All about decorative dahlias

Beautiful legend says that the dahlia flower was formed on the site of the last faded fire before the onset of the glacial period. Although scientists argue that these flowers brought Europeans with Mexican Plane. Wild flowers grew there, whose roots Mexican Indians were used in food.


Modern dahlia is very different from its Latin American ancestors. There is a version that roots plants more than 400 years ago took a spanish travelers on the way home for use in food. The taste of Europeans did not like, but beautiful flowers were subsequently a garden decoration.

For many years, residents of Europe cultivated dahlias in the tropical climate of greenhouses and greenhouses. Flowers went out weak and small. The first landed flowers on the air de Kandol, a botanist from France, having received an unsurpassed result. Since the 30s of the year before last, Georgina is treated in the world, and the number of varieties reaches 3000 today.

“Akokotle” is one of the Indian names of Georgin, in Spanish interpreted as “a flower hollow stem”. The generally accepted name “Dahlia” is given to the flower in memory A. Daly, and Russian “Georgin” is devoted to memory and. G. Georgi. Both – famous nerds in the past. Dalia belongs to the Astrov family (complex color).

Stems in the plant tubular, branched, from 0.4 to 2.5 m in height. Large leaves, Curly. May be solid, differently sowed, placed in pairs. Inflorescences – baskets wrapped in several rows of fraught with the base of emerald leaves. Flowers with edge – diverse and diverse in the form of tongues. In the middle of the shades can be from alo brown to sunny-golden. Fruits in the form of a dry nut, with a three-year germination. Cornflower roots, thickened and fleshy.

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Classification of varieties

For 200 years of breeding by the botany of the whole world, a colossal selection work was carried out. In 1962, Dali’s varieties were broken on 10 groups. Academy of Sciences in 1983 classified 12 forms. Today, botanical species pushed hybrids. Decorative group The most numerous varieties. Flowers diameter varies from 100 to 250 mm. Flowers are smooth and terry monophonic and mixed colors. The size of the bush fluctuates in the range of 0.25-1.5 m.

  • “Art Act”. Flower in diameter – 17 cm. Coloring – purple-pink with burgundy strokes and stroke. Height size 85 cm.

  • “Bohemian Spartus”. Flower diameter – 25 cm. Coloring – burgundy with the inclusion of beige-yellow petals. Height of the bush – 110-150 cm.

  • “Vasyio Megas”. Flower diameter – 20 cm. Coloring – Lavender, with a lilac center. Height of the bush – 120 cm.

  • “Victoria Ann”. Flower diameter – 15 cm. Coloring – white, with lilac tips. Height of the bush – 120 cm.

  • “Joey Miellla”. Flower diameter – 9 cm. Coloring – saturated burgundy. The height of the bush is 90 cm.

  • “Cartouche”. Flower diameter – 10 cm. Coloring – Polyonic Purple. Height of the bush – 800 cm.

  • “Cream de Cassis”. Flower diameter – 12 cm. Coloring – Lavender-pink with a purple cat and a dark center. The height of the bush – 70 cm.

  • “Manhattan Island”. Flower diameter – 20 cm. Coloring – bright red. The height of the bush is 90 cm.

  • “Melody Allegro”. Flower diameter – from 8 to 12 cm. Coloring – pink around the edges, saturated yellow in the center. The height of the bush is 60 cm.

  • “Munlayt Sonata”. Flower diameter – 20 cm. Coloring – Coral-salmon. The height of the bush is 90 cm.
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  • Rebeccaz Warld. Flower diameter – 13 cm. Coloring – changes from white to dark burgundy for a period of flowering. The height of the bush – 110 cm.

  • “Pink giant”. Flower diameter – 30 cm. Coloring – Saturated Pink. The height of the bush – 140 cm.

  • “Tyler James”. Flower diameter – 20 cm. Coloring – Orange-Yellow. The height of the bush – 80 cm.

  • “Flurlel”. Flower diameter – 25 cm. Coloring – Belleshnyy. Height of the bush – 120 cm.

  • “Edinburgh”. Flower diameter – 10 cm. Coloring – Dark Raspberry with White Cant. The height of the bush is 90 cm.


The place of growth of dahlias should be sunny (at least 6 hours a day), not wetlands. Flowers are afraid of strong cold winds. Soil can be any new. Optimal: Suglok, rich in humus, pH 6.5-6.7. Plot in autumn and spring.

By the need for a well, you can add overwhelmed manure and superphosphate (20-30 g).

Landing occurs in the first decade of June, when freezing are excluded. On the gentle club, 2 kidneys are left, the rest for the best growth of the main shoots shall. The root must be bumping onto the shovel bayonet so that the neck is a little blunt to the ground. A bush should be tied to a cutlery and tie to need. In a week and then every 10 days the plant after irrigation feed up until September. The main escape pinch after four pairing leaves. Timely removal of the steps and the sworded buds.

The discharge and step-down scheme looks like this:

  • 1 – tipping,
  • 2 – stepsing,
  • 3 – Removal of unnecessary buds.

Reproduction occurs with stalling, dividing tubers and seeds, less often by vaccination. Winter storage is carried out by styling dried by tuber beds in drawers, pulling the earth. Digged Dalia immediately after a strong freezing. Storage boxes linse paper.

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You can handle clubs with a fungicidal solution with the addition of insecticide, and then dry.

Pests and diseases

Pests from this plant are sucking and ricking. First – TLL, TRIPS, Cleaning Tick and Slying Pennya. Seconds – Khrushchi, Nutcars and all scoops. It is necessary to carry out prevention and extermination of parasites. In addition to insecticides, folk remedies are suitable: concentrated decoction of wormwood and a solution of dark economic soap.

Diseases are affected by foliage and tubers. Viral mosaic tolerated by insects manifests itself with light spots on the leaves. Georgina is poorly growing and blooming. Bacterial cancer striking tubers ugly growths.

Such bushes and tubers need to burn.

Secrets and tricks

Take advantage of the advice of professionals so that Georgina please you with lush blossom.

  • Place of planting bushes need to change every 2 years.
  • The best fertilizers are “Flora” and “Ecla”.
  • Organic and mineral fertilizers bring into the soil in front of autumn perplex.
  • Dahlias grow better in the open soil than in vases.
  • Around high-quality colors set several cuttings for garter.
  • Dalia periodically must be poured, loosen the soil and dip.
  • Daily irrigation can be replaced with mulching, and after growing colors it is to cover the ground in rubberoid.
  • If the seat of the stem slam is wrapped with a layer of moss, moistened with a solution of propolis (600 g per 100 g of water), and tied up with bark, on the lesion is formed by influxing. Dahlia soon blooms again.

So that the garden plot looked colorfully and nontrivially, it is worth put on him dahlia. Low border or giant two-meter, they will delight any connoisseur of decorative plants.

About the best varieties of Georgin told in the next video.

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