new copies. They are made from different materials, so they have different performance characteristics. Choose the optimal option possible for any conditions.

Garden borders are able to spectacularly decorate almost any plot. Correctly selected, they can bring new paints to the landscape design, which is sometimes so missing there.

Moreover, such elements can take on the role of bright attitudes of the situation.

The facilities under consideration for the garden play not only the role of spectacular scenery, but also practical components. Thanks to the borders, all the paths and paths in the garden remain neat, do not “break out” under the action of precipitation – rain, snow, hail. Households can still be easily moved to their site, without experiencing inconvenience, not stupid. This indicates the undoubted utility of competently chosen borders.

Garden borders are attractive not only with its functionality, but also simplicity of independent manufacture. Do it yourself these things are not difficult for those people who were not engaged before. Today, many gardeners decide not to buy ready-made, and installed homemade borders of suitable design on their sites.

Review of species

Seated garden elements produce from different raw materials. This parameter is very important to pay attention, selecting the perfect suitable option. Depending on the manufacturing material, the borders will have their own performance and qualities that the gardener is better to know in advance. We will get acquainted with high-quality borders made of various materials, and learn about their properties.


Often at the cottage you can meet decorative curbs made from board or other wood details. Many gardeners prefer such products as they have a number of significant advantages.

  • Wood borders look neat and beautiful, perfectly fit into natural garden furnishings.
  • Similar products can be installed in various ways.
  • Qualitatively made wooden borders for the garden can boast excellent strength characteristics – to break or damage them is very difficult.
  • For the manufacture of good garden borders from wood can also be used and conventional residues of building materials.
  • The products under consideration are very easily and quickly mounted, which pleases many gardeners who do not have plenty of free time.
  • The tree is an environmentally friendly and safe material that cannot harm neither households nor nearby landings.

    Pluses on wooden products a lot, but there is one serious drawback – their briefness. Even if you first treat the wood with antiseptic protective compositions, it will still be able to serve not more than 10 years. Install wooden borders very easy.

    With such works, even an inexperienced gardener will cope, not familiar with such procedures.


    Popular today and high-quality borders made of plastic. Such varieties are sold in many outlets and are represented in a rich assortment. Plastic copies attract gardens owners with their positive qualities.

    • Plastic is a material that is not terrible dampness and moisture. Under its impact it is not deformed, does not lose an attractive appearance. The same can be said about temperature durability – temperature drops cannot harm plastic.
    • Like wooden, plastic borders are very easily installed, and if necessary, it is also easily versed. It takes quite a bit of free time.
    • Polymer materials are very durable.
    • Plastic will not collapse if it comes into contact with the compositions used for irrigation of garden crops.
    • Usually plastic products are inexpensive.
    • Presented in the widest assortment. Details of different shapes and colors are on sale.

      The minus plastic borders include the syntheticness of the material, as well as small mechanical resistance. But it is not necessary to fear high quality plastic – it will not harm neither human health nor the state of growing plants.


      In the garden installed strong borders made of bricks. Often, the same material is used for the design of sidewalks, as well as to build a beautiful beg. Install brick components can be easily and easy. However, it must be remembered that such a material, being in an open-air, is unlikely to serve long enough.

      So that the brick lights up as long as possible, it is required to be treated with special waterproof varnish. You can also purchase a special clinker brick for garden arrangement. Such material practically does not miss moisture, so in time it will not begin to collapse, and the garden with borders from a similar brick will acquire aesthetic appearance.

      From natural stone

      Natural natural stone is a rational border material, because it is characterized by excellent aesthetic qualities, high strength, durability. Being an open-air, undergoing negative exposure to the stone is not destroyed, does not lose the former attractiveness and fortress.

      With stone borders, any garden will look truly gorgeous and rich.

      But it must be borne in mind that natural stone is quite expensive and has an impressive weight. For the design of the tracks you need to choose the details having a suitable dimensions. Often the stone complements not only garden paths, but laid out it around the flower. If you want to give the garden a luxurious look, such a material will easily cope with a similar task.

      Independently build a border from the natural stone is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. To do this, you only need to dull pits, fall asleep drainage layer and tamper it. Also often in the trenches, a special agrofiber is a steering, so that the grass could not exist through the mounted borders. Styling the stone makes all the details as close as possible adjacent to each other. Between large elements, pebbles in small fractions.

      From concrete

      Often, borders made from concrete use. This options are considered universal, since they can easily protect not only the paths in the garden, but also the beds, priority circles, decorative hemps, zones around trees and many other areas. Of the fresh solution, it will be possible to build the framing of absolutely all dimensions and forms that the gardener will wish.

      Using concrete borders, the owners can let go fantasy to the will, since the design of such parts can be completely different. There are even specialized devices, with the help of which it is possible to build on the top of the borders with their own hands, for example, rounded. To install fences for tracks at all, it is not necessary to use the prepared concrete solution. Can be installed and fragments of dry material. Bad on the appearance of landscape design it will not definitely affect.


      One of the most reliable and durable is the metal border for the garden. Most often, such products are presented in the form of a thin ribbon made of steel, aluminum or copper. They are mounted, like all of the above options, simply and quickly. Among the main advantages of metal borders should be allocated as follows.

      • They are very durable and reliable.
      • Help effectively keep the shape of the paths in the garden.
      • Easy and smoothly set.
      • Not afraid of temperature changes.

      Do not harm the soil and nearby landings.

      Child Nuances

      High-quality and practical borders for the garden need to select. Consider some nuances and features of the choice of suitable options.

      • Many people choose for installation of boards of plastic. It must be taken into account that the composition of this material includes special additives with which products can be operated in the open air. That is why such things serve long. The direct type of material is always indicated on plastic products.
      • Choosing wooden borders to arrange the garden, it is necessary to remember that they will serve not for a very long time, even if they regularly handle them. Brickworks are more practical, but they need to be missed by special means. The replacement of brick can serve a more durable stone, but it will cost much more expensive. The buyer needs to decide in advance with what properties he is waiting for from products, and what amount he agrees to spend it.
      • You should choose borders of suitable sizes. You can find both small and accurate and rather large variants of various shapes. Choose the optimal option is based on the size of the garden tracks.
      • Before buying, you need to make sure that the products are made from high-quality materials, on which there are no damage, defects and cracks.

      High-quality and strong border for the garden can be purchased in specialized stores, where everything you need for the garden and the garden are usually sold. Here buyers can find products of various sizes – from 500x200x40 to 1000x200x80 mm and more. The range of colors is also huge. Green, gray, brown, white and even glowing models of borders are sold.

      How to make it yourself?

      Garden borders do not necessarily buy in a specialized store. They are quite possible to make with their own hands and get a very good result as a result. If you want to decorate your country area with low costs, it is advisable to make scenery yourself, and then you will also independently install them, so it will be possible to save money and on the installation. So, for the manufacture of one of the types of border will be needed:

      • cement brand M400 or M500;
      • rubbing or gravel fraction up to 40 mm;
      • River or washed sand of a large fraction;
      • plasticizer for concrete;
      • plenty of water;
      • Pigment dye for concrete.

      You can also prepare materials to make formwork – it can be plywood, boards or metal sheets.

      From the tools you will need:

      • concrete mixer;
      • vibrationtol;
      • tank for solution;
      • Special forms for pouring concrete mix;
      • roulette, level;
      • trowel, shovel, spatula;
      • cord, hacksaw and hammer for assembling formwork

      We will analyze brief technology for creating subjects under consideration with your own hands.

      • The role of the form is allowed to use the brand 16 and more. Its ends need to be closed with welded metal plates.
      • The length of the details should not be more than 2 m. Too broad they should not be done too – they will look rather.
      • Next you need to prepare a concrete solution. Better knead him in concrete mixer. Much more difficult to do it with a mixer.
      • To knead it is important to use only clean sand and water.
      • So that the finished products it was easier to get from the forms, their surface inside the walls is worthwheeling with machine oil.
      • So that cement borders are colored, in a concrete solution will need to make coloring components. At each stage of adding one or another components, a concrete mixer must continue to work without pause.
      • Really high-quality and accurate things will be able to get if we use a special vibrostol. There are forms in which the laying of a solution was made. If there is no vibrostol, you can compact the solution by tapping with a hammer by mold.
      • If necessary, reinforcement of homemade. For this form, first filled with a solution only by 50%, after which metal rods are put there. Then the remaining space is poured. Next will need all the same sealing vibrating.
      • Concrete, spilled by molds, you need to leave at least 48 hours. Then the forms are removed, after which the products are left for another 3-4 weeks before readiness. When homemade will raise the necessary level of strength, it will be possible to resort to their installation on the garden plot.

      How to put?

      Installation of a homemade border begins with the removal of the top reservoir of the soil to a depth of at least half of its height, but it should at least 1.5 times exceed the height parameter of the obtained product. The plot must be properly placed, fix the marks with wooden pegs and stretched between them.

      The latter are stretched along the outer edge on the line of the edge of the border.

      On the bottom of the prepared trench, it will be necessary to fall asleep in layers of rubble and sand in 5-8 cm. Everything is thoroughly tampering. Then we knead the composition of cement and sand in a ratio of 1: 4. Bordours will need to be installed on the mixture obtained, and then ravage with a special rubber hammer. At this stage it is very important to keep the horizontal under control in accordance with the stretch stretched between the spids and the construction level indicator. As soon as the whole range of border components will be put to the end, on both sides they need to pour sand and shed its water for density.

      Examples in landscape design

      Do not underestimate the role of gardens borders in landscape design. Often without these details, the composition looks boring, not completed and even sad. The fencing of perfectly suitable coloring, shapes and size can revive the situation, make it brighter and original. I will be convinced of this, examined several successful examples.

      • Almost the most spectacular and presentable borders made from natural stone. Such elements are able to “enrich” almost any garden, because they look expensive and kindly. Similar details can be beautifully upset from the green lawn corner on which the original decorative plants grow surrounded by small peas. This corner will find its place next to the entrance door.

      • Original and attractive on the plot look borders, made of small hemps placed in a row. At the same time, their shade can be both light and soft and darker. Against the background of garden greenery, all options will look harmoniously.

      • Gently and concisely on the railway site will look plastic curvature borders. Such products are presented in different colors – to choose the appropriate option for any situation will not be difficult. Plastic details you can protect a variety of green and floral fit in the garden.

      • From brick or stone you can lay out very interesting and neat borders of wave-like forms. If you want to bring more interesting colors and shades to the garden, you can paint such fences in pale blue, pink, yellow colors.

      Such details will not be irritated excessive brightness, but accurately harmoniously fit into many landscape compositions.

      • Monophonic stone borders consisting of flat elements of round shape, Will be very attractive and gently look at the division of garden path and lush green plantings with multicolored buds. Best of all, such borders are combined with a briefly tonsured, well-groomed lawn. With such details, the garden acquires a stunning, well-groomed appearance.

      About how to make a garden curb to make hands, look in the following video.

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