What should be the thickness of the table top for the kitchen?

Countertop in the kitchen is the most important place in the work area for the hostess. This surface is exposed to hot steam, moisture splashes and various cleaning chemicals. Therefore, it is important to choose the right thickness and material of the surface of this element.

Basics size and material

When the question arises about the acquisition of a kitchen headset, then many people have a desire to have not only a beautiful, but also a unique option. In this case, it is worth considering the nuance: the kitchen countertops are standard sizes and custom. The latter may have different sizes and individual shapes, they are an order of magnitude more expensive. The most common option is to buy a ready-made headset to which a tabletop is configured. For the right choice it is worth considering the following criteria:

  • room area;
  • convenience of fasteners;
  • Material and its quality characteristics;
  • Aesthetic species.

    As a rule, for the manufacture of tabletops most often used MDF or LDSP. The first option has a thickness of 28 or 38 mm. This applies to individual orders. Such a material is inexpensive, has many color solutions. If you need angular countertops, the MDF is not suitable, as the joke is very noticeable. Since this is natural material, only paraffin or lingle can be used for gluing. LDSP is a chipboard, which is covered with a layer of laminate. In production used formaldehyde. When choosing it is worth paying attention to the front edges. If they are very different from the place of sleep, this is a low quality indicator.

    Another popular stolen material – wood. From it, the planks make and glue them with joinery glue. Standard thickness – 18-20 mm or 40 mm. The first option is pretty thin, the second is thick. The material is easy to independently fit under the required dimensions. You can choose both an array and glued shield. The choice is based on personal preferences, since the quality and service life of the product is more dependent on the type of wood.

    The most expensive material for the production of countertops is the natural stone: granite, marble. The stone surface from marble has a thickness of 20-30 mm, it is best to use 26 or 28 mm. Granite countertops Just thicker: 30-50 mm. Such a tabletop will give the interior of luxury, makes notes of aristocracy. But with all the beauty, such surfaces are quickly damaged, and some stains are simply impossible to derive. Chipboard is used less often, as the surface should be moisture resistant. This material is cheap, but poor-quality.

    Tips for choosing

    When installing the countertops, it is worth considering not only the material, its thickness and other sizes, but also the fact that most of the table top is located between the stove and sink. This is the main space in the kitchen, it should be spacious and free. If there is an opportunity, in this gap is better not to install any technique.

    If you decide to use the cooking panel instead of a standard plate, then it is worth remembering that the thickness of the plate and panels must have the same indicator. Otherwise, the panel fails, and the repair of such equipment is quite expensive. Best of all at the purchase stage Pick up these components of the kitchen headset. If your table top has a thickness of 60 mm, then you should choose a stove. For small kitchens, the device is suitable for 2 burners. And also during installation you need to consider a place for other kitchen appliances, such as a microwave, coffee maker, toaster.

    When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the area and the form of the kitchen. For example, an angular version is suitable for a small rectangular room. When installing the countertops for an angular headset, you need to correctly arrange the joints of the plates. They must pass at an angle of 45 °. Sealants flooded. In the seams should not get the moisture, otherwise, with time, the material will turn out and will lose not only the appearance, but also its operational qualities. In addition, at the table top you need to carefully care.

    Any surface designed for the kitchen, although moisture-proof, still does not tolerate the presence of water, Material serves less than the stated term. When water gets into the surface, it is better to rub a worktop dryer. Some materials need regular special care. For example, a tree one or twice a year should be treated with special oil. It is sold in every construction store, and one bottle is enough for several years. This oil will help disguise small scratches.

    MDF, chipboard and LDSP do not require special care: it is enough to wipe a regularly damp cloth, you can using a soap solution. To avoid the appearance of spots, especially on light surfaces, it is advisable to use coasters and napkins. And none of the surfaces will not tolerate hot objects.

    Interesting examples

    The countertop is made of MDF. It is made of dark color material, contrasting the rest of the interior items. Its thickness is 28 mm. Harmoniously located plate and washing. Additional work surface is perpendicular to the main headset.

    Gorgeous thick table top of granite gives the kitchen luxurious and noble view. The photo shows that the surface is quite extensive and occupies the maximum area. Many space in the work area. Work in such a kitchen – one pleasure.

    Classic – Marble Countertop. Big space between washing and stove. Angular version of the table top is made of solid slabs.

    This photo presents an option to make a small kitchen tabletop non-standard form. The main material – LDSP – looks beautiful and harmonious. To work in the kitchen, it was spacious, as an extra work area, you can use a dining table.

    Non-standard approach to the design of table tops from a natural wood array. It is worth noting that such an ecosil lovers will appreciate this option. The edge of the countertop is the natural raw wood edge.

    Another option of using a natural tree in the design of a kitchen headset. It uses glued material. Tabletop is located an angle, released a spacious place for cooking.

    What should be the thickness of the table top for the kitchen, look in the video below.

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