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In areas where winter are snowy, the almost daily female cleaning is relevant, which is quite time consuming and time-consuming work. Housing companies use massive graders, and in a private house for cleaning domestic sidewalks and paths, an indispensable helper will be snow removal machines of smaller sizes. An example of such snowproofers are machines manufactured by the German group of companies of the Al-Ko Kober companies that can be purchased in the official online store or through dealership firms. The company itself supplies not only garden technique (lawn mowers, snow removal machines, motor-cultivators), but also ventilation and automotive equipment.

The lineup

From snow removal machines in the assortment of Al-Ko, you can find gasoline, electrical or rechargeable cars. Depending on the volume of retractable areas where snow will have to clean, a snow blower is selected – compact electrical or more overall gasoline. And the machines differ in the width of the capture, different system of screws – single or two-stage.

Single-stage simpler, comfortable and compact, have an electric motor, are more suitable for cleaning snow from small sections. Two-stage on gasoline and perform more complex work, since the first step as it can break the snow, and the second one already throws it out. And also two-stage drives on the wheels, and one-stage movement is carried out due to the rotation of their augers.

All models are attached detailed instructions. 2 years warranty. There is also an extended guarantee – if you register equipment on the official website within 30 days from the date of purchase, the warranty increases to four years, and if maintenance in service centers are held in a timely manner, the warranty is extended to five years. Service life of all models of snow blowers 10 years.

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Consider in more detail the models presented on the official website of the company AL-KO-KOBER.

Gasoline snow removal machines

The most common gasoline units. We list the most demanded.

Al-Ko Snowline 55E

Snowpressor who will allow quickly and efficiently to remove just falling snow from the paths having a solid coating, and from the sidewalk. Possesses a 4.4 kW / 212 cubic engine. see that you can run the starting cable or convenient electrical starter at 230 V. Snow cleaning width 55 cm, snow supply height 30 cm, the snow is thrown away by 10 m away from the motion of the snowpressure. The model is compact in storage, it can be put up to save it vertically. Tank volume for fuel 3 l. Cavities, swallowing snow, solid plastics.

Al-Ko Snowline 560 II

Two-stage model with 4 kW / 182 cubic engine. see and cable starter, which makes it easy to start the engine even in frosty weather. And also due to the special location of the valves in this model, the economical fuel consumption. Rotary unloading mine. Snow fence height 51 cm, snow ejection 15 m, grip width 56 cm. Weighs snow blower 75 kg. And also has a drive – 5 front and 2 rear transmissions, rubber bus off-road tires with the ability to wear additional anti-slip chains from above.


More powerful model in comparison with the previous. Snow cleaning width when capturing 62 cm, snow ejection up to 15 m. 4.4 VV / 212 cube engine. cm with upper valves, which gives economical fuel consumption. The model has a cable and electrical starter for 230 V, there is an option of a wheel drive, 5 front and 2 reverse gears. To make the car easily, off-road bus are provided. Model 620 E II easily cope with hardened snow, as it is a two-step. And this model has a headlight, which improves visibility in bad weather or twilight. Machine weight 83 kg. Tank volume for fuel 3 l.

Al-Ko Snowline 700E

This model is perfect for cleaning snow from bulk areas, since the height of the snow fence reaches 55 cm, and width 70 cm. And it also has a compact cab with a built-in spotlight for highlighting in the dark, a convenient heated handle, various levers and switches in easy accessibility for a user, a capacity of 7.8 kW / 375 cube. cm have an electric and cable starter, a two-stage snow cleaning system, wheel drive with 6 front and 2 rear transmissions. Snow Rotary Loading Mine. Weight of this model 118 kg. Thanks to the wheel drive, the model is practically self-propelled, only it is required to direct.

On off-road wheels there is an opportunity to additionally purchase anti-slip chains. Tank volume for fuel 6.5 l.

Al-Ko Snowline 760Te

0Te is identical to the previous model, the difference in a more powerful engine – more than 9 kW / 420 cube. cm, weighing up to 126 kg and snow fence width 76 cm. Is the very tank and expensive model represented by Al-Ko. Wheel-driven with 6 front and 2 rear gears has a durable gear gear. The volume of gas tank is 6.5 liters. And there is also a searchlight that makes work in the dark more convenient. Off-road wheels, with the ability to additionally put on anti-slip chains.

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Al-Ko Snowline 46e Electric Snowpressure

Lung, compact, economical snow removal model, as it weighs only 15 kg, and the width of the snow gripping during cleaning 46 cm, the height is 30 cm. Ergonomic to capture adjustable handle, low noise when working, which allows not disturbing neighbors. Single-stage snow supply in a mine that turns 190 degrees. Snow is thrown 10 m through it. Easy installation of the device – without tools, also easy to adjust the handle under its height. Cavities, swallowing snow, made of special solid rubber eyes with built-in steel wire liner. This model has a powerful electric motor – 230 V, which is started by a combination of buttons.

To work with this model, you need a suitable power cable for the connector and length.

Battery Snow Poor St 4048 Al-Ko

Economical compact snow blower. Lithium-ion battery and charger are purchased separately, you can also purchase a spare battery. Battery charges enough for cleaning area up to 200 m. kv. On the case there is a LED spotlight, it works very quiet and maneuverable. Weigh about 15 kg. It is possible to adjust the handle for the user growth. Compacted when stored. Single-stage snow supply. Snow emissions are carried out up to 6 m, the width of cleaning is 48 cm, and the height is 20 cm.

Accessories and additional products

By purchasing a snow removal machine on the official website, You can also purchase:

  • Oil for 4-stroke engines of snow blowers;
  • Service set for Al-Ko engines, which includes a pump, mini-canister and a funnel for easy oil change;
  • anti-skid chains;
  • battery;
  • Spare battery – will allow to extend the work of the snow blower at a time;
  • battery charger;
  • Hinged frame – for mounting a snow blower.

And also on the official website you can find and order the necessary original parts and contact the service center.


According to the reviews of most users, Al-Ko snow pools are reliable and high-quality assistants when cleaning snow. Less powerful snow blowers are intended for cleaning small snow, so buyers who initially acquired more budget models, after changed to more powerful and are satisfied. But the adolescent will be able to use more compact.

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Heavy models are easy and manneremen in management even for women. Models with a shovel do not always cope with a stitching, as if having engaged in it. But more compact models allow it to clean even in hard-to-reach places and between trees. More powerful and large, with a width of snow fence about 70 cm, allow you to quickly clean large surfaces, such as parking or large yards.

Al-Ko snow removal machine becomes an indispensable equipment in winter – the time and strength that would spend, if the snow cleaning was carried out by a shovel.

Al-Ko Snowline 46e Snowplow Overview You can view in the video below.

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