Vacuum cleaners for washing windows: how to choose and use?

Washing windows – the procedure necessary, but rather problematic. Purification of glasses should be very high quality, but no danger should be created for a person conducting it. One owners to solve the problem turn to professionals, and others acquire a special vacuum cleaner who can help with this task.


The robot vacuum cleaner, intended for the sink of glasses, is not yet enough presented in the Russian market due to its recent appearance. Now it is mainly produced by two firms – Windoro from South Korea and Taiwan Hobot. The window vacuum cleaner can also be used for cleaning tiles, shower cabins, shop windows and other surfaces that are not scary exposure to moisture. The detergent unit functions both on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Without creating no danger to a person who uses him, he copes with any mud formed on the glasses. The cost of such a vacuum cleaner cannot be called small, but also excessive it is not considered.

If we talk about simpler designs, then these are ordinary hand vacuum cleaners equipped with a battery. The hostess leads them vertically from top to bottom, and thus flushes and sucks the pre-applied liquid with mud. Required fixation provides a special tire nozzle. Water spraying is usually carried out using a pulverizer.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of the window vacuum cleaner is determined depending on the complexity of the design. A simple device involves the preliminary application of water to the surface, and then it is washing and sucking using a wiper cleaner.

The robot vacuum cleaner moves over the surface and special details covered with napkins, cleans the glass.

What are there?

Robots-Vacuum cleaners for washing windows can be vacuum – their implementation is the company HOBOT. The device is fixed on the window with a special suction cup, from which the entire air leaves at this time, and then the vacuum cleaner starts to move over the surface. To check if the vacuum cleaner attached well, it is necessary to pay attention to the sensor readings – it is he who takes every second control of what is happening. In the event that the hitch turns out to be poorly, the unit ceases to function, and a special signal informs about this. In addition to the suction cup, the safety cord is responsible for the safety of the device.

Vacuum vacuum cleaner can treat the surface whose thickness does not exceed 3 millimeters. The processed surface can be made of glass and plastic. Therefore, no scratches from using suckers should not occur. Such models are completed with an additional battery, so they can work in the situation of stopping. In addition, there is a special console available, allowing to remotely control the device.

The vacuum cleaner is started using the engine, and the cleaning is performed by a pair of rotating nozzles on which the cloth with a cleaning agent. The only disadvantage of such a device can be called a round shape of the brushes, not always effectively cleaning the corners of the window frames.

Another type of window vacuum cleaners are magnetic washers – Windoro is responsible for them. Such models are equipped with an internal and external module: the first are responsible for navigation, and the second – the cleaning process itself. Magnets located in each part are attracted to each other, thereby ensuring fixation on the window. The surface of the surface passes with four parts covered with reusable napkins. In addition, the device has scrapers capable of quality processing the angles of the window opening, as well as a pulverizer that feeds the cleaning liquid. The company produces models suitable for windows with different thickness – less than 15 millimeters and from 15 to 28 millimeters. Their main difference lies in the weight and power of magnets providing clutch.

Rating models

Hobot 188 and Hobot 168 are considered the most popular models of Hobot. Hobot 168 is very compact and consumes little energy. Its operation does not cause any difficulties – the device is attached to the window, activated using the button and then acts on its own. Hobot 188 is provided with built-in sensors, due to which, reaching the edge of the surface being processed, turns back. Work is carried out from the electrical network, but the model also has a battery. This apparatus has 3 modes: dry cleaning, wet cleaning and processing horizontal surfaces.

In this case, the vacuum cleaner copes even with surface drops. The length of the cord is 4.5 meters, and from falling the unit protect the vacuum pump and special sensors. However, the device makes too much noise, it does not cope with large areas, and also works quite slowly, passing per minute only 0.25 kV. meters.

With the help of Hobot 268 you can wash almost the whole house, even ordinary floors. Vacuum cleaner is running from the network, but also equipped with a battery in case of turning off the energy. The unit is responsible for wet, and for dry cleaning, coping with various surfaces: glass, ceramic tile, parquet. Processing 2.4 kV. meter per minute, device cleans areas of any size. Like other models, this can also be monitored using a special console.

Unfortunately, Hobot 268 is not distinguished by resistance and any mechanical impact or a sharp movement will be driven to its breakdown. Sometimes he is experiencing problems, building a route, and as a result “flies” to obstacles. Finally, the design itself is so cumbersome that it cannot be used to clean narrow openings.

WinBot W730 is ideal for cleaning windows. In addition, this unit is able to cope with cleaning and designs, not limited to frame, for example, mosaic, mirrors or doors – the function of automatic route determination is responsible for it. Fixing the device on the glass is due to suction cups. Although the vacuum cleaner is usually powered by the power supply, in case of disconnection of the energy, it is possible to use the battery.

Work can be monitored using a special console. Details such as side rollers and bumpers are responsible for preventing the appearance of scratches. The first disadvantage of such a model is the length of the wire not exceeding 3 meters. The second drawback is slow cleaning – the vacuum cleaner is capable of rinse only 0.15 kV. Meter Square.

Windoro WCR-i001 is fixed on the window with magnets. Thus, one part of the design is responsible for washing the glass, and the second – calculates the route based on specific sizes and configuration. The nutrition of the vacuum cleaner occurs due to the battery, which is enough on average for two hours. The need for wires in this case is missing. The device is not only compact, but also efficiently – for 1 hour, rins about 15 square meters of surface.

Thoughtful orientation allows you to avoid collisions with frames and other partitions. Magnets will not stop even in case of battery discharge. You can control the device either using the remote control, or entrusted it to act offline. The main disadvantage of this model is the impossibility of its use in Russian realities. Windoro WCR-I001 works with a width from 5 to 15 millimeters, as well as from 16 to 28 millimeters, and in Russia such a parameter is usually 32 millimeters. In addition, there are certain difficulties with the programs used. The most popular manual vacuum cleaners are the models of the Karcher, Vax and Hoover Jive.

How to choose?

Choosing a vacuum cleaner for washing windows, it is important to think about exactly where it will be used and in what scale. For example, if it is several small windows, it is quite enough to purchase a manual aggregate. If the windows, tile, mirrors and other surfaces will be processed using one device, then it is worth choosing a window robot. To process only glass windows, it will be enough magnetic fastening, but for another material it is worth purchasing a vacuum model. The more diverse the cleaned surfaces, the more difficult it should be a design.

In the case of vacuum cleaners, it is important to trace the length of the cord to be sufficient, there was a backup battery, and the speed of movement was maximum. The advantage is the presence of various brushes and scrapers, as well as sensors capable of forming the most thoughtful route, and protective parts. Since no vacuum cleaner will cost without consumables – napkins and cleansing solutions – it is important to make sure that they will not have any difficulty replenishment.

Of course, the name of the manufacturer is important. The company must be a well-known, having a good reputation and numerous positive reviews.

Subtleties of use

If it does not occur when using a manual unit, it does not occur, it is necessary to move it from top to bottom, and in hard-to-reach places to follow horizontally, the operation of the robot vacuum cleaner should take place with some rules. For example, activating the vacuum device, it must be placed on the surface and hold the hand for a few seconds. Special signal will make it clear that the design successfully sucks. And only after that you can proceed to work.

If the sink process passes abnormally, then at any moment the situation will be able to suspend, using the control panel.

In the next video you will find a review of the robot for washing windows IBOTO WIN 168.

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