Wooden kitchen tables: pluses, cons of choice

When the kitchen interior arrangement is very important to choose a dining table in such a way that he harmoniously fit into the design of the room and at the same time performed all the functions assigned to it. Most owners prefer wooden furniture – it is distinguished by high quality, practicality and durability. Let us stay more on the features of the dining tables from wood.

Advantages and disadvantages

The kitchen table is one of the necessary objects of the furniture headset, which not only collects the whole family for dinner, but also allows the hostess to perform some cooking work. Most often it is made of wood, because this natural raw material has a multitude of useful characteristics.

  • Environmental Safety. Wood does not contain harmful and toxic substances, moreover, it has the property to fill air with essential oils and resins, which makes the microclimate in the room favorable and comfortable for all living.
  • Strength. Furniture made of wood for many years retains its original appearance, causing a long period of its operation. With proper care, such wood will serve faith and true 50 and even more years, while any small defects can be easily and quickly renovated.
  • Easy use. The surface of a wooden dining table is usually warm, pleasant to the touch, as well as quite functional and very practical.
  • Compliance with any design. The right choice of the size, shape and colors of the wood table can harmoniously fit into a variety of interiors decorated in the styles from Provence to High-tech.

Well, of course, to the number of undoubted advantages of kitchen furniture made of wood, it is possible exclusively an expensive and luxurious appearance, as well as the possibility of drawing threads, inlays, creating all sorts of decorative elements.

Among the drawbacks it should be noted that the wooden table will not suit those families who dream of the kitchen in bright contrast tones, since the shade of wood, not even processed, cannot be called saturated. In this regard, plastic models are undoubtedly more colorful. Another weighty lack of wooden furniture is its value. Tables made of wood are much more expensive than plastic or made of MDF, so they are not available to everyone. Kitchen furniture from wood is usually quite massive and heavy, it is only suitable for spacious premises, so be careful when choosing the necessary model of the product.


Each breed of wood is distinguished by its exclusive shades and structural patterns. Tree with light colors is represented by pine, alder, ash, larch, apple tree, pear, and birch. If you want to get dark furniture, it is worth stopping the choice on varieties from plum or wenge.

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Most often, dining tables are made of bleached oak or pine.


Despite the fact that pine has a soft structure, it is still often used for the manufacture of kitchen tables – products are obtained cheap, and therefore enjoy a consistently high demand. In order to improve the performance of the material, the wood is additionally processed by special compositions, as a rule, varnishes.

Furniture from this material looks very noble, and any defects that appear over time are easily eliminated. For the manufacture of such tables, the tree is selected very carefully – any knots, chips and cracks are completely excluded.

The undoubted advantage of such furniture is that on the surfaces made of pine, mold is not formed, they are not susceptible to rotting even in conditions of use in a wet room. Pine is distinguished by hypoallergenia, it does not release toxic substances, and therefore does not harm the inhabitants of the apartment.

Furniture from an array of pine can serve several decades without changing their appearance. Pine has a unique coloring, which varies depending on the type of coniferous wood, but in any case, the shade and texture look exquisite, fresh and rich.


In a more expensive segment, oak tables lead. The advantages of such material include ease of finishing, durability, high moisture resistance, as well as resistance to rotting processes. With proper care, oak furniture is not covered with mold and is not amazed by fungus even in operating conditions in the raw room. Oak wood is distinguished by an exquisite appearance, it looks good in spacious, classic-style rooms. Texture of this breed has a unique ornament and thereby emphasizes the status of its owner, its impeccable taste and kitchen room style.

Oak tables are ideally saved for several decades without changing their technical and operational parameters, while in order to keep the coating in the original form, you do not need to apply no effort.

It should be borne in mind that Oak does not like excessive dampness, so it needs to be not soaked, but only wipe. In addition, the wood of this breed over time can crack from temperature differences, so the oak table is usually not installed next to the central heating batteries.

Also, kitchen tables are made from some other wood varieties.

  • Nut. Pretty durable material that does not split and not cracks over time, has a beautiful texture and a pleasant shade. The tree refers to pretty expensive varieties, respectively, tables from it have a high price.
  • Linden. It has soft wood, well cuts and well processed. Susceptible to pest infection, therefore needs special processing with protective compositions.
  • Wenge. Exceptionally solid and durable material, with a unique texture, is distinguished by resistance to moisture and mechanical effects, is rather expensive.

Forms and sizes

The form of the tabletop is divided into rectangular, square, oval and round. Rectangular and square options are usually installed along the wall, due to which it is easy to achieve significant savings of space. In this form, all sorts of transformers fit harmoniously.

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The most sought-after model is the rectangular table with rounded edges. The optimal width of the table is 80-100 cm – if it is already, then there may be difficulties with a serving, and if more wider – with people’s searches. Standard option for typical Russian cuisine – 80×120 cm. If such a table is installed near the wall with a wide party, then 4 people can freely accommodately accommodately, and if narrow – 5. If you put forward such a table in the center of the room, then you can sit down already 6 people.

In recent years, oval tables are increasingly popular, such a form looks good even in small canteens. As a rule, they are combined with soft furniture corners. The undoubted advantage of such tables is the smoothness of the outlines, so the operation of such furniture is as safe as possible, which is especially important in homes with young children.

Oval tables are considered more comfortable from a psychological point of view. They seem to erase the boundaries between the gathered people, guests begin to feel more liberated and comfortable. In addition, the lack of angles allows, if necessary, to fit a larger number of diners at the table.

Round tables are very convenient in domestic use – the form allows you to accommodate the table with the whole family. However, such furniture items require space, so the model is suitable only for overall kitchen.

It is believed that the round table is splitting people, equates them to each other – it is no coincidence that all important negotiations are conducted in the round table. As a rule, they are installed in the center of the kitchen so that everyone has an unimpeded approach of any side. Round dining tables harmoniously look in any interior, you just need to choose the right size and shade of furniture.

From the point of view of design, wood tables can be solid unintended and transformers. The first option involves strong stable furniture, which throughout the entire period of use remains unchanged. In the second case, a miniature countertop can be converted to a plane much more form, as a rule, these are tables of sliding and folding type. This option is optimal for small cuisine.

The sliding mechanism involves the displacement of two parts of the table top in one plane and installation in the resulting space of another flat element. For example, it can thus be from a round table for 4 people get oval for 6-8 persons.

Folding table is more famous in the people like a table book. In the folded state, it resembles an ordinary tube, but, if necessary, the sidewalls are fixed on hinges very quickly transforms into the components of the countertops and are fixed with additional legs. Usually, in folded form, such a design has a width of less than 50 cm, but being decomposed reaches 2 meters.

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How to choose?

The wooden table for the kitchen is chosen, first of all, taking into account the requirements of the ergonomics of space. Experts recommend to withstand an approximate distance from the wall to the table of 80 cm, and at least a meter should remain near the dining group – only in this case, users will be able to sit comfortably, get up and move chairs.

The shape of the table must necessarily comply with the general design concept of the room and take into account the number of people who will dine every day. Thus, round and oval products are often chosen for spacious cuisine, and small premises preferred square or rectangular models.

If the design assumes an abundance of smooth transitions, it is worth staying on products with rounded edges. If the design of the room is repelled from laconic geometry, then the right choice will be a rectangular countertop.

If you often receive guests, it is better to purchase a transformer model to enlarge the dining area at any time. In families with young children, it is important that the edges of furniture are smooth, otherwise the risk of injury increases sharply. As for the number of legs, it can be anyone (from 1 to 4) – functionally these models do not differ, the difference is reduced to aesthetic perception.

Recommendations for care

In conclusion, give several recommendations, which will allow to extend the life of your dining table of wood.

  • Support a microclimate in the kitchen, in which the level of humidity is 40-60%. To do this, in winter, use air humidifiers, and in the summer ventilate the room, otherwise the appearance of deformations and cracking is not excluded. For the same reason, after any wet cleaning, you certainly wipe the table with a dry soft cloth.
  • If you get on the wood of direct sunlight, it can change its color, simply burn out. Therefore, if the table is standing near the window, then try to darken it with curtains or special films.
  • Do not use ether and alcohol to clean the table. They dried wood and damage the lacquer coating, it is desirable to use silicone-based liquids, oils or waxes.

Separately, it should be mentioned about the need to periodically process with food oils – it will protect it from the deformation and exposure to microbes. For this, the purified and well dried surface is rubbed with a woolen cloth moistened with oil.

It is advisable to spend this procedure for the night, because the melting takes at least 5 hours.

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