What is gas control in the gas stove and how to adjust it?

Gas fuel leak in the kitchen plate – a very dangerous process that sometimes leads to disastrous consequences. For this reason, manufacturers of modern gas devices use any methods to improve the safety of the life and property of their consumers.

One of these ways is the gas control mode, which is equipped with almost all modern plates.

How the system works?

Gas control in the kitchen plate is a system that provides a protective disconnection of the fuel supply when it is sudden attenuation, for example, in case of fathering a liquid from a pan. Such a mechanism increases the safety of the device, preventing the leakage of an explosive substance with a simple scheme.

Gas leakage safety system is as follows. Each burner has a burner with a flame feed sensor. When the slab handle is turned on, an electrical discharge is formed, which is transmitted through the sensor by the following chain:

  • thermocouple;
  • solenoid valve;
  • Crane Konforka.

Thermocouple is two wires of heterogeneous metal, combined by means of fusion. The place of their compound is a kind of thermoelement located at the level of flame burning.

The signal coming from the flame sensor to the thermocouple drives the solenoid valve. It produces pressure on the tap of the burner through the spring, which for this reason is maintained in the open position.

While the flame burns, and the heating element of the thermocouple is glowing from it, the electric discharge goes to the valve and causes it to work, while the crane remains open, providing uninterrupted gas supply.

The principle of gas control is that with a sudden attenuation of gas without turning off the handle of the device, the thermoelement of the wire pair ceases to heat up. Accordingly, the signal from it does not enter the electromagnetic valve. It relaxes, the pressure on the crane stops, after which it is closed – the fuel ceases to enter the system. Thus, simple, but reliable protection against gas leakage.

Previously, the kitchen stoves supplied the general gas control system, that is, it was one for all burners and ovens. If one conforing position came out of work, then the gas fuel supply stopped into all elements of the plate.

To date, such a system with automatic shutdown of fuel supply is connected separately to each burner. It is able to serve either the hob of the plate, or the oven. But it can be simultaneously supported in both of its parts, providing full gas control, but it still acts separately. The principle of its work remains.

For ovens such a system is especially useful, because their device is such that the flame burns under the bottom panel. May pass for a while until it will be revealed that it went out. But the defense will work on time, caring for the security of the owner.

How to disable?

Gas control function is undoubtedly very important detail for kitchen stove. Its main advantages are described below.

  • Prevent gas leakage – ensuring fire and explosion safety. In different models, the time of turning off the fuel supply is not equally: on average it is 60-90 seconds.
  • Since gas delivery is stopped even with premature release of the handle, it provides protection for children. As a rule, the child is not able to keep the button enough time to turn on the gas.
  • There is no need to constantly monitor the preparation of dishes. This mode is intended for plates with an electric fuel.

Such devices are very convenient due to the fact that you do not need to use matches, because just press the button, turn the handle – and the fire will light up.

But when you turn on the plate with autojiggling, its handle must be held for some time so that the flame caught fire. This is because, before gas goes into the system, and the fire will be lit, the thermocouple should warm up.

Each manufacturer has this time interval different. For stamps such as Darina or GeFest, the wait time is up to 15 seconds. Gorenje models have a mechanism after 20 seconds. Hansa acts faster: fire is burned after 10 seconds.

If the gas is ground, and it is required to re-turn on the slab, then the time for regulating the flame is also required, and even more than when the primary turning on. Some users are annoying, so they turn off such a function.

If there is experience with such devices, and their device is familiar, then this can be done yourself. First of all, you must definitely turn off the gas supply. Then you should open the gas control system, disconnect the thermocouple and remove the electric valve.

After that, you need to disconnect the spring from it – the main element leading “into the tone” crane. Then you need to re-assemble the mechanism and return it back.

Manipulation does not differ in difficulty, but it is necessary to make aware that the work is carried out with an explosive device. In addition, the control body may impose a fine in case of detecting such.

If this function is useless for the user, and it is firmly intended to disable it, then you need to call a specialist. After shutdown, the controller will make the appropriate entry in the device’s instruction book, where it will indicate the date and reason for refusing the function.


Along with the long incitement of the flame, the minuses of gas control can be attributed to failures in the work of a separate part of the plate in the event of a system breakdown, as well as it is not too easy to repair.

Signs pointing to the fact that the system failed:

  • Too long inclusion;
  • Fire attenuation without reasons in the process of cooking or the inability to ignite it initially;
  • The flow of gas with an involuntary flame extinguishing.

In the event of such problems, a specialist should be called. It will establish the cause of the breakdown and if possible eliminates it.

The causes of leak controller faults may be several:

  • Pollution or wear of the thermocouple – in such cases the element is purified from ingress or produce it to replace;
  • electromagnetic valve wear;
  • displacement of thermoelement relative to fire;
  • stupor of the conforing crane;
  • Separation chain.

Gas control mode in kitchen stoves is now as popular as, for example, timer or autourt. Almost every manufacturer releases models with support for such a regime.

  1. Domestic brand de luxe offers an inexpensive, but worthy model -506040.03g. The cooking surface has 4 gas hubs with an electrolywall using a button. Small flame mode is supported. The oven has lower gas heating and internal lighting, equipped with a thermostat, mechanical timer. Gas control is supported only in the oven.
  2. Slovenian company Gorenje, model Gi 5321 XF. Has classic dimensions, which allows you to perfectly enter it into the kitchen set. The cooking panel has 4 burners, grilles are made of cast iron. The oven is made by the type of wood stove with the optimal distribution of hot air.

From other advantages you can select the heat-resistant enameled coating, grill and thermostatic heating. The door is made of a two-layer thermal station. The model has corrosion of burners and ovens, as well as electrothemer. Gas control is supported on the cooking panel.

  1. Gorenje GI 62 CLI. Very beautiful model in the classic style of ivory color. The model has 4 burners of different sizes, including Wok. The oven is made in the style of home Made with heating thermostatics. Konfords and oven have autourt. The model is endowed with a alarm clock, a timer, gyclars for balloon gas, cleaning Aqua Clean, is distinguished by the presence of full gas control.
  2. Belorussian brand GeFest – Another well-known gas-controlled gas stove manufacturer (GHG model 5100-04 002). This device has an affordable price, but includes all the necessary complete set for convenient and safe use. It has white color.

There are four burners on the cooking panel, one – with rapid heating. Coating – enamel, grilles are made of cast iron. The model is distinguished by the presence of grill, thermostat, backlight, electrical facility for both parts. Gas control is supported in all burners.

Other famous brands – Bosch, Darina, Mora, Kaiser – also actively support the function of partial or full control of blue fuel leakage. Considering this or that model, it is necessary to ask the seller, for what time the defense is activated.

When choosing a kitchen plate, it is necessary to consider the gas control mode, which can be adjusted independently. It undoubtedly increases the cost of the product. But it is inappropriate to guess the price if it comes to family security.

On how to turn off gas control in the oven, you can learn more.

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