Wall clock in the kitchen: Selection Rules

Any room should have his own style, while staying cozy and comfortable. The kitchen is no exception, and therefore the presence of certain accessories in this room is very important. Wall watches have long been not only an instrument showing time, but also an element of the decor that complements and decorates the kitchen. To correctly pick up such a device for the kitchen, you need to know how to do it right.

Views and features

To correctly pick up the clock in the kitchen, you need to ask about the options that exist at the moment, and correctly use this information, taking into account the available premises. There are three main options for hours:

  • wall;
  • desktop;
  • Outdoor.

It is less common in the kitchen you can see the outdoor version of “Sodes”, because this watch is quite massive and occupy a lot of space, which in modern kitchens is not enough. Most often, such an outdoor accessory is placed in the canteens that are stylized under the classics, vintage or rococo.

Desktop clocks are also rarely found in the kitchen room, but in the presence of a free shelf, where they will fit well, the design of the room from them will only benefit. The advantage of this option is that there is a large species variety of hours that can be put on the table, wardrobe, shelf or windowsill, so it is possible to easily pick up a clock to the design of the kitchen room.

The desktop clock with the timer will be especially popular, which will not miss those or other moments of cooking and therefore any culinary opuses will be completed successfully.

The most popular and frequently used options are wall-mounted kitchen clocks. Their diversity does not have borders, and the convenience of use allows you to place on any wall or furniture by selecting the most successful place.

There are also embedded mechanisms that are installed on a specific surface, but not everyone will cope with such technology. There are devices that are installed on the Reiling, which allows them to place them in different parts of the kitchen if necessary. Such mobility for some people can be very important. In view of the wide variety of style, forms and options for the design of the clock, you should consider more specifically the most common types.


For those who like to see in front of them, right up to seconds, the best choice will be an electronic watch, as they have a scoreboard with a picture of numbers. Supports such mechanisms from batteries or electrical networks. By vibration of crystals in the electromagnetic field, the resulting pulses are issued to the electronic scoreboard in the form of numbers.

Electronic watches can be both independent devices, and enter some of the larger: computer, phone, tablet and not only. Other clockwork options such a function do not have.

A more modern appearance of electronic hours is not the only advantage compared to the rest. Often, additional functions are included in the device, for example:

  • calculator;
  • the calendar;
  • alarm;
  • timer;
  • barometer;
  • Temperature and humidity sensors.

This type of hours is not too expensive, but it is impossible to be cheap too. Due to the definition of time display and some additional functions, this clock does not lose their relevance, and a large selection of varied in shape, material and color of the enclosures allows you to choose the most appropriate option for a particular kitchen.


Mechanical clocks are one of the oldest options for such devices. The mechanism works under the action of power from a metal plate twisted in the spring. Springs twisting manually. Such mechanisms need a permanent factory, but at the same time they do not require any additional sources of energy, which can be called a plus. If we talk about minuses, the accuracy of the course of such devices wishes the best, which is the main disadvantage.

The spring can be unlocked more or less quickly depending on the temperature indicators, the positions of the clock and the wear of the parts, while the remaining options for watchmaking eliminate such problems. Despite certain disadvantages, it is the mechanical watch that are considered the most priority and classic. Partly this is associated with the fact that all the details are made manually, so each copy wears part of the watchmaker’s soul. Another advantage that can be distinguished is the smooth movement of the arrows along the dial, which can hardly wait for quartz species.


Quartz species is located between mechanics and electronics, as they work from the battery, as electronic, but have the head of the mechanical clock on the scoreboard. It is such a symbiosis of both options and makes quartz watch the most popular for use in all rooms, and especially in the kitchen. Quartz watches have good accuracy due to quartz crystal, which stabilizes the frequency of impulses responsible for the course of hours.

Despite its simplicity in the form of displaying the dial and shooter, It is quartz watches for a kitchen that can have the most diverse type of design. There are products without protective glass, where the dial is stylized under the picture or some decorative canvas. Watch looks very interesting, in which the scene of the arrows has an imitation of kitchen appliances: spoons, forks or knives. The form of such devices may be the most diverse – from the classic round to square or more non-standard and disproportionate.

Style and Design

The design of the kitchen can be the most diverse, and depends on the dimensions of the room, the functional purpose and the desire of the owners themselves to do something special. The choice of hours will be carried out by the existing room, which will give it to supplement it and decorate. If the kitchen is made under the classics, simple classic options with arrows will look at it. The most suitable material in this case will be a tree or high-quality imitation. The color scheme should be natural, and the design is simple, without abundance of decorative parts.

If the kitchen is made in the style of Provence or Country, from the best pick clock in pastel colors. The most organically will look for devices, decapaded decoupage techniques, which adds comfort and beauty to the room due to the presence of flowers or original drawings on the dial. For modern fusion styles or high-tech, it is best to select a minimalism watch, which will not attract unnecessary attention, but organically fit into space.

Depending on the style of design of the kitchen, the clock can be original, correctly rearranged or the most simple as possible. The main condition is the presence of high-quality material of the hull, wooden and metal products are currently the most priority. If you wish, you can independently make a clock for the kitchen, watching the stylish work of the masters, which are available on the Internet and special literature. The most popular at the moment are the clock in the form of a picture (clock-picture), which combine the function of the decor and time decor.

Each owner picks up every detail of the interior to himself, the clock is also no exception. Unusual options can become a winting of the room, bright colors, an interesting appearance of the clock and arrows themselves will become an excellent addition to the overall concept of the premises.

Among the most contrasting, but interesting color options can be allocated:

  • red;
  • black;
  • white;
  • Purple.

If you want something purely kitchen, then the clock “frying pan” or the arrows in the form of forgel spoons will be the perfect option for this. There is no absolutely clear framework for choosing the type of hours and their appearance under the specific style of the kitchen, but certain patterns still exist and they should be known.

How to choose?

To choose the clock to be correct, you need to focus on some important criteria. Let’s see what.

  • Style watch – They must partially or fully match the style of the room. For retro kitchens – antique options, for the style of Provence – a clock with flowers, and the classic will be effectively complemented by a wooden accessory.
  • Functionality – The clock is placed where they are clearly visible, in addition, you can combine several functions in one device: a picture and watches, a place to accommodate tapes and towels and a clock mechanism.
  • Form of product – Most often, the clock is made round, square or rectangular shape, but now you can find polygons, as well as clock in the form of fruits and household appliances.
  • Material – The most popular now tree, metal, plastic and ceramics.
  • The size – depends on the preferences of the owners and the size of the kitchen itself. For a small room it is worth choosing smaller copies, and for a large one you can use something rather large.
  • Color spectrum – The choice is carried out on the basis of the color of the walls and the interior, which already exist in the kitchen.
  • Type of mechanism – The most popular quartz, battery and having arrows, but electronic can also be seen in the kitchen premises.

The right choice of clock makes it possible to use them and enjoy their appearance as an element of decor.

Much better hang?

To use the clock in the kitchen is convenient, you need to find the right place for them. The most correct will hang the device on the free wall, where they will be seen from any part of the room. Usually for this are used large size hours, which are the decoration of the kitchen. You can be guided by other motifs when selecting the right location for a watch device, for example, install them on the canons that preach the fashionable Feng Shui, which will give psychological comfort to the owners and can positively affect their well-being.

In the event that the work area is on the opposite side of the clock, and access to them is not too convenient, you can put a small device with a timer somewhere nearby. To always be aware of time and correctly plan the day, as well as monitor the cooking process.

Beautiful examples in the interior

  • Correctly selected watches for the kitchen – the convenience, beauty and style of all rooms. The modern diversity of devices allows you to choose exactly what will rightfully be located on the wall of the room, pleaseing the eye and helping to be always and everywhere in time.

  • The original design can be a reminder that and when eating, as well as cause appetite, which is especially important for breakfast. Bright colors, interesting and creative decorative elements will be a real decoration of kitchen appliances.

  • Small devices placed in the working area can also serve as a shelf for salt and spices, which is very convenient for any mistress. Style and color gamut must match the interior of the kitchen itself.

  • The original form with stylized arrows under the plug and the knife will be decorated with any kitchen, as it will be suitable for almost any interior. The clock variability is now so great that it will have to spend some time before choosing something most suitable.

In the next video you will find the wall clock decor into the kitchen with your own hands.

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