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The desire to delight the look of beautiful, lush flowering plants in one way or another is characteristic of every person. Enjoy the colors of summer will help Brovalia – a wonderful flower, which are decorated and house, and the garden. It can be seeded by seeds, ensuring that herself from contemplating such beauty continuously.


Motherland Brovalia, belonging to the Polenic family, is Colombia. The plant is found throughout Central and South America, representing beautiful bushes of one and a half meter height. Room flower looks like a small bush with a cap of blue, purple, purple or white colors, in the form of resembling stars. Leaves of plants elongated, pointed at the ends and saturated in color.Home plant reaches a height of 30-40 centimeters. It blooms almost all of its two-year-old life – up to 18 months, which allows the house to fill the house even in the winter season. After that, Brovalia can be renounced from seeds who are matured in the beddown boxes, and then fall out of them.

Decorative properties of the plant allow you to use it for decorating balconies and terraces, as well as rooms. In flower beds, Brovallia is put on the fore and make out her color spots in the garden, creating bright accents. Beautifully looking at these live decorations, having dropped down across the edges in high adhesives. Relative of Petunia, potatoes and tomato in the garden begins to bloom in the middle of summer and continues to delight with its splendor to deep frosts.

Types and varieties

There are several most common types of Brovalia.

  • At home grown by Brovallia beautiful. These are the flowers of various colors – from white to blue-purple. The diameter of the flower compared to some other species is quite large – approximately 5 cm, the length of the leaves is about 6 cm.

  • Half meter reaches browning large-flowered. She has blue or white flowers growing in the form of brushes.

  • Forest Brovalia is a bush with an abundant number of “stars” – blue or purple.

  • Brovalia Lipkaya – It is a bush with a height of about 30 cm having a ball shape and consisting of a large number of small flowers of blue, white or blue. The stalk of the plant to the touch sticky, so that it got such a name.

You should pay attention to several varieties of Brovalia.

  • For interior design, it is often used by the browallium of such varieties as “Silver Bell” (White flowers), Blue Bell (blue). Petals have a pronounced dense elegant texture. They look great against the background of dark foliage.

  • Browal Large is popular “Loyalty”. It is a bush reaching a height of a height-blue flower diameter to 3 cm. It is planted in containers, on curbs, flower beds and balconies, noticeably reviving the landscape around the country house or urban street.

It can be used to design an indoor space of apartments, houses and offices.

  • Brovalia variety “Belles Indigo” It blooms for a very long time in the suspended pots, on the balcony or in the garden with purple asterisks up to 4 cm. In the center of each flower there is a white spot. The bush reaches 30 cm in height.

  • Brovalia variety “Ocean Mix” is a potted plant with a long blossom. Flowers have about 5 cm in diameter. The bush is well branching and reaches almost 30 cm in height. He is extremely unpretentious.

  • Plant variety “Marina” Suitable for interior use, although in the flowerbed it can also be planted. It is a perennial – a bustard, which has about 30 centimeters in height, with florals 2-3 cm in diameter assembled in beautiful brushes. Grade Sustainable.

Under street use, it is grown as annual.


Growing Brovalia from seeds at home is possible throughout the year. For plants that are designed to decorate the room, it is best to choose August as a landing time. Then they will be happy to be blossoming for a very long time. Sowing seedlings for giving or garden, it is best to exercise in February or March. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Soak seeds in warm water for 2 days; You can add tools to stimulate growth;
  • Prepare a ready peat mixture or make it of a turf and leaf land, sand and humus, connecting an equal number of components;
  • On the bottom of the plant for landing, put clay pebbles (if there is no clamping, you can take a pebble or small fragments of bricks);
  • On the drain layer, pour out the ground, it is good to dampen a slightly wild ground with water;
  • Seeds put on the surface of the earth, not instilled in order to save access to them, which gives you the opportunity to climb;
  • Put a container with a future seedliness into a well-lit warm place and cover it with glass, creating a kind of greenhouse;
  • slightly moisturize the soil every day, remove the glass for several hours in the morning for venting;
  • Sprouts appear after 13-14 days; When the first real leaves will be prohibited, the sprouts to transplant into narrow high containers of the type of plastic glasses;
  • After the second real sheet appears, the seedman is seeded;
  • planted into the open earth or on the balcony, provided that the frosts are no longer repeated;
  • In one pot, you can plant several young sprouts.


When leaving, like any plant, Brovalia need to create favorable conditions for growth and flowering. It can be put in a bright corner or where the light is scattered – so that there is no direct sun rays. Practice shows that more comfortable bush feels on the windows overlooking the west or east. If Brovallia is planted on an open soil, it is better that it is not the south side. It must be borne in mind that she doesn’t like shadow too.

The most comfortable air temperature is approximately +20 degrees in summer and + 10- + 15 degrees in winter. In the summer, the plant is poured generously, and in winter it is refused to refuse to minimize this procedure at all or raising. In the course of the procedure, the Earth should have a water, but not to overtake it. It is preferable to water so that the soil is moistful at once well. Carry out frequent watering with surface moisture should not.

It should also be borne in mind that if the earth dry completely, the plant will start and will not rise. Therefore, it is impossible to leave a pet without attention for a long time.

If the air indoors are completely dry, you can periodically spray the plant so that the water does not fall on the flowers – spots may appear on them. It should be borne in mind that In essence, Brovalia is a tropical bush, accustomed to high humidity. Therefore, it is quite good in the room with a flower spray water from the sprayer or put a container with a liquid there to create a suitable microclimate. Universal fertilizers are suitable for feeding, the rate of which is reduced by half. You need to make useful substances twice a month. This is only applied to Brovallia growing in pots or other containers.

If the soil is open, feed the bushes.

So that Brovalia had a beautiful view, it takes from time to time to shorten her bushes and pinch shoots, tormenting growing in length. Then the bush will be able to have a kind of neat green sphere covered with bright asterisks of one or another color. For the view to remain elegant, you should also remove the leaves and flowers on time. If the bush is all summer in the open sky in the tub or some more capacity, there is an opportunity to extend his life if you “move” to the room at the first signs of cooling. Then Brovalia will be able to bloom a few more weeks, and then months.

Diseases and pests

Like any plant, Brovalia can attack Various aids and pests.

  • White raid on the leaves indicates that muffinous dew. We have to apply fungicides to cure a green pet.
  • Digestible fiction of the leaves says that the plant eats the whitefly – a small insect, laid eggs on the back of the sheet and very quickly ringed. To prevent the dissemination of this infection and save the flower, its leaves need to be carefully treated with soap solution.
  • Another attack – thyroid. As a result of the “activity” of these insects, Brovallia leaves are covered with stains, they become unpleasant to the touch. Treatment against thyroids is carried out with a solution of soap or tobacco. And you can also use store insecticides.
  • Broughtalline sometimes attacks the web tick. Sign of this – the formation of bright spots on the foliage. On the reverse side of the sheet plate appears a web. Because of this, the plant dries. To combat such a victim, special drugs or a soap solution are used, as well as onion infusion (100 grams of 5 liters of water – withstand 5 days).
  • If Brovallia yellow leaves, it can be a sign of a lack of iron in the ground. Such a disease is called chlorosis. The plant needs feeding for flowers.
  • The bush became sickly, with abandoned leaves – it means not enough light.

If Brovalia is in the house, she needs to find a new more comfortable place.

For a person who is accustomed to deal with garden plants and household colors, it does not represent difficulties to care for Brovalyia. Having attached quite a bit effort, you can make the summer brighter and extend it, stretching the bloom of a grateful plant for a long time.

About how to grow brownallion from seeds, look in the video below.

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