Zepter vacuum cleaners: models, characteristics and features of operation

When choosing household appliances, it is important to consider the products of the flagship of the global industry with a known name. Therefore, it is worth examining the main characteristics of popular models of Zepter vacuum cleaners and the features of their operation.

About brand

Zepter was established in 1986 and from the first days was an international concern, since its main office was located in the Austrian Linz, and the main production facilities of the company were located in Italian Milan. The company received its name in honor of the founder’s name, Engineer Philip Zetender. Initially, the company was engaged in the production of dishes and kitchenware, and in 1996 he swallowed the Swiss company Bioptron AG, due to which the product range was expanded by medical goods. The company’s head office over time also moved to Switzerland.

Gradually, the concern expanded the sphere of its activities to which the release of cosmetics and household appliances was added. As of 2019, Zepter International belongs to 8 factories in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. The corporate shopping stores and representative offices are open in 60 countries, including Russia. For more than 30 years of existence of the company, its products have repeatedly honored prestigious international awards, including the Italian Golden Mercury Prize and the European Award for Quality. The difference between the company’s marketing strategy – a combination of sales in fixed stores with a direct sales system.


Since Zepter is a multi-brand international corporation, all its products are divided between different suburbans. Vacuum cleaners, in particular, are produced under the Zepter Home Care branded line (except for cleaning equipment, it also includes ironing boards, steam cleaners and sets of wet napkins). All manufactured products are designed for sale worldwide, including EU countries, so all products have quality certificates ISO 9001/2008.

The Mission of the Zepter Home Care Products line company considers the creation of an absolutely safe home environment free of dust, ticks and other hazardous allergens. At the same time, the company considers it important to achieve purity with minimal use of synthetic detergents. Therefore, all vacuum cleaners are distinguished by the highest quality assembly, high reliability, excellent quality performance performed with their help and wide functionality.

There is also a reverse side of this approach – the price of the company’s goods is noticeably higher than that of China and Turkey’s own analogues in the functionality. In addition, consumables for Zepter technique can also be called quite expensive.


Currently, such basic models of vacuum cleaners of the international concern can be found on sale:

  • Tuttoluxo 2s – Washing vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter with a capacity of 1.6 liters. It is characterized by a capacity of 1.2 kW, a radius of action (length of the cord + maximum length of the telescopic hose) 8 meters, weighing 7 kg. The device uses a five-speed filtration system – from a large garbage filter to a HEPA filter.

  • Cleansy PwC 100 – Washing vacuum cleaner with a capacity of 1.2 kW with a capacity of aqua filter in 2 liters. Differs on the eight-step filtration system with two HEPA filters. The mass of the device – 9 kg.

  • Tutto Jebbo – Complex system combining a vacuum cleaner, steam generator and iron. The power of the boiler system for creating a steam in it is 1.7 kW, which allows you to create a pair of a capacity of 50 g / min at a pressure of 4.5 bar. The power of the vacuum cleaner engine is 1.4 kW (this allows you to create a flow of air in 51 l / s), and the equivalent iron power is 0.85 kW. The container of the dust collector in this powerful model is 8 liters, and the radius of cleaning reaches 6.7 m. The mass of the device is 9.5 kg.

  • Tuttoluxo 6s – variation of the previous model, which is characterized by a more powerful system of steam generation (2 boiler 1 kW each, thanks to which the performance increases to 55 g / min) and a less powerful suction system (engine capacity of 1 kW, providing 22 l / s. The volume of the dust collector in the device is 1.2 liters. The radius of the working area reaches 8 meters, and the mass of the vacuum cleaner is about 9.7 kg.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with wet cleaning functions, air purification and aromatherapy.

  • Cleansy PwC 400 Turbo-Handy – System “2 in 1”, combining a powerful vertical vacuum cleaner with a cyclone filter and a portable mini vacuum cleaner for express cleaning.


When using any technique, and especially complex systems, it is important to adhere to the requirements of the instruction manual. In particular, Zepter recommends using for vacuum cleaners equipped with a steam generator (for example, TUTTO JEBBO), only distilled water. Pay special attention that for some tissues and materials (wool, flax, plastic) is impossible to clean the ferry and will lead to their irreversible damage. Before cleaning the ferry furniture or clothing, carefully examine the recommendations for their cleaning, shown on the label.

Spare parts for the repair of technology should be ordered only in official representative offices of the company in the Russian Federation, which are open in Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk and Yaroslavl or in certified SCs that are in all Regions of the country.

Choosing between the ordinary vacuum cleaner and the model with a steam cleaner, it is worth assessing the planned regular scope of work when cleaning your apartment. If you have a lot of carpets and upholstered furniture, which are regularly dirty, the steam cleaner will become a reliable assistant and allow you to save a lot of time, nerves and money. Almost obligatory purchase such a vacuum cleaner will become for families with a small child – because the jet of the hot couple is perfectly disinfecting any surfaces. But the owners of apartments with parquet floors and minimalistic furnishings The function of cleaning the ferry will be useful very rarely.

If your choice stopped on the cleaning vacuum cleaner, before it acquisitions should be carefully examined by the features of your floor coverings. For example, a laminate made by caching or direct lamination (DPL), in no case cannot be cleaned in wet cleaning mode.


Most of the owners of the Zepter technique in their reviews note the high durability of these vacuum cleaners, their wide functionality, a modern design and a huge range of accessories supplied with them. The main disadvantage of these devices, many authors of feedback and reviews consider the high cost of consumables to them, as well as the impossibility of using third-party products with these products. Some owners of this technique complaints its high mass and relatively strong noise that it issues. Some authors of reviews believe that the use of multistage filters can be called and dignity (the vacuum cleaner does not contaminate air), and the disadvantage (without regular replacement of filters, they become “seating” of mold and dangerous microorganisms).

The main disadvantage of the CLEANSY PWC 100 model, many of its owners call quite large dimensions and the weight of this device, which makes it difficult to use it in apartments, tightly forced furniture.

The owners of the ferry cleaning devices (for example, Tuttoluxo 6s) note their versatility, thanks to which they can be used for cleaning at home and for cleaning car rugs, upholstered furniture, carpets, clothes and even soft toys. Among the shortcomings, the need to regularly replace filters, without which the suction power of the device falls rapidly.

The main advantage of the PWC-400 TURBO-HANDY model owners consider the presence of a removable manual vacuum cleaner for manual express cleaning, which allows you to quickly remove, for example, the wool of pets without the need to deploy a bulky vacuum cleaner. The main disadvantage of this model the owners consider the need for its frequent recharging.

In the next video, you will find a detailed review of Tuttoluxo 6S / 6SB vacuum cleaner from Zepter.

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