What material to choose a gas boiler?

Most modern consumers prefer to choose gas cooking panels, the surface of which is made of enamel. But today, well-known manufacturers produce a variety of models. What a surface is more practical? All the answers and advice are already waiting for you in our material.

    Enameled coating

    Most of us have been accustomed to the fact that the surface of the gas cooking panel must be enamelled. Such a coating as enamel is indeed one of the most sought-after. Models with such a coating are distinguished by the available price and a variety of colors, which attracts many consumers.

    Enamelled coating over the years of its existence has already proven its practicality and durability. With proper care, such a cooking panel will look like a new long year. Such a coating is very resistant to corrosion and temperature drops, which is very relevant for the cooking panel, which runs on gas.

    On the surface of such a coating are completely not visible fingerprints, which does not spoil her aesthetic species. After cleaning, there are no traces of divorces, and it is easy to care for it with the help of modern cleaning agents.

    To date, you can easily find models from famous brands that have a coating of a particularly resistant enamel. And in order for the surface of the cooking panel not to lose its impeccable view over the years, it is necessary to clean and care for her carefully.

    Remember that it is impossible to clean enamelled coating with iron lips and cleaning products with abrasive particles. It is best to choose liquid cleaning agents.

    If we talk about minuses, then such a coating can be spoiled due to mechanical damage. For example, if you drop a heavy frying pan on the surface, then a dent can remain or appear. To prevent this and protect the enameled coating, choose model with solid cast-iron grids, which reliably protect the surface of the hob.

    Stainless steel

    Gas stainless steel coating cooking panels are also in great demand among modern consumers. Such a coating can be called a decent alternative to enamelled coating. Thanks to this material, any model of the cooking panel looks stylish and modern.

    This material has a number of significant advantages that should be told about. Stainless steel is a durable material that is perfectly withstanding a sharp difference in temperature. And for the gas cooking panel, this is very important quality. The material is resistant to shocks, and it is easy to care for it.

    If we talk about disadvantages, the main minus of such a surface is that it should also be cleaned with iron lips and abrasive detergents.

    If you do not comply with these simple rules, after the first coarse cleaning on the surface of the cooking panel, scratches will appear, get rid of which will not be possible.

    Another minus is that fingerprints are visible on such a surface. therefore We will have to regularly wipe the surface so that the model does not lose its aesthetic look.

    Glass ceramics

    Ceramic cooking panel – this is perhaps a relatively new version of gas woo panels. The main feature of such cooking surfaces is that they are made of tempered glass, which is distinguished by durability and durability. Such a surface is not afraid of the temperature drop, so it will be possible to quietly cook even on high heat.

    Gas cooking glass ceramic panel can be two types.

    • The first type of such models is the cooking panels, which are made on the technology “Gas on the glass”. Such models are characterized by special elegance and style, due to which perfectly fit into any modern kitchen interior. The main feature of such models is that the burners are located on top, that is, on the glass-ceramic surface. As a rule, the burners are securely protected by cast-iron lattices, thanks to which it will be possible not to be afraid of damaging the surface. Such models are perfectly withstanding heavy loads, which allows you to prepare even in bulk dishes. In addition, it is easy for such a surface. On the glass-ceramic surface, nothing burns, which facilitates the cleaning process.

    If we talk about disadvantages, it is a low thermal conductivity, in contrast to the surfaces of enamel or stainless steel. Because of this, the lack of gas flow in such models is slightly higher.

    In addition, fingerprints remain on the surface, which spoils the appearance of the cooking panel. But today it is quite possible to find models with a special protective coating, thanks to which no prints remain on the glass-ceramic surface. True, there are such models at times more expensive.

    • The second type of such models is the so-called “gas under glass”. In this case, the cooking panel is arranged in such a way that the burners are located under a glass-ceramic coating. Such models have their own advantages, for example, this is a high level of safety, as there is no open fire. In addition, to care for such a surface is easy and simple – just wipe the surface with a clean and soft cloth, and it will be clean again.

    In this option, you do not have to remove the burners before cleaning.

    Tips and recommendations

    To maintain the cleanliness of the chosen gas cooking panel and not spoil the perfect view of its coverage, it is recommended to adhere to the councils of specialists.

    • Whatever the surface you chose, Try to clean it immediately after cooking, After all, clear fresh pollution is much easier than the old.
    • The dried spots are very difficult to remove from the enameled surface, which is why it can be damaged. To prevent this, The dried spot should be pre-soften, but only then clean. For such a material, it is quite possible to use the most ordinary liquid dishwashing agent.
    • In order for the gas cooking panel to remain clean, You can purchase additional accessories for its protection, such as protective foil or reusable protective rugs. Such accessories are perfectly suitable for enamelled coating and stainless steel coatings.
    • If sugar, syrup or jam fall on the glass-ceramic surface, then Spots need to immediately delete, otherwise they can damage the surface. Try to use to clean the cooking panel those tools that are intended for glass-ceramic surfaces.
    • For the surface of stainless steel it is better to choose a rag of soft cotton fabric. She copes with his work perfectly and leaves unwanted divorce after cleaning.

    Tips for choosing a gas cooking panel – in the next video.

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