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The focus, as a rule, is equipped in a garden or a summer cottage in order not to simply designate the fire – a place where fire is often divorced, but to make this place noticeable, turn it into another semantic center of its mastered territory. This article we will talk about the foci made of one of the most affordable materials – from brick.


A simple bonfire in the country of dutch, of course, you can also. The basis of his organization can be several basic needs:

  • destruction of garbage;
  • cooking food;
  • Conduct time in pleasant communication.

Sometimes it can happen simultaneously. For example, the baking of potatoes in coals left from burning branches of trees.

But such a spontaneous fire has serious shortcomings, in addition to doubtful aesthetics, it is also an increased fire hazardous. It is her who pushes many of the lovers of open fire to equip the street area of ​​bricks. From a simple fire, he has its stationary. This leads, even if initially was not planned, to zoning the adjacent territory. Near the focus, one way or another, benches or even chairs, a place to store fuel, and, in the end, countertop.

On such a focus you can put a barbecue grid, a different kind of device for hanging the boiler or for the Kazan.

Often, thinking of the focus on its plot, it is from his meaning to form a common vacation spot outside the house. In this case, the organization of space occurs thoughtfully.

What happens?

Classify brick foci for the fire can be different.

They may differ in shape. Options few:

  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • round.

The simplest outdoor garden focus is square.

Even a wizard who has no great experience in working with bricks will be postponed. It is advisable to withstand the inner size – at least 40 cm in the diameter. Alternatively rectangular focus. It differs from square, only the difference in the ratio of length and width.

This form can be in demand if the hearth is on the street to use, for example, for cooking kebab. It will be enough space for skewers, and to prepare coal.

The most difficult performed is a round focus. Starting to make it, you have to draw a certain template on Earth and upload the whole design on it.

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Bricks can be located both vertically and horizontally. In the simplest version, they are not even sealed with a solution, but stacked in a circle or strictly vertically, or with a slope outward, forming a bowl.

Foci can be different in Blind. There are only two options: on Earth or in Earth.

In the first case, the focus will have to highlight above the ground level. In the second, it is not difficult to guess, before the construction of a brick design, you will have to dig up a type of hole and already produce all manipulations in it. What option is better to unambiguously answer. On the focus above the level of the Earth, it is much more convenient to cook anything, it can be arranged in it because of which it will be able to adjust the burning.

The focus in the ground seems less convenient, but it is less fires. From it, sparks are not so much and especially quail at the time when the fire does not burn. But even in this case, the upper part of the masonry should be slightly above the surface of the site.

Classify open brick foci by material.

Most often, such structures are made of red bricks. Such material is usually most accessible. Foci of silicate bricks are much less common. For open fire, it can be considered the least suitable. Often heating can lead to white brick cracking, although it is quite good for a temporary focus. Best option – refractory brick.

Unlike red it does not transmit heat, and the surface of the hearth will always remain cold. It also does not crack, like silicone brick, which extends the time of operation of such a structure. True, it costs more, but it is much more difficult to find this material.

How to make it yourself?

Creating a regular brick deficiency in the country area in the presence of some skills – the case is not so complicated.

Choosing a place

As a rule, on the long-mastered area, it is not difficult for the focus. Usually such a place already exists, it remains only to equip it. A simple source of red brick is significantly addressed space.

It is important to remember that up to the nearest buildings should be at least 3 meters, it is undesirable to also breed the fire in less than 1.5 meters from trees and shrubs. It is necessary to try to take into account the location of neighboring sites and the predominant direction of the winds, although with a small area of ​​the territory it is unlikely to completely eliminate the spread of smoke.

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In a new section, it is better to plan a place for the hearth in advance, a large-scale regimen scheme is useful for this. So it will be possible to optimally organize the territory, taking into account the majority of factors: wind, relief, placement of buildings and vegetation.

If the surface of the area is uneven, it will add a number of restrictions. It is not necessary to have a fire zone in the highest place, most likely, there will be the strongest winds. This will not only make an unpleasant time at the fire, but can also cause a strong spool of sparks.

The wilderness in a low place can be filled with water during the rain or melting of snow. Even if you make a good drainage, there will be no moisture around the hearth and there will be difficult there will be difficult.

Often, the brick foci is located in the yard, especially this is justified when the courtyard has a coating of rubble, a flair, paving slabs or the same brick. In this case, it is also necessary to take into account the location of the buildings, trying to withstand the optimal distances. Definitely in the courtyard the wilderness will be most protected from air flow. It is important that it does not interfere with the courtyard.

Stages of laying

Before you start laying bricks, it is necessary to determine the location, shape and material. For this, the simplest drawings of the planned object will be useful. Simple contour on earth may not be enough.

Brick has strictly specified sizes and, building anything from it, you must proceed from this. It is important to remember that there are several standards for the manufacture of bricks, and it is better to prepare the material of the same size.

Deciding with the form, it is necessary to at least approximately estimate the amount of material. It is also important to prepare the ingredients of the future solution. If it is a solution based on clay, what kind of cooking is used, the hearth will have to somehow close on the effects of atmospheric precipitation.

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If it is a cement mixture, it is necessary to take into account its reaction to the temperature differences. For masonry inside the focus, cement mortar with chamotteed crib, which has refractory properties. For external finishing works, this solution is not suitable, and will have to prepare a conventional cement-sand mixture.

If the place for the future focus is determined, the choice is justified and is not in doubt, you can start work.

Step-by-step instructions for manufacturing a brick of brick will help in performing work.

  • According to the drawing, you need to prepare a place for the future focus, for this it is necessary to designate its contour.
  • If the construction is in the ground, you need to dig a hole on the intended place. The size of the pit must be a slightly more alleged focus.
  • Even if the focus is on earth, this item cannot be avoided, though the depth of the pit may be less.
  • The bottom of the pit is better to strengthen rubble, especially it is important if the soil is sandy. The thickness of the crushed stone layer must be at least 10 cm. I ignoring this stage, you can witness the destruction of the design in view of the establishment of its foundation.
  • Next, it is necessary to lay out the form of the future hearth in accordance with the drawing in which the amendments that appeared during the work can be made.
  • If the hearth in the ground, the quality of the masonry is not so important, it is possible to fold the walls even from the old brick. But if the Kosparovs have to rise above the general level of land, all flaws will be very noticeable, and in this case the laying will be of great importance.
  • If the inner row is a chamotte refractory brick, a special solution will be needed for masonry.
  • If there is a metal or concrete bowl, you can be laid inside, and outside the decorative brick is facing.

It is important to take into account that the borpacker from the brick, if it is performed in all the rules, the landing facility, and after its installation, the transfer of the finished design is impossible.

Read more about Brick foci See in the video below.

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