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For the fence of the pedestrian zone from the roadway or other zones are used borders. This product is made in different sizes and options. To reflect the territory, it is necessary to choose a quality border, which will fit perfectly in the landscape design, but it is important to study the features and characteristics of products. Proper installation plays an important role as timely service if the border was damaged. Your attention is offered a description of curbstone, its characteristics and varieties.

What it is?

Borders are used to delimit the pedestrian and garden zone, only thanks to this design, the paving will look crushed and finished. It can be said with confidence that the road installations of this type have not only aesthetic option, but perform auxiliary function. Often along the track is equipped with a storm system, which directs wastewater along the roadway, and the onboard stone will protect the water sidewalk section and will last long enough, if it is made high quality and installed correctly.


A curb stone is an integral part of the arrangement of road sections, and it can carry out the task of the passage of the carriageway and the sidewalk. Due to this design, the asphalt coating will last much longer. Decorative curb is designed to decorate the landscape and harmonize with the overall design of the territory.

Since the design is made from different materials, for example, paving slaves, paving slabs, rubber tires, borders can be used in playgrounds, flower beds, parking, garden areas and greenhouses. Games, as elsewhere called street curb, can be installed under the fence, protect them pool and even make some of them a small foundation for flowers.

Difference from the wetting

The groove is the same onboard stone, but its installation method has its differences. If the border is installed on a par with a pedestrian walkway, then the woofer should appear over it. For the manufacture of both products use the same materials.

Types and their characteristics

The border block is divided into several varieties, however, must always be responsible for GOST. Each type of stone has its own length, weight, appearance and scope of application. During the production of pavement borders, a concrete of a certain brand is used – M500 or M300, which is an important condition.

Only due to such material, the design will be durable and sustainable compression.

By material

Galvanized borders are used in beds, as they are considered the most reliable and durable for plant fence. Material mass of advantages, as it is not corrosion, is not afraid of a negative environment, last time, without losing presentability. In addition, it is possible to install such a fence yourself due to simple fastening elements. The material does not harm the soil, so you can not worry about the crop.

On a galvanized border, you can install a frame to equip the watering system.

The polymer-sand border is used during the laying of sidewalks. This is a high-grade track and lawn separator. It is worth noting that the design will strengthen the plot where flowers grow, and will provide the direction of waste during the rainy period. In addition, the polymerpess border looks aesthetic and beautiful, so it is able to decorate the landscape.

The product is completely eco-friendly, durable and cope with loads.

The mild border is rubber from the crumb. This is a modern building material for creating practical limiters. Most often, such borders are installed on children’s gaming and sports grounds.

The limiter is offered in different sizes and even colors, so you can choose something suitable for landscape design.

There are borders that are used in the room, for example, a semicircular acrylic. It is installed in the bathrooms and is called plinth. It is easy to care for him, he retains his color and form over the years. Border can be hollow or solid.

As for the sizes, each of the listed limiters can be high or low, it all depends on the requirements of the buyer, since the range is wide.

The road border is offered in size with a length of 100 cm, a 15 cm wide and a height of 30 cm, these are standard parameters, but it all depends on the type of product and manufacturer. The main limiter is offered in several versions, it all depends on where it will fit.

Compact are gardery borders.

In form

When choosing a border will have to face different shapes and even coloring, which expands the style range. Light gray and red are considered classic options. A wavy border is characterized by the fact that each part it is made in the form of a beveled rectangle. You can also find diamonds, thanks to which you can make an interesting layout. Radius border is used to fencing the flower, and round limiters are installed on the rotations of the roadway.


The marble border looks very beautiful and attractive, with excellent performance characteristics. Granite design is durable and reliable, so last years will last. Often, the border from such noble stone is used in park and garden zones. For beautiful landscape design, you can choose marble products from which you can create any composition. As for colors, natural stone is offered in different versions, so the border can be brown, gray, black, red and t. D.

Clinker brick is also suitable for the arrangement of the territory, moreover, has aesthetics and durability. Special technologies are used to lay such a border, so the installation trust only professionals. There are many designs of borders on the market, so they are used not only as limiters, but are able to decorate any plot and flowerbed, besides, they have a practical function.

How to make it yourself?

Production of borders consists of several stages, and qualified specialists are engaged using consumables and professional equipment. However, there are a pair of manufacturer’s options with your own hands, it is enough to study several recommendations, know the proportions of the solution, have at your disposal tools – and the result will not make yourself wait a long time.

From concrete

For the manufacture of the curb will need a composition of cement, which is poured into special forms. Often they are rubber, and they have a smooth surface, however, some use wooden structures, so you should take care of the evenness of the components so that there are no bitch. Wire mesh is used for reinforcement. The solution is poured into the forms of the desired size, after which it freezes – borders are ready.

This method is suitable only if the framing should be small, otherwise transportation will be physically difficult. Once you have decided on the location of the design, you need to cook a place to install the formwork. To do this, trenching a 2/3 of the height of the fencing itself.

For turns, it is recommended to take steel or plastic sheets.

To prepare a solution, mix sand with cement in the same proportions, given the brand of the latter. Then the liquid is added, after which everything is thoroughly mixed up to the thickness of sour cream. It is recommended to use a building mixer to get a homogeneous mixture. Main crushed stone is added to the composition, and everything is mixed again.

The form can be purchased separately so as not to spend time on the construction of your own. A solidol or machine oil is used as a lubricant, after which the inner part must be filled with a frame. After that, it remains to fill the design of concrete and align the surface to the truste.

From paving slabs

This method is the most practical and not costly. You can choose any version of the tiled limiter presented on the market, after which make the trench on the same principle as under concrete borders. In order for the fencing components to keep securely and steadily, it is necessary to install tightly, slightly feeding the hammer.

From other materials

Specialists can use different materials, creating real masterpieces for landscape decoration. If we are talking about the fence of flower beds or beds, you can make a border from plastic bottles. This is a budget, moreover, such a design will cope with temperature drops, it has good durability indicators, simply lay it. Everyone will cope with such a task, it is necessary to clean the bottles from the labels, rinse and dry. To increase strength and make a sustainable container, it is recommended to fill it with pebbles or sand.

After that, there is a trench of the form that you need, you can pre-make markup. The depth should not be more than 10 cm, and the width is equal to the size of the containers. Installing bottles are needed tight, not leaving spaces between them, so the design will stand reliably and shapes a strong fencing. The same can be made of glass bottles, which looks very presentable.

Many saw borders from slate, this can be carried out by handless without much effort. Wave material is affordable, and with it you can create neat beds, so it can be selected for the garden. To create the same bands, it is necessary to use 60-centimeter stakes treated on one side by mastic. It will take to cut the slate on the same parts using a grinder.

Trenches are digged according to the standard method. Then each plate is neatly and securely inserted into the trench, you can use the hammer to slightly nail the part of the structure. The building level is checked by the smoothness of the border. Next, it is necessary to strengthen the slate from the outside, driven by wooden stakes by 30 cm in depth. After that, it will be left to sprinkle the earth and take the trench.

You can treat lime side sides of the border and, if you wish to paint.

The fence from the boards will look very beautiful, despite the fact that the tree is not a durable material. Brucks can be harvested in autumn when trees are trimmed. Spells are often used, which are placed vertically or horizontally, they are injected into the ground. But the border of the tires can often be seen on playgrounds and flower beds. Rubber is easy to cut down and the formation of various products, so you can show all your fantasy and make a curb in the form of a swan, cups or flowers.

How to install?

Regardless which border is used, the installation principle is the same. First of all, it is necessary to prepare a platform for further work. After that, the trench of the desired length is digging, its depth must exceed the sizes of the side stone by a third. Then the specialists are tamped to the bottom, using crushed stone and sand.

Installation of a border element occurs with the help of a rubber hammer, which you need to catch up with the design so that it plunges on the desired depth. After that, the joints are fastened, and the gaps of the trenches are filled with solution. You can put a border in different ways, it all depends on what exactly you use. If we are talking about tiled, it can be put as a domino or with a slight inclination to create a beautiful limitation. Over the installation of a curb near the roadway, you need to work longer, making sure that the design is well held and can resist the car blows.

Such material is placed tightly part to the part so that there are no space remaining.

What and how to paint?

So that the border looked presentable for a long time, it is necessary to care for him, so painting is an important task. The market offers many materials for coating concrete surfaces, so choose paint for outdoor work. The coating will not lose color and will not crack under the rays of the Sun or the impact of moisture.

It is important to study the composition of the paint so that there are components that will prevent the appearance of fungus. Acrylic materials fit best because they are not washed away.

Prepare paint needed according to the instructions, because some manufacturers recommend breeding products in certain proportions.

To begin with, it is necessary to prepare the basis for this remove the dirt and dust. If there is still old paint on the curb, it must be removed. A few years later, the design can lose the integrity, it may take to close the chips and cracks with putty.

Before the painting itself, it is necessary to primed the surface of the roller, and only when it dries, you can proceed to the coating. In order for the color to be more stable and bright, it is recommended to apply several layers, while it is important to wait for the previous one to dry. You can use a sprayer that gives paint, but it is not always practical, besides, drums can remain if there is no work practices with such a tool.

To refresh the border, it is enough to beat him.

Repair tips

If the curb stone for some reason began to stagger, it is necessary to get it, remove the old solution from the nest, after which we knew fresh, pour and return it back. To align the top edge, you can use a ruler, then the stone will not stand out among the others. It is possible to fix the border with the help of wooden stakes, which after drying the solution is pulled out, and the hole falls asleep soil.

When cracking is detected, it is enough to progress defects, update painting and enjoy the result obtained.

Beautiful examples with landscaped design

One of the beautiful floral borders options for flowering flower beds.

This looks round curbs playing a decorative role, they can be installed not only by radius, but also a wave.

Original Framing of Flumbes.

Plastic border for a bath that many are called plinth.

Border stones framing almost all the roads in cities and on the tracks.

Concrete Limiter on Paving Track.

As you can see, the borders are an integral part of the city infrastructure, they do not just adorn the territory, but also protect flower beds, separate the roadbed of the sidewalks and are often used in landscape design. Thanks to such a wide variety, in the market you can find any variant of curbstone, which will serve for a long time, fulfilling its function. The duration and complexity of the installation of such a design depends on the volume of work and the type of product, but if you follow the recommendations and stock the necessary consumables, you can do everything yourself.

Sure, No matter how beautiful is the border, with time it will lose his attractiveness, so it is important to serve it, if necessary, repair and tint. When choosing a stone, you need to pay attention to whether he is responsible for GOST, only so you can be sure that the design will be durable and reliable for a long time. As for the sizes, manufacturers offer all the options that may interest everyone, it remains only to decide on the design, type of material and its number.

How to install a border correctly, you can learn from the video below.

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