Tees for dishwashers

Tees for dishwashers are very popular and relevant. All owners of such equipment should be dealt with taunis cranes for connecting dishwashers to water supply and sewage. Also worth familiar with the types of sanitary tees.

Description and appointment

Dishwashers from the attribute of “Patus cottages” gradually turn into equipping most dwellings. Therefore, all accessories and auxiliary elements to work with them also deserve attention. The dishwasher tee can be used along with 3 other options:

  • Angular crane;

  • double (there are 2 removal);

  • Model with 4 taps.

But only 2% of consumers are dissatisfied with the qualities of sanitary passing tees. This is a fairly simple and comfortable solution. Thanks to the standardized thread, connecting both the discretions and mixers is simplified significantly. Another threaded circuit is equipped with a slightly larger thread.

It is the similar combination that is optimal for connecting communications.

Review of species

To connect to the water supply and to the sewage, the crane-tee is suitable. However, this does not mean that each sample is perfect in a particular case. Only correctly selected modifications will be sufficiently comfortable and reliable when used. First of all, the Plumbing Water Tee varies on the material. For its manufacture use:

  • ordinary black metal;

  • stainless alloy;

  • copper;

  • brass;

  • Special plastic varieties.

Black Steel – the least practical option. It will quickly deteriorate in adverse conditions, and to name the connection to the dishwasher is not a stable solution. But stainless structures much more attractive. Their resistance to aggressive impacts are so great that exactly the same models are used in the chemical industry. Without any doubt, you can take such tees to drain the water from the dishwasher in the sewage: no fears can be.

Brass and copper even reliable than ordinary steel. But they are also more expensive, so this option should be considered last.

At the ratio of value and quality, the best version of the valve for tap and drain pipes is plastic design. However, the problem is often the low mechanical strength of such a product. It is necessary to take into account and compatibility with different materials of pipes.

Metal models occur much more often of polymer analogues. For their manufacture, both stamping and welding can be applied. Some copies are produced by combining both of these technological process.

Fastening can be performed on the coupling, on the flange or with a thread.

The welded compound is used extremely rarely, because the dishwasher is clearly not the unit where it is justified.

Also tees can be equal (with 3 identical holes). They successfully jeep pipes of various sections. Gorld parts are set at an angle of 90 degrees to the case. Transitional models allow not only to combine communications of different sections, but also change pressure in the system. They are additionally divided into 3 subtypes:

  • equipped with crimp nut and press sleeve;

  • equipped with a crimp nut and having a threaded end;

  • With fastening.

The diameter of tees can be:

  • eleven;

  • sixteen;

  • twenty;

  • 25;

  • 31.5 cm.

There are tees designed for 45, 87 or 90 degrees. They combine designs with different sections. If possible, not plastic, but more durable brass and bronze tees. When selecting the product, it is necessary to take into account the stream of thread.

Gate with ball filling reliable lever sample.

How to use?

The specific application of such products is also worth carefully disassembled. The bay hose to the tee must be connected freely, without “tight”. Too short hose will have to replace. For work, it will be necessary to need a fum-tape – it is better and more reliable than plumbing flax or panel. Mostly to the crane, the dishwasher is connected through the taps of the mixer.

Normal scheme:

  • overlap the valve at the inlet;

  • disconnecting the mixer sawmaker;

  • replacement of the outdated seal;

  • new winding thread;

  • Handling a tee;

  • connecting the mixer to one of the taps;

  • Installation on a different output of the filter of the duct;

  • Connection to the output of the hose filter filling the dishwasher.

Another area of ​​the hose must be connected to the body of the machine. Nut from plastic is sealed from the inside. Shake it if it is good, should not. When using hoses with akvastop block, it is required to watch how they will be located. The body of such products is often great and can hardly fit in the interval separating the PMM from the wall.

It is very important to achieve the tightness of the connection. Crane shutter must be closed. After that, open water. If leakage is detected when inspected, you need to pull the nuts.

It is strongly recommended to use good components and details – then, considering the advice above, it will turn out to do everything.

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