All about Canadian Maple

When choosing trees for landscaping areas, pay attention to the peculiarities of cultivation and decorative qualities. Maple Canadian. This is a high tree that attracts attention to the magnificent structure and lush foliage. With the onset of autumn, the leaves change the color to the saturated yellow-red, which expressively contrasts against the background of green foliage of other plants.


Sheet of this tree decorates the national flag of Canada. In some sources, this species is called sugar maple or silver. The tree refers to the family of Sapindov, whose representatives grow on the territory of the eastern part of North America.

The height of the maple reaches 25-37 meters, sometimes growth comes to 40 meters, and the thickness of the barrel – 76-91 centimeter in diameter. These characteristics will vary depending on the characteristics of each variety. Corn color can be different and varies from light gray to gray-brown.

Rough and rigid texture. The surface of the trunk is covered with large and deep cracks. With age bark darkens. Root system well developed and branched. She goes deep into the ground.

The form of opposite leaves is simple, length from 5 to 11 centimeters, the width is approximately the same. Grow on long stiff. Leaves with five blades, pointed or stupid, having rough gear edges.

The top of the top is more rich and bright compared to the bottom. The texture is also different, smooth at the top and rough bottom. With change of season, the color changes to yellow, orange or bright scarlet.

Flowers a tree with small green flowers with a yellow tinge, which are collected in the bunches. They are located on long stiff. One cluster collects about 8 to 14 buds.

Many Canadian maples are downtown and form flowers of one sex, female or male. If flowers of both sexes grow, they are placed in different branches.

Fruit wood with wings (seeds with “wings”) of the two soul seeds. Each part grows from 2 to 2.5 cm. Clash color – red or red with brown tump.

Canadian maple lives from 300 to 400 years in favorable conditions and is considered long-lived plant. Not only this characteristic tree differs from ordinary maple. He is growing rapidly and looks awesome.


North America – Motherland Plants. This type is often found in Canada, in the eastern regions of the United States, New Scotland and in other neighboring regions. And it is distributed in numerous Canadian provinces. Surrounding the maple almost on any natural landscapes. Canadian maple takes dominant position both in mixed and large forests.

Sodomians protrude the following varieties:

  • basswood;
  • Large beech;
  • Different varieties of birches.

To date, Maple is coming from America in different parts of Russia. It can be found almost across the country, regardless of climate in each region. Some types of Canadian maple have high resistance to low temperatures and freezers, which is very important for a harsh Russian climate.

Note: In some areas, the tree grows as weed due to special and fast reproduction. You have to deal with the removal of small row.

There are several types of sugar maple, each of which has a number of certain opportunities.


Red or red-hearted maple stands out against the rest of the rest due to special decorative qualities. The plant received its name because of the bright red leaves. Sometimes there are copies with fiery orange color. Sheet plate is divided into five blades, edges pointed. Length 11 centimeters.

In the form of Krone resembles a pyramid or ellipse. This tree has gained widespread in landscape design: due to the massive and empty crown, you can create a charming live corridor.

The plant will be wonderful to look both as an element of the composition and as an individual and independent object.


Second common variety – silver maple. Determine it just due to the color of the leaves. The upper part is dark green, and the bottom – silver. On the inside of the leaves velvet and pleasant to the touch. Adult trees reach a height of 40 meters, and Krone – 20 meters in diameter.

Maple is ideal for greening parks, squares, gardens and other territories.

Laciniatum Viery

Maximum height of plants – 15 meters. Little grades choose if you need to decorate a small green plot. Crown shape – asymmetric. Soothes are covered with openwork and thin leaves. In the warm season, foliage retains bright green color with small silver splashes on the back side. With the arrival of autumn, it changes to the lemon.


Some consider bonsai with a hotel variety, but it is not. Bonsai is a special form of cultivation, in the process of which the tree attes a characteristic form. According to most gardeners, the Canadian maple is ideal for creating cute and neat trees. You can grow a tree in a spacious pot, but it is a painstaking job. And also you need to be able to properly care for the plant, but the spent forces and time are fully compensated by high aesthetic characteristics.

Pyramidalis (Pyramidal)

Another common view that reaches a height of 20 meters. The period of flowering occurs at the beginning of spring, and the tree is covered with orange-red flowers. Crown dense, oval. Gray bark color (surface covered with small grooves). Dissected foliage, and its color is changing to yellow with the onset of autumn.


From annual shoots you can grow strong and healthy maple seedlings, which, after turning into beautiful trees. Young plants come true quickly, simplifying the task of gardeners.

To put the seedlings correctly, you need to stick to a specific scheme.

  • Before transferring shoots to a permanent place of cultivation, they must be hardening in the open. Tanks with plants transfer to the street. Time interval for hardening every day.
  • Landing pits prepare in advance. Optimal depth – no less than 30 centimeters. It is recommended to deepen the trunk of a tree not deeper than 5 or 7 centimeters.
  • During the falling down trees, you need to take into account the size and shape of the crown of an adult tree. Otherwise, the plants will interfere with each other during development. The recommended interval is about 4 meters. Low grades allowed to plant closer to each other.
  • After transfer of a seedlings to the site you need to perform abundant irrigation. Approximately 15 liters of pure water are used on one plant.


To care for the Canadian maple, you do not need to have special skills, so even a beginner gardener will cope with the task. Trees are not afraid of strong frosts, withsting up to 40 degrees below zero. Over the course of several weeks, the plant can do without watering and will feel normally even in dry and arid weather.

Young trees need regular and abundant watering, especially in summer, when the air temperature reaches a peak. The soil around the trees is periodically loosened so that the surface does not appear on the surface, and the roots were obtained enough oxygen. In the sultry, watered males once a week, spending 2 buckets on one tree. In the spring and autumn irrigation reduce to one procedure per month.

Despite the high resistance to extreme weather conditions, young and still rapid trees need protection. In November, the land around the trunk is covered with sweetheart or dry foliage. Adult maples easily cost no shelter.

Mandatory component of agricultural engineering – sanitary trimming, which is carried out in spring. During operation, the sizes of the crown are formed and make it more accurate. After trimming, shoots begin to grow more actively, as a result, decorative qualities of wood increase.

Only young maples transplanted, whose age is no more than 15 years. With age, Canadian maples are increasingly harder to transfer a transfer to a new place. And also work will be difficult to perform due to the splashing root system, the big crown and weight of the barrel.

Methods of breeding

This kind is multiplied in several ways:

  • seedlings;
  • seeds;
  • chapels.

When choosing any of the options, you can achieve excellent results and get healthy trees.

Much distribution received a method through seedlings or chains, as the germination of seeds takes a lot of time.

Seed fashion

Work begins with the fact that you need to collect sowing material. Just to plant the wings in the ground is not enough. To begin with, they are stratified. Seeds are placed in peat or in the sand for better germination. Support temperature regime for no more than 3 degrees of heat. Before germination to get grains from the impeller do not need.

The sowing procedure is carried out in April. The soil should be light, wet and saturated nutritional trace elements. Seeds deepen in Earth for 4-5 centimeters. About two weeks later, you can observe the first sprouts. They grow very quickly, adding 60 centimeters every year. After about 7 years, a two-meter maple will be turned on the site.

The tree grows in height and width to 25 years. After reaching this age, it begins to develop only in width. After 50 years, development or stops, or slows down significantly.

Reproduction with seedlings

If the seedlings were bought in advance, they can be planted in autumn after the leaves fall, or in the spring. Perfect period from March to April, before the kidneys dissolve. The root system carefully examines the presence of defects and damage.

While buying makes a choice in favor of plants with a solid and large earthy room. Optimal landing point depth – at least 0.5 meters. In each pit lay a portion of humoring. He will feed the trees as they grow.

If seedlings are used without coma, work is carried out as careful as possible, so as not to damage the roots. They are carefully straightened, and the earth around the trambet and water.

With the help of gods

This method enjoy both newcomers and experienced gardeners. The process begins with the fact that with the tree cut off the weathered cuttings, which reached a length of 25 centimeters. Work is carried out in autumn.

Cuttings need to be rooted in the sand and transfer to the basement to the soil a little frozen. In the prepared soil trees transplant in the spring. Some gardeners believe that cuttings can be cut off in the spring, without waiting for autumn. They are treated with growth stimulants and planted into the ground, covering the cropped plastic bottle.

Note: In order for the plants to grow rapidly and pleased with beauty, they are planted on the illuminated areas. The lack of sunlight leads to the fact that the leaves become small and losing the saturation of the color.

Diseases and pests

The varieties of Canadian maple can boast a strong immune system, due to which serious diseases bypass the trees side. But sometimes maples can suffer from spotting. Determine this ailment can be used for reddish spots that cover the leaves. To get rid of the disease, you need to remove the affected shoots. Crop the branches for 15-20 centimeters below the affected area.

Cut shoots need to be destroyed as soon as possible, and the garden inventory used is disinfected. Otherwise repeatedly defeat. Cutting places are treated with garden bora.

Sometimes trees suffer from fungus. Experienced specialists advise to warn this ailment than to treat a patient plant. In spring plants are treated with a solution of fungicide. The procedure is carried out before the kidneys dissolve.

Ostroland Maple Sometimes pests sometimes attack:

  • white throats;
  • weevils;
  • Cherver Muffer.

High efficiency has a drug “Nitrafen”. With it, spray trees to protect against insects.


The Wood Canadian Male is used in the following areas:

  • Production of furniture;
  • Production of parquet or single-layer plywood;
  • Facing.

As properties mark high weight, strength and hardness. To date, door handles, weapons buttons, kegli, plywood matrices are manufactured from natural material. In the production of musical instruments (deck out of maple) Wood from North America also found its application.

Another use of sugar – preparation of juicy maple syrup. The process of manufacturing a popular delicacy is that the tree trunk is cut to collect juice. After it is boiled to get a thick syrup. In America, syrup is often used as an additive to pancakes. In Russia, this delicacy is not in demand.

Note: The Maple Syrope Industry brought profit in the amount of more than $ 100 million in 1989.

You can meet sugar maple in parks, squares or along the roads. Its varieties are often used to bookmark the forest strip. They close the roads from snow and wind. Males that grow along the tracks often suffer from anti-flame salts.

Thanks to high decorative qualities, the simplicity of cultivation and strong immunity canadian maple has found widespread in landscape design. Despite the greatest popularity, gardeners call it a tree contradictions due to the combination of positive and negative qualities.

The main advantage is the thick, lush and dense crown. She immediately attracts the attention of others and looks elegant and expressive. When growing trees within the city, the downtown Mount Maple holds leadership positions in volume.

Neither the harsh conditions of large megacities nor the rolled and noisy roadways do not affect the growth and development of maple. Almost in all conditions, he will retain a charming appearance. Decorative wood qualities are significantly rising with the autumn onset when the leaves acquire a new color.

Specialists who are not first working in the field of landscape design, celebrate one significant drawback – High albeit maple. Just just a few years so that the land is covered with young trees. The wind spreads seeds in different directions, and they quickly germinate.

For this reason, Canadian maple is not used to decorate areas on which flowers and low-spirited shrubs grow.

The variety looks great together with the following types of trees:

  • birch;
  • Oak trees;
  • Else;
  • Dark coniferous plants (fir and fir).

Low Types of Canadian Male perfectly suit Japanese gardens or stony areas. To increase their decorativeness, the living composition is complemented by large elements of wood.

Interesting Facts

  • During the reign of Peter I, these trees were made to the lists of protected plants. They decorated boyars and monastic gardens. Canadian maples are chosen primarily due to simple care. And the trees almost do not attack the caterpillars.
  • Maple enters the list of fast-growing trees around the world. And also this is a honey plant. From one hectare of maple landing bees can collect up to 200 kilograms of fragrant honey, so the beekeepers paid attention to this species.
  • Sweet juice mined time impertons. These were still engaged in the Indians who inhabited the territory of North America. Sugar content – up to 6%.
  • Wood used by our ancestors for the manufacture of cold weapons. Already then her strength was noted in dignity.

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