White kitchen in interior design

Today consumers have a whole opportunity to issue a housing to its taste. Interiors can be sustained in a variety of styles and colors. So, the most common color in the kitchen is white. In such a palette, choose headsets and finishing materials. As a result, it is possible to form a harmonious and welcoming environment that I do not want to leave. Today we will consider in detail what place the white kitchen is in the interior design.

    Pros and cons

    Assortment of kitchen heads today is great. You can choose the ideal option for interiors performed in a variety of stylistic directions. Universal and easily fitted option is the white kitchen. This color refers to classic, so undemanded to adjacent shades.

    It should be borne in mind that such solutions have both its advantages and cons. We will get acquainted with the first.

    • First of all, it is worth paying attention to the fact that white color is perfectly combined with many other palettes. Such a kitchen will be harmonized in the setting. Practically with any color gamma. The main thing, competently beat the established ensemble.
    • White color is able to visually expand the space, so the owners of not the largest apartments often appeal to it. In a noticeably limited area, snow-storey kitchen can be the most successful solution.
    • Due to white color in the room there will be much lighter and more cozy.
    • Kitchen, weathered in white shades, can be sorted into a variety of styles. Modern manufacturers offer to choose buyers both classic and modern and even avant-garde sets of light furniture and accessories.
    • Many users are confident that white color in the kitchen is not the most practical solution. Explain this by the fact that such elements require permanent and not the easiest care. In fact, to care for white cuisine is not more difficult than for other colors options. For example, the same dark glossy kitchen will require more careful attitude and wash it very often.
    • As a rule, white color always costs cheaper. And we are talking not only about furniture subjects, but also about scenery and finishing materials. All color objects need proper caller or initially has a higher cost.
    • Currently, you can find a huge number of different options for snow-white kitchens. You can purchase headsets made from both budgetary and very expensive materials. Choose the appropriate option will not work.
    • White color is considered the most successful basis for any interior solution. On a similar background, bright and pastel, and even gloomy details will be amazing.
    • Such a color, although it is quite “persistent” and expressive, but in rare cases cause irritation or anxiety, unlike oversaturated red or poisonous green hammies. Just need to be traced to ensure that the interior does not differ excessive whiteness – accents and color combinations will need to be placed correctly.

    As opposed to the benefits of snow-white kitchens are the flaws inherent in it. About them necessarily need to know if you are going to issue this room in such bright colors.

    • In the white kitchen, various kinds of contrasting combinations are very effectively and stylishly and stylishly, but each dylling will always be quite noticeable on such solutions on darker surfaces, which “hurt” in the practicality of the situation will always be.
    • Choose a light headset for such a kitchen especially carefully. If you are not lucky and you buy a set of not the best quality, over the time of time, its facades can change their color from white to yellowish. Similar furniture will spoil the entire situation.

    As you can see, the minuses in white kitchens are much smaller than the advantages. From the fashion, such decisions will be released very soon, because they relate to the unsolding classics.


    The range of snow-white cuisines today can not but rejoice in their manifold. They differ not only by shades, but also configurations, functionality, form and structure. We will get acquainted closer with some of the most popular kinds of kitchens.


      Linear (straight)

      The name of such a kitchen speaks for itself. Its feature lies in the fact that all furniture is placed strictly along the line and along the selected free wall. This option is perfect for small-sized space. Linear arrangement of objects makes it possible to significantly save the necessary space, and in matters of functionality, this solution will become optimal.


      The second most popular recognized modern angular cuisine. A similar type of headset is very practical and functional in use, but is suitable only for sufficiently spacious premises. In the kitchens of the specified type in the corner usually put a sink, and the wardrobes and the panel are located along the walls.


      This option of kitchen furniture will be appropriate only if it allows the area of ​​the room. If room dimensions are suitable for accommodating a large P-shaped kit, it may be the best solution. Having a similar layout, it will be possible to find a place for the whole necessary technique and utensils in such conditions.

      The described option is one of the most practical and convenient, but also the most expensive.


      Design of such kitchens reached us from Italy. Island The indicated solutions are called due to the presence of a kind of “island”, consisting of plates, washing and lockers. This element is usually put in the middle of the kitchen, and its remaining components find their place along the free wall. It is necessary to take into account that island, like the P-shaped kitchen, can be placed only in a fairly spacious room of the corresponding area, so nothing prevented the aisle between individual furniture objects. The specified type of kitchen is considered relatively new and modern.

      With bar counter

      Madly popular today stylish and modern kitchens with bar counter. The latter in such a set performs more decorative function. This type of planning is considered youth. Snow-white kitchen with a stylish bar counter will find its place in both the large and modest room. Properly selected bar rack will be able to effectively decorate the interior, making it more modern and progressive.

      There are also such kitchens that reach the ceiling in height. Such solutions today are very popular because they look expensive and kindly. These options are more suitable for spacious premises, where there is a sufficient amount of fresh air and natural lighting. In these conditions, you can store a large number of different items that many hostesses cannot not appreciate. In addition, the kitchen under the ceiling looks simply gorgeous and covered with themselves one of the free walls, which simplifies the procedures for the design of space.

      However, the furniture under the ceiling is not suitable for all settings, because in some cases the ceiling base is non-standard. You will also have to take into account all the features of the arrangement of communications in the room. Drawers that will be located at the maximum height, it will not be very convenient to use, and it will cost such a decision in a round sum.

      More popular, of course, are headsets whose height does not reach the ceiling. These options are considered traditional. It is convenient to use them, since all sections and shelves are located at an affordable height, and the cost of these pieces of furniture varies – will be found both very expensive and more affordable copies.

      There are kitchens at all without top cabinets. Such copies look much easier, carefully and more spacious than the standard types of headcards. With these models, there is a great opportunity to let fantasy on the will and make a lot of original ideas in the interior, which will seem to the owners relevant and successful. In addition, in this case, the interfering shadow from the cabinets above will not fall on the working surface.

        But it should be borne in mind that sets without top cabinets will be less spacious. The lower tier in most cases does not differ in large scope for storing different items. Of course, you can refer to the installation of columns, but these items make sense to buy only if the kitchen area exceeds 20 kV. M. You will also have to bring the wall that hollow cabinets will not close, in perfect condition, because it will remain in sight.

        To cooking under these conditions will have to get used to, as it will not be able to get the dishes or some devices from above. Hide the gas column will also fail.


        White kitchens differ and based on materials. The following varieties come on sale.


        Such a kitchen will be not only the hardest and expensive, but also the most attractive. In addition, the array patterns are environmentally friendly and not harm human health even in high temperatures. But for such products will have to properly care for them so that they are not subjected to the destructive effect of high dampness.

        If you treat these headsets correctly and carefully, then they will serve a lot of years and will not lose the commercial type.


        Kitchens from such material are cheap and are not too heavy, but in the composition of the LDSP there are hazardous formaldehyde resins, stand out under conditions of exposure to high temperatures. Of course, if the headset is made of the E-1 class material, it will turn out to be safer and environmentally friendly (it is difficult to find such models). Despite the low cost, These options are less popular, because more often have a rustic and template design.


        This is a safer and attractive material that is distinguished by wear resistance. There are no dangerous and harmful substances in the MDF, maternally affecting human health. More aesthetic and stylish furniture items are made from this material, rather than from LDSP. Of course, there are similar kitchens more expensive and in many parameters are inferior to wood, but still remain among the most commonly found.


        Not so long ago, plastic kitchens began to arrive. They are presented in a huge assortment – you can find models, the surface of which is not only one-photon, but also imitating others, more expensive materials. In the departure of plastic products are unpretentious, but this furniture does not really like the impact of high temperatures. She is easily scratched and it can be accidentally damaged, which indicates not the biggest practicality.


        Modern models of kitchens and texture are distinguished. Select glossy and matte options. So, the main advantages of the first are:

        • Beautiful mirror effect;
        • huge color palette;
        • design versatility;
        • uncomplicated care;
        • The opportunity to fit into many styles.

        As for the minuses of glossy kitchens – they can be attributed to them:

        • low resistance to mechanical damage and scratches;
        • the impossibility of using effective abrasive drugs while removing pollution;
        • damaged glossy facades restore it is quite expensive.

        Trend today recognized stylish matte facades of snow-white kitchens. Their main advantages are:

        • practicality for operation;
        • resistance to high temperatures;
        • High resistance to mechanical damage;
        • environmental Safety;
        • High hygiene;
        • Resistance to moisture;
        • The possibility of forming luxury designer solutions.

        However, matte kitchens and disadvantages are not deprived, for example, similar surfaces are cleaned more complicated by glossy, for this you need to use special cleaning products.

        Combine colors in the headset

        White color is combined with many other palettes. The following combinations are appropriate in the kitchen.

        • White-green tandem. Such colors will calm down and give a good mood.

        • Black and white. True classic without fashion. Kitchens in such colors look just gorgeous. For example, it can be a trendy glossy white set with black countertops.

        • White with orange or yellow. Bold and bright solutions. More rich and tight paints will look expressive on the background of white bases.

        • White with gray. The combination in such tones is best suited for modern style high-tech or minimalism.

        • White with red. Stunning and bright color combination. Perfect choice for modern urban apartment.

        • With brown or beige. Universal solutions in the classic key. Can be supplemented with gold, if the interior style is frightened.

        • With turquoise. Expressive and original combination for pacifying, hospitable and cozy interiors.

        You can also contact many other color combinations, because most of the existing paints are well composed with white. The main thing is to correctly beat the resulting tandem accessories and other details in the interior.


        Interior with snow-white kitchen can be performed in different styles.

        • Classic. For such an interior, a white or beige kitchen made of natural wood with top hollow cabinets. It will be worthwhile to be a penalty and a servant. As a result, it will turn out a cozy and hospitable interior.

        • Minimalism. Assumes the presence of the minimum and most necessary parts. White color here will come by the way. It can be supplemented with black or gray items in the interior. We can not be bright accents in moderate quantities.

        • Country. This style is a combination of comfort, comfort and simplicity. Open shelves will be appropriate, painted clay and many decorative details in the rustic key will be appropriate.

        • Provence. Romantic notes of charming French villages can effectively pass the gentle and muted shades of walls and furniture, as well as live plants in suitable pots. The headset on the texture can repeat a natural tree or a light enamel.

        How to choose an interior?

        Snow-piece headset needs to be chosen so that it harmoniously fit into the interior. He should not be knocked out of the general ensemble, “dragging” on all attention.

        • Mainly the kitchen should come to his “surrounding” in style. For example, if this is a modern direction, then it is necessary to take into account all the latest fashion trends so that the situation is functional and stylish.
        • It is important to take into account the building structure. The kitchen must be perfectly fit into the setting, not overlapping the passage. To use it should be convenient – you can not forget about it.
        • Contact harmonious color combinations. It’s not worth the whole interior to do snow-white – in this case it will be too intrusive. Surrounded by this unnecessary whiteness, the eyes quickly.
        • Kitchen accessories should also be harmonized with a total setting. For example, wooden handles (or tinted wood) will be appropriate in the classic style, and in modern – metal and chromed.
        • For strict and restrained settings, it is worth choosing a similar headset. It must have nonsense standard forms, without unnecessary.
        • In luxury interiors there is no place for modest kitchens. There must be high-quality and expensive sets of natural materials.

        Choosing a suitable headset, you can not forget about his practicality and high quality. For any interior, only branded kitchens made from safe materials should be bought.

        Beautiful examples

        White kitchen under the ceiling will look elegant on the background of the same white and light ash walls, stretch glossy ceiling and tiled snow-white floor. Dilute whiteness should be a green mirror apron with illumination, black appliances and brown boxes over the working surface.

        The classic corner headset in the ceiling, in which the top has a white color, and the bottom – blue, will look harmoniously on the background of snow-white walls and a wooden gentle brown floor. In such a situation, gray household appliances with frosted surfaces will fit.

        In the spacious kitchen, where the walls are separated by the materials of the dairy shade, will find their place of the corner headset, combining white and beige shades. Dilute their gentle green individual sections and shelves. Against the background of such a kitchen, it will be harmonious to look a pale gray laminate or tile, as well as a snow-white dining table with stools in a modern style.

        Detailed overview of the white kitchen without a handles, see the video below.

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