Vitek vacuum cleaners: features and types

Vitek – Leading Russian Household Appliance Manufacturer. Mark is very popular and included in the top 3 for households. The latest Vitek technologies are perfectly combined with an attractive appearance, and the quality of products is combined with a profitable value.


Household appliances Vitek appeared in 2000. Melic fuel immediately acquired the greatest popularity, and later inexpensive vacuum cleaners with aquailtration. To date, there are 7 models of this category in the official catalog. There are 17 vacuum cleaners of a mixless type, 12 models with a bag for collecting dust, 7 vertical vacuum cleaners and 2 handicrafts. The presented technique is not the cheapest, but in demand in the average price range not only in Russia. The optimal ratio of value and quality is estimated by the owners of these devices around the world.

The cheapest in the assortment line are aggregates with a dust collection bag. If the container is reusable, it empties and is installed in place if one-time is replaced by a new. The units are powerful, well coped with dry cleaning function, but the power of the device decreases as the container fills. This feature is a lack of data models.

Vacuum cleaners with plastic containers and a cyclone filtration system also have good power, which does not decrease with the filling of the container. Capacity easy empty, washed. Additional accessories to the device is not required, and this is considered an essential plus of these models. AquaFilter devices are innovation. The devices are also equipped with a plastic container, but it is filled with water. Dust and garbage along with air are sent to this container. It is called Aqua Filter.

Models are distinguished by impressive weight and serious dimensions, but, in addition to cleansing surfaces, provide air purity.

In the Vitek line, there are models that can switch to two modes: from the aquiltration to cyclone filtering mode. The unit is distinguished by a significant absorption capacity – 400 W, which creates additional convenience during operation.

The device can be collected and dry dust, and liquid, which is not available even to many expensive models. The filtration system in this model is five-speed, and in the delivery kit there is a turbo. Significant disadvantage of the device – a complex system of an aqua filter, which is difficult to clean after application. However, the pros and cons are in all Vitek models, so the characteristics can be generalized in a single list.

Pros and cons

Possible advantages and disadvantages are considered when the question of choosing the model of the brand like. In modern conditions, Vitek offers a wide variety of species of vacuum cleaners. Each copy is different in dimensions, autonomy, other characteristics. The most budget and simple units among the Vitek line – vacuum cleaners with dust collection bags. The devices are characterized by simplicity in use and small-size. The main advantage of vacuum cleaners of the brand in question – quality. Bags for collecting dust in the ruler can be paper or tissue.

Classic kit includes 5 products. Users can choose the appropriate version of the bags. In addition to low prices and the possibility of selecting filters, there is another advantage: the continuous readiness of the device to work.

Disadvantages of these models are to:

  • poor dust catching;
  • the need to constantly purchase debris for garbage;
  • difficulty cleaning filters;
  • Unhygenicity when changing reusable tanks.

Vitek’s vacuum cleaners with plastic bowl also have their advantages and disadvantages. A huge plus of these models – no bag. They have a large-scale collection system. Its functions are to delay major fractions (buttons, hairpins, coins) in a special handle that is attached to the bowl. As a result, the power of suction does not decrease when filling the container. The negative qualities of these models are:

  • not very high power;
  • Capacity for collecting large garbage is quickly filled with small dust, which reduces the functionality of this adaptation;
  • The vacuum cleaners with the container publish more noise;
  • If the container is transparent, it quickly becomes unattractive;
  • In the container, the garbage with a small mass and a decent length (straws, hair) is poorly delayed.

Vacuum cleaners with water filter are considered modern and high-quality in terms of cleaning of the apartment. Products are also not deprived of positive and negative characteristics.

Positive parties in a multi-stage cleaning system:

  • Water curtain from sprayers keeps almost all dust;
  • Additional filtering system holds dust residues in a state of drip suspension;
  • In the system there are stabilizing filters that do not give to the collected dust on the bottom of the container;
  • Antiallergenic air purification.

Cons of vacuum cleaners with aquiltration:

  • Large dimensions and weight;
  • the need to clean the container after cleaning;
  • The ability to delay particles with water-repellent qualities – feather, plastic, chips, these elements cause clogging of the filtering system;
  • There is a frequent fluid flow when overcoming thresholds;
  • Bacteria, mold, other pathogens actively appear in the aqua filters.

Detergents are distinguished by multifunctional. Usually models are suitable for dry cleaning surfaces and wet cleaning. The Vitek line has a model that can interact with steam surfaces. The main disadvantage of such devices is high cost. Typically, such products are purchased for social facilities, places with a large cluster of people. Technique perfectly cleans carpets, tiled floors and walls. Parquet, board, natural carpet better clean with vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning or gentle means.

The advantages of washing vacuum cleaners:

  • wet and dry cleaning;
  • the possibility of cleaning the clouded miles;
  • the possibility of car wash;
  • collecting spilled on the floor;
  • Aromatization of the room;
  • The possibility of collecting large sera.

Disadvantages of technology:

  • decent dimensions, from that bad maneuverability;
  • the need to washing filters after each cleaning;
  • high cost of special detergent liquids.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner, I want to buy a device with a minimum number of shortcomings that are maximally suitable for specific conditions. Innovative advantages have many Vitek models. We will understand more in their characteristics.

Vitek VT-8117 BK

Spectacular vacuum cleaner with a 4-speed filtration system, “Cyclothnik”. In the filtration system there is a device that will clean the room from microbes. The configuration offers various brushes that will ensure perfect purity even under furniture. High Efficiency Particulate Air – Modern technology that is used in expensive models. This vacuum cleaner will cost 7,500 rubles.

Vitek VT-1833 PR

Vacuum cleaner with aqua filter, it is distinguished by the power of air pulling 400 W, a volume dust collector at 3.5 liters. The filter system consists of aqua and HEPA filters. Turbo wool, which is included in the kit, effectively remove hair and wool. High Efficiency Particulate AIR will keep the smallest elements and make the air indoors.

Vitek VT-1886 B

Device with a “Aqua” filter, good power of air pulling – 450 W. There is a power regulator on the product itself, which is decorated in blue. Telescopic suction tube. A distinctive feature of the model can be considered the presence of a turbo. The cost of the product is about 10,000 rubles.


Model with a five-speed filter system, “cyclone”, three nozzles in the configuration, good power of air pulling – 350 W, interesting coloring with a gray-green case. The price of the product is distinguished by democraticness – only 5000 rubles.

Vitek VT-1894 OR

Model with five-speed filtration, “Multicon”. When filling in the container, the vacuum cleaner does not lose its power. Combined and slit nozzle are supplied in the configuration. The device is convenient and easy to use. To enable the model there is a foot switch, and to adjust the power – control on the handle. High Efficiency Particulate Air is present and delays up to 90% of the smallest elements of garbage and dust.

Vitek VT-8103 B

Vertical vacuum cleaner with disconnected tube and brush, which allows the model as a manual. The instance is distinguished by the possibility of connecting turbo. Power suction product – 350 W, and the volume of the dust collector – 0.5 liters. The vacuum cleaner can only carry out dry cleaning, filtering steps 4. The electric brush is included in the main equipment package.

Vitek VT-8103 OR

Modification of the previous version with similar characteristics, differs only by color decoration. The product is performed in an orange coloring, and the previous one – in blue. Both products are sold at a democratic price from 7500 rubles.

Vitek VT-8105 VT

“Cyclothnik” with vertical parking of telescopic pipe, weight – 6 kg. There is a HEPA filter that can be washed after cleaning. Power suction is not lost with use. The dust tank has a fill indication, so it will not be necessary to check it every time. High Efficiency Particulate AIR is available, and this allows effective cleaning of the room from allergens and harmful organisms.

Vitek VT-8109 BN

Model in strict design, “cyclone”, 5 steps of filters, good power – 450 W, Capacity – 3 liters. There is a power regulator on the housing, a tube telescopic of metal, vertical parking. Product Weight – 6 kg. The dust collector is made in the form of a transparent flask with an automatic cleansing function. Network cable – 5 meters. In the configuration there are several brushes that will help make your home perfectly clean.

Vitek VT-8111

The model is characterized by strict appearance, improved filter system. Five air purification steps with a HEPA filter. Telescopic tube of this model metal, there is a vertical parking. Product Weight – 7.8 kg.

Vitek VT-8120

The model is implemented in a democratic price – about 6,000 rubles, there are no soft debris for garbage. Filtration – 3-speed, with a HEPA filter. The model is equipped with a system for collecting large. Slim filter clean even air. Dust collector with a capacity of 3 liters do not need to be cleaned after each cleaning. Weight model less than 4 kg, color decoration – blue-gray.

How to choose?

When there is a question about choosing a better vacuum cleaner for the house, it is necessary to be determined not only with power parameters. For example, the convenience of operation is more often considered. On this characteristic, for example, affects the case, which can be horizontal or vertical. The last option is wireless, rechargeable or equipped with a network cord.

Separate attention is paid to the ecology of the device. For example, part of the absorbed dirt from ordinary vacuum cleaners is falling back into the room, and this is harmful to allergy. Therefore, models with a water filter without a bag for garbage and with an aquailtration system.

The easiest way to decide between the vertical and ordinary model. Vertical cane with a brush and rigid garbage container is considered as a manual instance as a substitute for a regular broom for local cleaning. The usual horizontal vacuum cleaner is selected for global surface cleansing. Additional functionality is considered as needed. Rechargeable turbo sheet, nozzles improve the result of ordinary daily cleaning.

Such a model is better adapted for cleaning in hard-to-reach places. Design is considered as more reliable. Motors usually have better power.

In conventional vacuum cleaners, there are important equipment bags or tanks for garbage and dust. The innovation of the last generation of vacuum cleaners – Aqua Filter. These specimens have certain negative qualities, so Vitek supplies its devices with conventional soft tanks for dust, which adds versatility of these products. For many important parameter is the price.

When choosing cheap models with bags, it is worth considering the need for cash investments during their operation. Container vacuum cleaners are more expensive, but practically do not require expenses in further operation. And filters if they come into disrepair, then no soon, and you can make new things with your own hands.

Models with AquaFiltration require additional expenses for the so-called additives, which are spoken by defoamers. For efficient cleaning, it is often necessary for special detergents that differ high costs.

Power consumption in Vitek models varies from 1800 to 2,200 W, but it is not associated with suction. The last indicator at Vitek is even higher than that of expensive copies of German production – 400 W. These options for products are not complemented by turbo. The length of the network cord from models of foreign production is greater, but it takes the product. Each itself determines the most important parameters of the selection and acquires the most convenient model.

Operating Rules

Basic rules for using vacuum cleaners are easy, they are easy to remember.

  • The possibilities of any devices are limited in time. For example, any dust collection device should work no more than one and a half hours, otherwise there is a risk of overheating engine.
  • Do not press the nozzle to the surface. Air access will provide better cleaning efficiency, and also cool the motor during operation.
  • The best cleaning surface can be achieved if you move the nozzle is not too fast.

With a decrease in suction power, it is desirable to inspect the dust collector. Perhaps it requires cleaning or replacement. It needs to be done immediately, as it felt less traction. No need to wait for the end of the cleaning cycle. This will lead to the load on the motor and breakage of the vacuum cleaner. For some kinds of cleaning it is better to use the power regulator. For example, this feature is convenient when cleaning curtains, furniture or bookshelves. Garbage from bags is undesirable to throw away from the mines that are in some apartment buildings.

This action is allowed if you have a disposable dust collector or rubbish packed in a bag.

Step air filtration in many vacuum cleaners requires careful cleansing. All filters must be correctly cleaned, and if necessary, on time is replaced. The instruction involves different filter replacement time, this information needs to be viewed to a specific instance.

The rules for working with electrical devices are usually identical, they can also be applied to vacuum cleaners:

  • Do not touch the device with wet hands;
  • Clean the bag and container when the electricity is turned off;
  • Do not use the cord to turn off the vacuum cleaner, for this there is a fork;
  • Do not use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning water or fluid by models for dry cleaning;
  • Consider changing the tone and volume when working with a vacuum cleaner, it may indicate problems in electronics or system clogging.

You can not use the device without a container for garbage. For efficient cleaning, bags and container do not need to fill to the maximum possible mark. The unit can not be left on storage near heating devices. Sources of heat deform plastic parts of the device. It will worsen cleaning quality. It is impossible to put the cargo on the corrugation, it is also not recommended to get up on it.

For wake-up foods, washing powder and construction waste is better to use other means of cleaning, and not a vacuum cleaner. The main purpose of household cleaning equipment is the cleansing of objects and surfaces from dust. Small dust removed with vacuum cleaners more difficult because of residual static electricity in synthetic carpets. If the carpet is sprinkling with antistatic before cleaning, cleaning will be more efficient.

Soft upholstery can lose its former quality due to abrasion of a small pile. Often, internal filler is drawn together with dust in the vacuum cleaner. Upholstered furniture is not recommended to be cleaned often with a brush for genital coatings. For this task there is a special nozzle.


Buyers evaluate Vitek vacuum cleaners in different ways. For example, they are recommended only 80% of the owners. There are users who have only a budget price from their advantages. Vitek VT-1833 G / PR / R is considered a very noisy product that copes poorly with cleaning and air filtration. Although there are comments to negative feedback on this model that the device is still good, and the owner simply did not figure it out with his instance.

Vitek VT 1833 – an earlier version of the product with aquille, but it is rated positively. In the model, everyone likes strict design, easy to maintain, durable and surround garbage collection container. Some products with aqua filter are estimated, on the contrary, as complex in service. For example, it is indicated by the need for constant cleaning of the container and flushing filters. But this necessity applies to all similar devices. The same popular Vitek VT-1833 G / PR / R by other owners is rated positively. Its main dignity – high-quality cleaning of all dust.

The same model also has such positive characteristics: powerful, convenient, compact, non-bag for dust collection, aqua filter. This is one of the budget options from the series of vacuum cleaners with cyclone filtering and the Aqua function. Many users note that one should not overpay for the brand name, when the same functions have an inexpensive apparatus of domestic production.

How correctly use Vitek vacuum cleaner, look in the following video.

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