Why the Bosch dishwasher does not merge water and what to do?

    How high the quality and reliability of the technique used in everyday life, no one is immune from breakdown. Most often they arise unexpectedly. Do not get into panic – any technique happens to work. In this publication, we will look at the following problem: Dishwasher (PMM) Bosch does not merge water. What is the reason for the occurrence of this problem and what to do?

    Main reasons

    You can become guilt by:

    • Food remnants and other debris scored a drainage filter;
    • sewage block;
    • Removed or scored a drain hose;
    • scored either broken a pump plum (pump);
    • The press service (flow sensor) gives incorrect information;
    • breakdown of the software block.

    Thus, there may be a mass of factors, as a result of which water does not go from the Bosch dishwasher unit or the technique of a different brand.

    To cancel the problem, you need to start with the detection of blockages in the system.


    In all reminders on the use of PMM, it is indicated that it should not be ignored by the elementary rule – to remove food waste from dishes before loading it into the chamber. Garbage – the main source of problems with the drain.

    Cleaning the filtering system

    Complications with drain can arrange a conventional bone, jammed by a drain cleaner filter, which is located on the bottom of the device. It is required to get, clean and fix again in place.

    Clean the dishwasher filter.

    1. Open the door and take all the baskets.
    2. Turn the filter cover installed at the bottom of the working chamber.
    3. Remove the filter and mesh.
    4. We rinse both components. If it does not go out right under tap water, you can use a non-rigid brush, toothpick and detergents.
    5. Soak the lid of drain pump and examine this area to the presence of garbage. Attention! There may be not only food garbage, but also particles of broken dishes.
    6. After all actions, close the pump, install the filter in place.
    7. Checking the aggregate

    Slap sewage

    If, when the hose is turned off, water runs out of it, the dishwasher in health, and problems lie in the drain pipe. Sources of the bed: washed off with kitchen utensils residues of food, fat, rusty pipes contained in the water of impurities. Small garbage can be removed, bay into sewer ordinary boiling water.

    Several effective sewage cleaning methods.

    1. Soda plus salt. In 200 mg of hot water wept soda and salt, pour into the drainage pipe, we expect 10 minutes. and rinse the running water.
    2. Vacuum cleaner with blowing function. If there is such an aggregate in the house, wind his tube with a cloth and put in the sewage hole, turn on. The method is suitable for non-storm.
    3. Vantuz. We use vanatuz if it corresponds to the hole diameter.
    4. Steel cable. We break through the sewage system with a specialized cable and shed a pipe with running water. For PVC pipes this method to use risky.
    5. Soda plus acetic acid. We embarrass the glass of soda to the drain pipe and pour 200 mg of vinegar, cover the hole.

    To dissolve pollution, you can apply and chemicals from the store.

    Attention! Remember about the means of individual protection of hands and overall precautions when using funds – they can harm skin cover and health status.

    Rubbed or scored a plum hose

    Passing the hose for a drain – simple, only not the most common problem. Look at how it is located. It is likely that the item bent or sacrificed in some way. In the grown plot may form a blockage. It will be useful and planted all flexible nozzles to make the mud.

    Dismantling hose and its cleaning.

    1. Disable PMM from the mains.
    2. Remove the panel at the bottom under the door, unscrewing the screws.
    3. Out off the hose from the drainage pipes by means of pliers for removing the clip.
    4. One end of the hose is lowered into the container and turn on the drain. If water runs out of it, the siphon clogged or sewage. When there are no water, the reason lies in the car itself.
    5. Knock the hose.
    6. Skip a strong water pressure through the hose. Stump knocked dirt residues.

    You can break the hose by means of a long wire, just need to be done carefully. In order not to spoil the hose itself, it is better to round the tip of the wire.

    Pump cleaning

    If PMM is arranged in such a way that you can dismantle the pump on your own, it is advisable to clean it. Carefully remove the device, first unscrewing the entire fastener, eliminate the blockage.

    Then check the ease of rotation of the internal pumping wheel. You do not need to do this, use a pencil type, wooden stick, so as not to damage your hands about possible pieces of dishes.

    Pump breakdown

    Install the device malfunction is easy – when the water drops, the serviceable pump makes a typical sound. Silence is a sign of a malfunction.

    How to get to the pump.

    1. Manually either by inclination of the unit forward, remove water from it.
    2. Remove the filter.
    3. Put the car on the back wall to dismantle the pallet, which is fixed by self-tapping screws.
    4. Turn the pump itself, dismantle the hoses.
    5. We carry out verification of rotation of the pumping wheel. No discontinuous rotation – obvious symptom of the need to replace the device.
    6. We look at the resistance characteristics by connecting the cream of the ampervoltimeter to the contacts on the pump. Standard features – range within 200 ohm.
    7. When assembling the pump housing, change the gasket or use heat-resistant silicone-based sealant. Experience and wiring leading to the pump. If the wiring is also working, the pump will be changed.

    This element is essentially unrepretentible. There are cases that you can restrict ourselves to the removal of dirt or lubricating the pumping wheel. New pump set in the reverse order of dismantling.

    Pressostat does not work

    When the flow sensor breaks, water flows into the pallet and stands there. The problem may be hidden in the water supply tank or in the pipe connected to the press service. Causes of breakdowns: physical wear of the element, the oxidation of contacts, a malfunction of some elements (clogged the nozzle or hole in it).

    To get to the sensor, you need to disconnect the machine from all networks, lay on the floor of the rag, put the PMM side. There are modifications where the lid dismantling is required on the back wall or day.

    Now we need to find the press service, there is a pipe to the water tank, fixed by the 2nd bolts. Then dismantle the tube and the container.

    Examine this element for clogging, clean. The sensor service can be checked by rebuing into the tube – the serviceable device will click after 2 seconds.

    Besides, It is worth checking the electrical conductivity of the device by the autometer. When resistance gradually drops to zero tag, the press service is working.

    The faulty sensor is not subject to repair – after disassembly, it is not possible to assemble it, therefore it requires its replacement for a branded device purchased from the trademark distributor.

    Failure of the control unit

    This element is a “brain” of the entire unit that controls all operations. Basically the node is not repaired. There are few specialists who are ready to find elements burnt on the board and change them to new.

    Prevention measures

    Preventive measures include:

    • use of good dishes cleaning products, without chemicals;
    • the use of specialized steel to prevent rust formation;
    • removal before loading dishes of all food waste;
    • It is undesirable to load dishes with a strong Nagar (first to soak);
    • Regular cleaning of filter with soap solution, preventing severe pollution.

    These methods will enable the use of PMM long years without any problems.

    For more information, you can learn from the video below.

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