Vacuum cleaners for computer: features and subtleties of choice

    People having computer equipment should think about her cleanliness. It is for this purpose that manufacturers produce vacuum cleaners for a computer that help keep in order block and keyboard. It is the regularity of cleaning that will be able to save your smart assistant from breakdowns, failures in work, as computers scored by dust are noisy and poorly function.


    Everyone who owns PCs should know that this type of equipment needs to be periodically cleaning the components of the system unit. This thing is quite easy to use, as it does not require the presence of the power supply, the unit is running from the battery. This appliance is simply necessary to maintain a computer clean with a prophylactic goal.

    The use of a mini-vacuum cleaner for a computer contributes to the following activities:

    • The absorption of dust and garbage in the fine fraction occurs without mechanical influences on the PC;
    • Cleaning is much more efficient than when ordinary cleaning, besides, the user spends on the procedure for a minimum of time;
    • This type of vacuum cleaner allows you to take with you on the road, and thanks to the USB nutrition system, you can use the unit at the right moment.

    People who have already become the owners of a mini vacuum cleaner for a computer, clean with its help not only the elements of cooling technology, but also the keyboard, which for the period of use is filled with various garbage.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Vacuum cleaners for PCs relate to convenient devices that Have a lot of advantages:

    • low weight, which contributes to the use of aggregate people with disabilities;
    • The compactness of the dimensions allows you to conveniently store the device;
    • Small noise level – thanks to this characteristic, the mini vacuum cleaner can be used at any time of the day;
    • Easy to care, cleaning equipment does not take much time and effort.

    The shortcomings of a small assistant practically does not have. But some minuses still should be noted.

    1. Limiting capabilities. This type of vacuum cleaner is intended only for use when cleaning the equipment, it is impossible to remove the room, since the unit is low for this process.
    2. Small capacity of the tank, where dust is going to. In a situation where the cleaning of the computer took place a long time ago, it will be necessary to embroider a dust collector several times.

    All other characteristics of this type of equipment contribute to its convenience in work and great benefits.

    Since the usual household vacuum cleaner can cause damage to the details of the vacuum cleaner or laptop, it is better to purchase a special mini-unit for this purpose.


    If you wish to clean the computer using a domestic vacuum cleaner, the user can eliminate not only contamination, but also small elements of technology. With this task, special units are perfectly coping with, which, when connected to the USB port, PCs contribute to the cleansing of the most hard-to-reach corners of the art. The vacuum cleaners for computer equipment include toner aggregates. Using the latter, the cartridges of printers, copiers are refilled, repair is carried out. Their filter is arranged in such a way that the smallest magnetic particles made of metal occurs, as well as polymer elements.

    Vacuum cleaners for cleaning of dust system unit and other parts of technology There are two varieties.

    1. Stationary. It is used when servicing office equipment. The unit is equipped with a two-step cleansing system where there is a rough cleaning, as well as the detention of the smallest particles with a fine filter. The range of such vacuum cleaners includes machines with high toner volume filtering from 20.5 to 30 thousand. gram.
    2. Service. This type of vacuum cleaner is produced by many manufacturers. Due to the simplistic design, the devices are inexpensive. USB devices are excellent options for cleansing a laptop or PC keyboard.

    The most popular and demanded computer models for computer equipment can be attributed the following.

    USB Vacuum Cleaner Orient V-01N

    This small computer vacuum cleaner allows you to quickly clean the keyboard of your technique at any time of the day. The unit works due to the connection of the USB cord, which is included. In the configuration to the device is also a brush and a tube with a narrow throat.

    This miniature vacuum cleaner is equipped with a built-in flashlight.

    MobileData NP-05

    USB vacuum cleaner MobileData NP-05 has a weight of 60 grams, so easy to use. It is characterized by low power consumption, the presence of two nozzles, as well as an affordable price.


    Vacuum Electric Duster ED-500 is a small but rather powerful device that is ideal for cleansing office equipment from dust. This model has a portable unit with a slight weight and compact size. Works apparatus from the electrical network. The advantages of the vacuum cleaner include its environmental safety, mobility, strength, ease of use.

    Among the minuses, users highlight the high cost and deficiency of goods.

    How to choose?

    In order to remove contamination from the computer did not cause difficulties, it is worth purchasing a special vacuum cleaner, whose choice should be related to special attention. The most optimal options include rechargeable models that are effective, safe, light portable devices providing assistance not only to computer users, but also by car owners. Despite its low power, the unit perfectly copes with the tasks.

    Many models are equipped with charging connections from a USB or on-board car network. Such small handicraft vacuum cleaners that can be used without an electrical power source are considered the best for carrying out such types of cleaning.

    Mini vacuum cleaners will easily remove accumulated dust, and they do not create difficulties in disassembling and assembling.

    It is also worth paying attention to the presence of nozzles in the configuration for a computer vacuum cleaner. These additional devices are able to significantly expand the functionality of the unit. Nozzles may have a view of a brush or a slit tube, they are perfectly suitable for eliminating dust and debris in a hard-to-reach place. When buying a vacuum cleaner for the PC, it is not necessary to circumvent the attention of the model that are equipped with LED backlight, their use in the dark will be particularly relevant. Nozzles that have rubber tips do not damage the technique when cleaning it.

    Acquisition of a vacuum cleaner for computer equipment is an expedient attachment, as well as an excellent gift. A variety of color gamut and design contribute to the selection of the device for every taste.

    Terms of Use

    In order for computer equipment to work well and it has not needed a general cleaning or even repair, it is worth not only to use the mini vacuum cleaner, but also to care for the aggregate itself.

    Periodic care for the computer is carried out in the form of such events:

    • turning off the PC and disassembling the lid on the left side;
    • sucking dust using a small vacuum cleaner, while it is worth thoroughly clean the video card and the radiator;
    • Cleaning the power supply with a vacuum cleaner;
    • Dust that accumulated on the straps and hard-to-reach areas is removed with a brush.

    At the end of the procedure it is worth connecting the power cable and check its functionality. Next PC is turned off, the cover is screwed.

    Capital cleaning of a computer on blowing occurs according to the following algorithm:

    • Turning off the PC, as well as the release of its system unit from cables;
    • Removing the left cover and power supply;
    • Disbanding the power supply and liquidation of dust from the housings using a vacuum cleaner;
    • Couple unscrewing;
    • Replacing thermoplastics;
    • release of the computer’s housing from dusty particles, as well as clearance of hard-to-reach places with a brush;
    • dismantling and cleaning the video card;
    • return of the power supply and video card to the previous location;
    • checking cables connecting, cooler rotation;
    • Return PC cover to your previous place.

    In order for a computer mini vacuum cleaner for a long time, They need to be properly used, clean the equipment according to such recommendations:

    • Before the procedure for cleaning the PC, always turn it off from the source of electrical power;
    • Constantly use when working for an aggregate, since it is possible to avoid discharge and save computer technique in integrity;
    • Do not press the vacuum cleaner to the computer or its details to prevent damage to them;
    • use the unit is not worth it often, just two times a month.

    The vacuum cleaners for the computer are compact and convenient devices that are comfortable in the hand and are used for surface cleansing of the keyboard, power supply unit or PC as a whole from dust or garbage particles.

    Applying this unit, the user can be sure not only in the purity of its technology, but also in the well-groomed car salon, upholstery of upholstered furniture and radiator sections.

    About how to clean the computer from dust with a vacuum cleaner, you can learn from the video.

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