Why on the dishes white raid after the dishwasher and what to do?

Dishwasher eliminates unnecessary work on the house, but sometimes the owners have problems. Common nuisance – the appearance of white climb after washing dishes. It does not always speak about the breakdown of technology, so to begin with it is worth understanding the situation – it may be possible to solve the problem independently, without resorting to the help of the master.

The main causes and diagnosis

White rack after washing is well visible on a frying pan with teflon coating or on the walls of plastic dishes, but also on other subjects it is easy to see, so the appearance of precipitation can be immediately noticed. It is worth looking into the device – on the walls of the chamber or on the lid there can also be divorces. In addition, in some cases you can detect the accumulation of dirt and fat, if the machine has become poorly washing dishes.

If you have acquired the technique recently and managed to run only a few cycles or at all included the device for the first time, then the likelihood is that the case is not in the inner breakdown.

It is recommended to start diagnostics from the following steps.

  • Check the detergent. It can be poor quality or simply inappropriate, for example, tablets 3 in 1 on a short program do not have time to dissolve completely, so raising is formed.
  • Pick up the correct dosage. If it is too much, it leaves a divorce.
  • Rate the rigidity of water. For good cleaning, calcium and magnesium indicators should be low. Very often after the dishwasher on the dish, white raids arise because of the poor quality of water.
  • Check the pressure level in the pipeline. Open the crane – if a thin jet runs there, it means that the head fell. Water enters insufficient quantities, so after the dishwasher there is no tax.

One-time pressure drops can be waited and postpone washing dishes for a while, but if such situations often occur, it is worth thinking about additional measures. Sometimes the problem is solved by cleaning the filter facing the counter. If it did not help, you will have to install a pump that increases pressure, or a mini-station with a cumulative tank so that the dishwasher can receive a sufficient amount of water.

If the machine serves you for a long time, there is a chance that some detail has become unusable. Technique breaks over time, but some faults can be eliminated at home, having completed minor repairs. However, in this case it does not hurt to begin to make sure that the water pressure is sufficient or someone from households did not confuse randomly compartments for detergents.

Often, technical problems may be associated:

  • clogged by filters;
  • fault of the water sensor;
  • failure of the ion exchanger;
  • Criminating the lid.

It is recommended to pay attention to these parts first and check their condition if you were convinced that the malfunction is related to the inner breakdown.

How to deal with a problem?

If there appeared lime raids on the glasses and plates, and on the walls of the camera, you can get rid of it on your own. Basic measures are related to the control of water rigidity, as this is the most common cause of divorce on glass. There are special salts that help to remove raids. They soften the water, so there are no deposits on the glass dishes.

If the dishes suddenly covered with a ride, it can be in a new detergent. To remove unpleasant divorces, it will be enough to choose the optimal composition. Also strong contamination can signal the need to repair equipment.

Control of water rigidity

It happens that the quality of the fluid deteriorates over time – this is due to the wear of pipes at the common station. Even if the initially rigidity of water was acceptable, it is worth checking the indicators. Some machines for this have a special test strip, you can also purchase them separately. In addition, water characteristics can be found on the website of your management company or on the Mosvodokanal page, if you live in Moscow.

The problem of excessive rigidity can be solved by installing the filter, but it requires costs, so most owners use a special regenerating salt. She softens the water and prevents the appearance of scale. All modern models have a salt container, usually it is located at the bottom of the device. The tool must be filled there and set up the supply level, taking into account water indicators.

Important moment: if the salt is, but the settings are incorrect, then the tax can still appear, so It should be carefully adjusted using the manufacturer’s recommendations that are in the instructions for the machine. Also do not forget to add a tool in time. Many dishwashers have indicators that notify that the salt ends. Although for some time the device can work without regenerating additives, with time the appearance of the wave is inevitable if the water is rigid.

Also, the divorces may appear due to improper refueling, if the salt somehow got inside the chamber. To make sure that this has not happened, check:

  • The lid on the salt container – it must fit tightly;
  • Corps integrity – small grains can penetrate through cracks.

In addition, the reason may be in non-accuracy, if someone walked salt to the bottom of the camera or confused the containers and laid this tool into the powder department.

Selection of detergent

Do not save on household chemicals – you can encounter the advent of white deposits. If you buy a tool for the first time, it will be worthwhile to search for reviews about it, as well as choose products from well-known manufacturers with good reputation. In addition, problems can be associated with a dosage or format:

  • Not for all machines suitable tablets 3 in 1, They are also not completely dissolved with a short washing cycle;
  • Do not use too much tools – this will not improve cleaning, but, on the contrary, will lead to the emergence of the most divorces;
  • Before starting, you need to make sure that The cover of the compartment with the powder is closed tightly, and from there anything will not follow.

As for the format, the powders are most affordable and coped well with pollution, but they can damage some types of coatings and leave divorces if the dosage is too large. The gels do not have abrasive particles and are easily sealed with water, while the surface is qualitatively cleaned. Tablets are easy to use, but not suitable for all devices.

If you use powder, you will need an additional rinser. It is necessary to remove remnants of detergent and get a brilliant surface without divorce. That is why the rinser must also be high-quality – traces on the dishes can occur both of his fault if he does not cope with his task.

Repair of technology

Among the internal problems, the most frequent problem is the closed filters for pretty and fine cleaning. Because of this draining water slows down, divorces can appear. Filed filters will need to change. If you have skills, it can be done at home, buying details suitable for your model. Also, in addition to replacing filters, you will need to clean the car itself from the inside. For this use special funds that wash the accumulated precipitation. Cleaning need to run on a sink with high temperature.

The hardness sensor can be faulty. It is not all dishwashers, but more expensive models usually have such a detail. The sensor itself determines the quality of the water and the required amount of regenerating salt, so before starting the owner, you do not need to adjust anything manually, the flow is controlled automatically. The breakdowns lead to interruptions with the loading of the softening agent, and eventually appears. The problem is solved by replacing the sensor.

Sometimes the dishwasher encloses the salt container cover. It happens even with a new technique – in low-cost Chinese models, the elements are not fully docked. Such a lid can be cut a little so that it closes tightly, but if a crack or chip appeared, then the item will have to change.

The most unpleasant breakdown – the failed ion exchanger. It stands notice, so repair will require costs. The mechanism may break if used inappropriate salt or not to use it in general.

Problems are also possible if the typewriter is started with a damaged water rigidity sensor.

Prevention measures

Any technique needs timely service – it significantly prolongs the service life. Care for the dishwasher is not too difficult, the main thing is to do it regularly.

  • Approximately 2 times a month you need to check and clean the drain filter and spray nozzles. With intensive operation, they can be clogged by the residues of food, which leads to failures in the work.
  • Once in half a year it should be launched a single cycle by adding a special cleaning agent for dishwashers. This will remove all internal sediments and pollution.

It is important to follow the rules of operation.

  • Do not load too much dishes, otherwise she may not wash to the end.
  • Choose Suitable mode for different types of cutlery, so that there are no problems. Typically, the manufacturer specifies all the necessary recommendations in the instructions.
  • Tires and cups need Pre-cleaned from food residues, Otherwise, the garbage can accumulate inside the typewriter and clogged into the technical holes.
  • Submire Proper dosage detergent – you can use a measuring cup to definitely not make a mistake, and do not forget to use the regenerating salt.
  • If water indicators are completely bad, recommended Install additional filters in the system, so that the technique has not worn before the term.

Under the rules of operation, the dishwasher will work regularly for a long time. Uncomplicated prophylactic measures will get rid of white bell and the need to repair.

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