Transparent glass aprons for the kitchen: features and tips on design

Extrast of the walls of the working area of ​​the kitchen are made up with a glass apron. This species has many advantages and design options before counterparts.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cuisine glass apron is a protective panel for walls, At the same time there are some more advantages.

  • It is created from environmentally friendly material, so it does not pose a threat to human health.
  • High material strength thanks to special hardening technologies.
  • Huge selection of design options.
  • Differs simple care. Apron made of glass does not absorb fat and moisture, so they are easy to clean from the surface. And the material is resistant to any cleaning agent except abrasive.
  • Resistant to mechanical exposures, scratches and chips. In case of damage, the shards of glass are unsosts, do not allow drowning.
  • Visually expands the space of the kitchen.
  • Has a smaller value compared with similar materials.
  • Simple installation and dismantling. Lack of visible seams and grouts that do not darken and do not spoil the appearance. In addition, dirt and dust do not accumulate in such seams, which is very hygienic.
  • Firmly attached to any surface.

Despite the fact that such a surface has advantages, there are a number of flaws. These include:

  • Through the transparent glass, all the shortcomings of the wall are clearly visible. Therefore, before installing panels, the surface should be carefully prepared.
  • Installation of such panels requires accuracy, and resizes in the installation process will be problematic. And also cause problems applying additional holes during installation.
  • Cleaning the surface should be carried out with detergents without abrasive particles or powder: such means are capable of applying scratches.

About the pluses and minuses of glass aprons for the kitchen you will learn from the following video.

Features of registration

The design of such a surface has many options and depends on the type of glass. The most common glass is transparent, which not only performs a protective function, but if desired, the aesthetic orientation can be carried. So, under this glass, you can insert a photo or a whole collage of them, as well as recipes or necessary records. Another original design option will be the installation under the glass of photo wallpaper or poster with a bulk pattern.

Transparent glass looks good with backlit. It can be installed in both glass and apron. Glass can also be decorate with a pattern or install matte glass, which is suitable for the room in a modern style.

Painted glass looks beautiful and original in any kitchen. The main thing is to choose a harmonious color with the design of the room. The surface of the apron can be both monophonic and depicting. Floral, gastronomic motifs are popular with popularity. One of the views of the apron with a picture are aprons with a picture of 3D. Such a drawing can be applied both on the wrong surface and on the front side of the glass. Its main feature is the ability to choose the drawing yourself. Depending on the interior, it can be applied using photo printing or using vinyl film. The first option is the most durable, but it is more expensive.

Another kind of kitchen apron are mirror panels. They visually increase the volume of the kitchen, which is more relevant for small rooms. They are capable of creating a visually expand and extend space. As well as such models have unlimited design options. You can choose a compiled surface, matte, tinted, mirror glass with a pattern.

Tips and recommendations

      When choosing a glass apron into the kitchen It is worth considering some recommendations.

      • Choose glass better than a thickness of more than 6 mm, as it is more durable, albeit more expensive.
      • The price of the finished apron depends on many parameters: size, texture, fastening method and number of parts. The more complicated the design of the apron, the more expensive installation will cost.
      • When choosing an apron with a pattern or stained glass, you should consider the style design of the kitchen. Glass should harmoniously fit into the overall interior and unexplaced among the general plot.
      • When choosing a stained glass, it is worth relying on the color gamut of walls and furniture. The best option will be a drawing consisting of those colors that are present in the kitchen. The choice of classic colors will become a win-win option for the kitchen in any style.

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