White glossy kitchens: materials, styles and design

White glossy kitchens are a kind of classic. They are versatile and look great in the interior of any style. Air and relevant, they attract most owners. The only thing that inspires doubt is practicality and durability. You can not worry about this with modern technologies. But about the style decisions and features of white glossy kitchens it is worth talking more.


If you decide to make a kitchen in white, then you should choose the best option in terms of price and quality ratio. The latter is more determined by the material from which the facade of furniture is made. So that the new snow-white or dairy color kitchen delighted for a long time and did not eat most of the repair budget, it is worth thinking about the material of the future headset.

Modern production offers a kitchen for a different taste and financial capabilities. At the same time, it is not necessary to be afraid of new products and replacing the tree of materials, such as MDF or chipboard. The latest technology allows you to produce various plates and panels with sufficiently high environmental properties. Dangerous resins and bonding substances are not in their composition.

Natural stone and an array of natural wood have always been and remain the most prestigious and expensive materials. However, the care of the real tree is quite demanding. It includes many steps – from gently cleaning to grinding and polishing. If you cook a lot, but do not want to spend all the remaining time in the kitchen for leaving procedures on a new headset, it is worth choosing something more practical. Tree and natural or artificial stone can be used as parts of the finish.

Development Recently receives enamel (or ceramics) on facades. It is unusually durable and simply created for large household loads. Such furniture will not require special care measures. It is enough to wipe once a week its surface with a soft wet cloth.

Kitchens from MDF have already deserved universal love for the best value for money. This furniture exceeds even natural wood and is resistant to aggressive media. To care, it is important to choose the right tool. And then there will be no problem even with a snow-white facade. MDF is stylish. You can use one of the hundreds of original solutions for creating a kitchen in its own unique style. Material can simulate various surfaces and textures using the pattern – from the tree to the skin.

Plastic – Another relatively new solution of designers and creators of the best kitchen heads in the world. This is an unusually practical and easy to process material. The cost of its low and quite democratic, and decorative qualities at the highest level. You do not even imagine how much the shades are actually in white. Among high-quality kitchens plastic is distinguished by practicality, functionality, durability. The material allows you to create a variety of textures and surfaces, furniture of various shapes – from strict and simple heads to fantasy forms or streamlined ergonomic solutions.

In the trend of recent years also all sorts of combinations of materials. For example, the tree is perfectly combined with MDF, natural stone, ceramics. Plastic combined with MDF facades with imitation of various materials. Ceramics and enamel combined with stone and wood, as well as veneer and MDF.


Modern kitchen involves a variety of styles. Choose a kitchen set follows from the main functional of the room and the requirements of the home. It may be a place where culinary masterpieces are constantly being prepared and the whole family is going. Such a room should be practical, and beyond functional, and cozy. After all, it will become the center of the whole house. In small modern apartments for 1-2 people kitchen, as a rule, a very little place is given.

So style and layout here should be thought out to the smallest detail. Even if you are infrequently cooking and most of the time spend out of the house, the surface for working in the kitchen should be as simple as possible in care and comfortable.

Depending on the size and configuration of the room, the style and layout of the future room are chosen. It can be a dining room or the most real home chef workshop. And there are also super-modern kitchens – clubs with a real bar counter, many exclusive details and functional articles.

Some white color seems faceless and too sterile. But it is absolutely optional to put a white kitchen set, put a white tile on the floor and walls and make a suspended ceiling in white gloss. White has many variations and combines absolutely with any colors. It serves as a basis, a clean sheet on which you can draw a kitchen of any style. Choose a version of modern or neoclassic furniture. And due to the decoration of the room and accessories on the basis of it, you will create a dozen rooms with completely different styles, views and sensations of space.

It can be bright ethnic motifs, a modern bachelor loft, a cozy romantic nest or a unique design, which no one has more. The main role will play the details that will serve as a worthy framing for a white glossy headset – lamps, kitchen accessories, plants, curtains or blinds, backlight, colors and textures, other shades of white, natural tones or contrasting combinations. You can change the design of the room as often as you want it, and without much costs.

Choosing one or another style, you should remember the highlights. For example, a classic in the form of a bulky furniture made of natural wood inappropriate in the kitchen with an area of ​​6 square meters. White color, of course, spreads space, but also a limited territory to care for furniture and comply with cleanliness will be even more difficult. Also for small kitchen is not suitable option Loft. This style requires high ceilings, a lot of air and unlocked space. Must be large unlocked windows in the interior. Therefore, such a fashionable style now has some limitations and is suitable only for the kitchen in the studio apartment.

Modern or High-Tech style will be the most optimal for small kitchen. Simple strict lines, maximum functionality, where all things on their strict place, high ergonomics – all this will create a convenient room for cooking your favorite dishes.

If you want a truly luxurious kitchen, choose the design in Scandinavian style. It allows you to reflect the cold whiteness of the main kitchen headset. A combination with stone, wood, other simple natural materials clearly looks amazing. The room will be the most harmonious with a small number of accessories in 1-2 tones and with a pair of pots of decorative low greenery (Icelandic moss, succulents, mint and t. D.) Accents will help arite a competent point light.

If still there is a desire to create a cozy kitchen in a noble style, it can be done in the kitchen, the area of ​​which begins with 9-11 square meters. Instead of a heavy brown headset, choose white and elegant Provence style. It looks noble and at the same time gently and romantic. Thin details, stained glass windows, patina and coupling handles in combination with simple main lines create a unique charm of the French province of the XIX century. The kitchen ends with light, the sun, youth and special warmth.

Modern is the perfect solution for any room with different kitchen configurations. It can be the traditional arrangement of the headset on the walls, island, peninsular, in the form of the letter “G” or “P”. Such a style combines all the best features of extremely opposite styles – classics and high-tec, being a transitional between them. This is a compromise for those who know how to cook and loves to eat delicious, but do not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and the more thoroughly clean. Style Multifaceted. In its framework, quite unlike each other are created: warm and strict, romantic and bachelor, discreet and abundance of decor.

High-tech kitchens are most often performed in white color using a large number of chrome surfaces. Such kitchen is most often choosing perfectionists or young intellectuals, as well as those who are used to cook, as a professional chef. For such owners and hosts, the kitchen is a kind of laboratory, the study. There is nothing superfluous here, everything in its places and all processes are perfectly configured.

Design options

Before talking about design options, it is worth talking about the possibilities of pure white color. White glossy kitchen is perfectly combined with any materials, details and accents in the interior. Kitchen set in white glossa is able to transform any small room. You visually spread the space and at the same time get a lot of air and light. Ideally refracted the rays of natural lighting or converting artificial light accents will help chromed accents or mirror surfaces.

White color has many different shades. It is pearl, and creamy, and ivory color, opal, marshmallow and so on. They can be unusually combined with each other. Also enjoy the popularity of the headset, where the top is white, and the bottom can be another shade. Often choose the darker or at all contrast. Lent of Wenge or Cappuccino, burgundy red or dark chocolate will perfectly complement and dilute cold white top. This option will be both more practical, and will also create an unusual architecture of kitchen space.

White gloss in the facades of the kitchen is perfectly combined with ceramics, natural wood and MDF. Natural harmonious herbaceous, beige, olive tones make up a wonderful couple of pure gloss. Extravagantly looks like such a headset in combination of stressed contrasting accents. White with black, white with red creates spectacular pairs. Such a kitchen does not need a large number of accessories and additions. Smooth contrast will help soft yellow lights and use as an outdoor coating of natural wood.

Small details, multicolored finish and accessories create the impression of joy and fun. Such a design in combination with a white glossy facade is suitable for a big friendly family. You can use various hand maid things. They will only add heat and an atmosphere highlight.

It is important that the neutral white balanced by the colors that create a mood that helps recreate the comfort and the situation, which has to communicate and pleasant meals. Choose white gloss warm yellow, mustard, energetic orange and fresh green.


The mistresses of white glossy cuisines celebrate their attractive flawless look. Such a headset creates a feeling of light and free space. The big advantage, according to the reviews of the owners of such kitchens, are unlimited layout capabilities with various colors and textures both accessories and finishes. Despite the seeming groin and complexity in care, white should not be afraid. On it stains or scratches, dust is noticeable much less than on other colors. And if you choose not clean white color, but one of the shades or facade with a pearl effect, then you can win doubly. Such furniture will always look very luxurious and tidy.

Some drawbacks mark traces from fingers in the zone where the handles are attached. Clearing with them will help cleaning soft, but at the same time an effective means. Be sure to choose it without abrasive particles in the composition. Another little trick will help reduce almost minimizing stains from hand. It is worth replacing small handles on quite large in size. And when opening your fingers will practically not touch the surfaces of the facade.

Beautiful examples

The interior of the kitchen with furniture in the white glossy version always looks fresh and expensive. With relatively small cash investments, you can get a stunning effect. White forgives many design errors and gives a wide field for experiments with combinations of materials and combinations.

  • An island accommodation option is perfect for full furnish kitchen. Working surfaces from natural or artificial stone perfectly emphasize noble color.

  • A variant with a bar counter for young and active, loving to collect big companies of friends.

  • Scandinavian style design looks great, but it is worth being careful with accessories. They need to be minimal in a calm natural range.

  • White is good in different shades that can be successfully combined in one kitchen. Do not be afraid of alternations of glossy and matte surfaces.

  • With chocolate, coffee, noble gray and shades of wood White gloss looks very comfortable.

  • Create kitchen design in ethnic style will help mosaic or fine colored tiles, floor of natural materials and authentic bodies.

  • Light is important. Divide on point and accent lighting white kitchen on zones. Get the surround effect of the room.

In the next video, you will find a detailed tour of glossy white kitchen.

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