All about fire axles

Fire ax was designed for representatives of a specific profession. There are several characteristics that distinguish it from other products of this type, in particular, a form with a classically performed blade – on the one hand and a pointed end – on the other. Such axes are different species.

Features and scope of application

Typical fire ax Always on a long handle. The metal element is mounted on a cutlery especially firmly – so that with a big shrimp he does not bounce. The product is painted in a bright color, which makes it easy to see the ax in poor visibility conditions.

Double product design allows firefighter to use one tool instead of two. With the help of such an aggregate, you can cut down the doors, quickly pull out the finish and door congestion, as well as breaking the plasterboard surface and the ceiling tiles covered with panels. Some models are constructed in such a way as to cut the electrical wires, although additional features can significantly affect the value of the instrument. Fire axes can also be used to quickly access vehicles and perform other tasks. The design is thought out in such a way as to create the possibility of safe, fast and efficient indoor penetration.

Some workers during the demolition of the walls use the tool. Curved axis design makes it convenient for a wide range of tasks. This form is necessary to reduce weight, but at the same time keep strength and correctly distribute the voltage and the power that the user applies. The waist ax hangs on the holster, such a assault tool is firmly fixed on the lower back.

Like any other ax, this tool may be dangerous if used incorrectly. Firefighters tend to prepare for the use of the tool before working with it. Previously need to make sure the design fee, inspect how firmly the metal part is fixed on the handle. In addition, the blade of the assault ax should remain sharp.

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Principle of operation

The ax is an example of a wedge with a double inclined plane. This form during operation allows to reduce the effort required to perform the task. His handle acts as a lever allowing the user to increase strength on the cutting edge.

Most axes of the fire axle handle are symmetrical relative to the blade, But there are models where the boundaries are shifted, which allows not to expose the joints of a large load. American tool and models manufactured in our country are almost identical. The main work surface is made of high strength steel, and the cutlets can be wooden made of fiberglass or plastic.


To the instrument of this type there are specific requirements, since the material must withstand not only a larger load, but also to be fire-resistant. The working surface should not change its characteristics under the influence of permanent temperature drop. If we talk about strength, then such a tool is able to pierce steel, the thickness of which is 1 mm. The head is made not simply from the tempered steel, but from the material with the addition of molybdenum and manganese – they are precisely the necessary strength. To protect the device from corrosion, special composition is applied from above.

Metal element (if it is not a solid design) is planted on the handle using epoxy glue. The product is dried in the furnace day at a temperature of 30 degrees. For better contact with hand, a rubber pad is installed, which allows you to firmly hold the tool even in gloves.

If this is a professionally made ax, it must have a quality certificate. At a certain stage of production, the product is tested for resistance to stress and strength. According to regulations, the service life of the fire ax is 18 months. If chipsets appear during operation, the tool becomes indentation, since such defects indicate the aging of the metal, which in this case is unacceptable.

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In accordance with the standards, the length of the fire ax cannot exceed 0.36 m, with the weight should be no more than 1.2 kg, wedge-shaped canvas – 0.2 m, and height – 0.07 M. Even to the angle of sharpening there are its own requirements, it should be 30 degrees. In the central part, the permissible thickness of the footage – 0.03 M.

The canvas is made by forging – alloy steel is used for this. And Kirk, and the blade should be in the same plane, there is no permissible error. Thermal processing of a pointed part is possible only in the factory conditions, while on the finished product there should be no irregularities, and the working surface must be perfectly smooth.


Of the available versions, the fire ax can be:

  • waist;
  • assault;
  • sledgehammer.

    TPP Tool (that is, the belt ax) is an important part of the fireman’s equipment, since it allows you to quickly respond to a difficult situation and open access to the closed room. It puts into the case and fixes on the belt belt in such a way as not to constrain the movements of a person. This is a complete tool, thanks to which there is no risk, which during operation it can break. On the edge of the handle there is a rubberized tab. On one side of the working surface there is a spike, on the second – the chopping part.

    Flat sharp surface is used to alternate wires, wooden barriers, while the handle is a dielectric, so the fireman may not be afraid for its own safety when the electric shock is in contact. The part performed in the shape of the kirk is an indispensable assistant if you need to crack the castle or to keep on the inclined surface.

    TPS-SP (or assault fire ax shield) more massive, it weighs much more and has impressive dimensions. From the name it is easy to guess, for what purposes such equipment is used. The length of the handle may vary from 60 to 90 centimeters. It is such a stalk that allows you to breathe well and make a maximum effort to strike. Unlike the previous model, the handle of this ax is made of fiberglass, hence – the durability and strength of the structure. If we talk about the form of the working surface, then on the one hand there is a cutting element, and on the other – Kirk.

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    Ax-Culda differs from other options only by the form of the base, since the spike does not have, but there is a flat surface that makes it possible to smash dense walls.


    Of the fire axle models presented in the market, it is worth highlighting the product “Voivode”. The manufacturer used an ideal geometry in the design of his instrument, respectively, during use managed to reduce returns, but increase the effort.

    The role of the handle performs the steel tube with an oval cross section. The transparent dielectric polymer is all over the surface, so the user is not scary to defeat the current to 1000 in. The place of grip complements the pad.

    Firefighter has a small value Ax Fit 46112, His weight – 1.25 kg, the handle is made of wood, and in the design of the working surface there is no Kirk. This is one of the easiest options that can be used if necessary to penetrate the room.

    From other modern options allocate Belt TPP-1. The handle is made of nylon, inside of which fiberglass. On the one hand, Kirk is located on the other – the flat part. The product is attached to the belt using a special holster.

    Austrian model Leonhard Mueller It has a slight weight (700 grams), but it is an order of magnitude higher than the above-described models. The overestimated value justifies the robust design, the use of quality materials. Total Product Length – 380 mm.

    More about fire axes Look in the video below .

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