WEISSGAUFF dishwashers

    Everyone would like to make it easier for themselves at home, and with this great technique helps. Any hostess will rate the ability to use a dishwasher that will save time and power. WEISSGAUFF equipment enjoyed in great demand, which offers a wide range of kitchen equipment. Your attention is offered a description of the characteristics of the model range, recommendations for the installation and operation of this device.


    WEISSGAUFF dishwashers have long won the market for many consumers. This brand produces household appliances for the kitchen, which is able to ease the life of everyone who appreciates their time and strength. Manufacturer’s country Not alone: ​​Dishwashers are designed and created at the leading factories of China, Romania, Poland and Turkey. The main features of products include reliability, ease of management and efficiency. Each detail is carefully thought out, while the design is paid to a separate attention, so this technique will be not only useful, but also perfectly fit into the kitchen interior.

    In the WeissGauff assortment, many different models of machines are represented so that each can pick up by parameters and specific characteristics.

    Such a dishwasher is able to reduce water consumption, and, accordingly, the amount of the account, and it is important to take into account the volume and size of the equipment. Each model has at least two baskets for accommodating various dishes, there is a separate tray for small items. You can not worry about delicate sets and glasses, since in the machines there is a function for washing with fragile dishes, on which there will be no chip or scratches.

    Studying the range, you can make sure that each machine has a rich set of modes for working with different pollution. The electronic technique management, each will understand the interface, and the operation is quite simple to set up everything from the first time. An important advantage is leakage protection technology: if the hose or other parts are damaged, the water supply will be discontinued, and the technique will turn off from the network.

    This device does not require special care due to the presence of a filter that needs to be washed only twice a month.

    The lineup

    Embedded compact

    The company offers built-in dishwashers that have a number of positive characteristics. One of them is the BDW 4106 D model, the height of which is 45 cm, and this suggests that it is compact and does not occupy a lot of space. Six programs are built into this technique, a large display with light indication is installed, so controls as convenient as possible. Such a car can be placed in a small kitchen, while it will be quite effective. Inside placed up to six sets of dishes, Ergonomic baskets. Washing together with rinsing equipment will spend everything half an hour due to the rapid regime if there are no strong contaminants. In the settings, you can select the “Glass” function to wash the glasses, glasses and other products from a fragile material on which no divorces will remain, which is a big advantage.

    At the same time, you can arrange up to six sets of dishes in this dishwasher, thanks to modern well-thought-out and ergonomic baskets, which WeissGauff equip this model. If we are talking about strong pollution, choose the “90 minutes” mode, and the result will not disappoint you. The machine copes perfectly with the tasks set, not spending excessive water. If you want to wash the dishes at night or during the absence of the house, you can set the timer, everything else will make the technique itself. Even if you never used such a car, with this model it is easy to figure out, if necessary, you can download the dishes, which is also impressive.

    As mentioned above, WEISSGAUFF cars are equipped with leakage protection.

    Built-in 45 cm

    The BDW 4004 machine is also a compact device that can comply with cleanliness in the kitchen. She has three timers, it is possible to start the cycle during your absence. If you need to add a rinser or salt, you will tell you the glowing indicator on the panel. This is an affordable model of the dishwasher of the highest quality. It should be noted that it accommodates about nine sets of dishes, there is a fast, intense and economical program, each of which is intended for different levels of pollution. Such a stylish model will perfectly fit into the interior of modern cuisine, it looks aesthetic, elegant and does not take much space. It is possible to install a timer for three, six and nine hours, which is especially convenient for those who wish to run the sink process in their absence. In each model, you can download the dishes if you have such a need.

    Dishwasher BDW 4124 is offered at an affordable price, she has three levels of the timer, it is possible to turn on the deferred start. In this sample, the manufacturer set three ergonomic baskets, and at the top there was a place for cutlery. This is a spacious technique in which you can upload up to ten sets of dishes. If the contamination is unscrewed, after half an hour, the contents will glisten, there is no drying on the quick mode, the intensive program copes with any difficulties. In the car you can upload fragile glasses, saucepans, dishes from different materials. If you wish, you can adjust the middle basket to locate everything as much as possible ergonomically. This model also has a timer for a deferred start, which cannot but rejoice.

    In case of damage to the hose or other parts, the Aquastop function will work: the water will not be supplied to the machine, the technique will be disabled from the network automatically.

    Embedded 60 cm

    WEISSGAUFF manufactures embedded machines and large parameters. These include a full-sized model BDW 6042, where you can put up to twelve sets of various dishes. This technique has many different options and several modes for user convenience. Wash quality provide technological water sprinklers, the appearance of the model is also impressive with their design and aesthetics, it will look beautiful in any kitchen. If not required full load, the machine will type the desired amount of water, not spending excessive, which is a big advantage. You can wash the dishes even half an hour if the drying is not needed. Set the timer if you want the technique to start while you are not at home, and everything will be done at the highest level.

    Another option of economical full-size washing for dishes is BDW 6138 D, in which a rich selection of programs is internal illumination and the ability to apply a universal means. For the manufacture of a tank, the manufacturer uses stainless steel, the protection against leaks is installed and there is a rinse control with salt. Such an embedded machine accommodates up to fourteen sets, water consumption depends on the mode and varies in the range of 9-12 liters. During the standard program, the duration of the sink is almost three hours, you can choose one of the four temperature modes, there is half load. Drying condensation, from additional components there are holder of glasses and tank for cutlery.

    The height of the shelves can be adjusted, which is very convenient.

    Separately standing

    Such a kind of dishwashers is suitable for those who have a kitchen already equipped with a headcard and there is no possibility to use embedded techniques. This species has its advantages and features. The autonomous machine will be the perfect solution if you have a place where you can install it, or you often move and want to take it with you. Such a technique can stand anywhere where you are comfortable. Another advantage of a separate model is that when problems occur, you can get free access to detail and mechanisms. Often, such dishwashers are somewhat cheaper built-in, so you can save.

    If you do not have a lot of space in the kitchen, pay attention to the narrow separately standing model with five software modes DW 4015. If an intensive car wash is required, you can set pre-wigs, the capacity of the technique allows you to upload up to nine sets of dishes. The use of universal detergents, half loading and adjustment of the average basket. The top cover is removed, which allows you to mount the device under the tabletop.

    This model has electronic control with which everyone will understand.


    WEISSGAUFF equipment attracts aesthetics, ergonomics and reliable work. You can take a tabletop TDW 4017 D, which is equipped with a self-cleaning filter. This is an oversized model with water consumption of 6.5 liters. It will take little space, accommodates six sets of dishes and has a standby mode, besides offered at an affordable price. If you are interested in desktops for washing dishes, consider TDW 4006, which has simple control and six modes. This technique easily copes with pollution of any complexity, while economically spending water – only 6.5 liters. The main advantages should include a stainless steel chamber, compact size, the possibility of delaying per day, adjust the upper basket and a rich selection of modes.

    Installation and Connection

    If you just purchased a dishwasher, deal with how to turn it on, not so difficult. You can do it yourself without assistance. Need step-by-step instructions, a little time and tools at hand, as well as additional components. Often in the configuration are connective hoses, you will additionally need to purchase fixing clamps, ball valve and siphon. It is important to learn the installation scheme of the technique, which is indicated in the instructions from the manufacturer, then sum up the water supply, ensure a tap to sewage and hold the first launch.

    User manual

    It is imperative to deal with how the dishwasher works, study the varieties of programs, the temperature regime and correctly load the dishes, only this technique will serve for a long time. Almost every model of this technique, the door opening mechanism is similar. But to extend the life of the equipment, it is necessary to correctly fix it. Need a hexagon to twist the screws from which cables go. If the door opens tight, it is necessary to loosen the tension of the springs or, on the contrary, to strengthen depending on the situation.

    This is a simple manipulation, but it must be carried out in order for the mechanism to work simply.

    By installing and connecting the dishwasher, you need to hold the first test launch. No need to load dishes, it is necessary in order to identify the shortcomings of installation, besides, it will make it possible to wash the inner part of the equipment from oil, dust or other contaminants. It is recommended to choose a program with the highest temperature. But the main thing is to fall asleep salt and download the detergent. The first is required to protect the inner block of the machine from lime and plaque. In the dishwashers inside there is a special tank where salt is placed, the capacity is different depending on the type of device. It is extremely important to follow, whether it ended to replenish stocks. Salt reduces water rigidity, and this is important for washing and long service of kitchen appliances. If, as a result of the test, everything went well, you can download the car with dirty dishes, distributing it ergonomically, put the detergent, close the door and select the desired mode to start.

    Do not overload the basket, place the dishes in such a way that the jets of water can evenly wash off the pollution, before this remove large foodstuffs.

    Review reviews

    By numerous reviews of buyers who can be found on the Internet, it becomes clear that the presence of a dishwasher in the house greatly facilitates life. As for the brand WeissGauff, it deserves attention on a number of reasons. Many celebrate the reliability of this technique, a rich selection of models of different parameters, a good set of programs and temperature modes. A big advantage is the possibility of launching a timer washing and, of course, a great result of a washing device. Thus, WEISSGAUFF has deserved recognition of its customers and offers technique with a rich set of characteristics.

    With the correct operation of the dishwasher lasts for many years and will provide free time from home.

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