Subtleties of kitchen uniting with another room

Redevelopment is an urgent type of repair work, which provides for a combination of several rooms in one space. The increase in the kitchen is especially popular. In most of the apartments, this room has a very small area, on which you can hardly fit all the necessary furniture and household equipment, as well as comfortably accommodate at the table at the same time all households. Large, spacious and bright kitchen – Dream of each modern hostess.

The presence of a kitchen and dining area in one room allows family members to spend together a larger amount of time, to jointly celebrate holidays and invite many guests.

Pros and cons

Studio Apartments – a new solution in the arrangement of residential premises. Increasingly customers want to get a kitchen combined with a room. Young designers with great pleasure implement the tasks set, allowing you to create absolutely new residential space. The project with redevelopment has both advantages and disadvantages.

Among the main positive parties to the union of space, specialists celebrate the following:

  • Functional zoning of space;
  • visual increase in area;
  • the creation of a single space with a large amount of light and without visual barriers;
  • Creating convenient and practical food preparation and meal zones;
  • the possibility of implementing the designer solution of any style direction;
  • Combining the cooking process and communicate with family;
  • Implementation of exclusive projects.


  • distribution of kitchen smells in the recreation area;
  • the need to install a special ventilation system and installation of a powerful exhaust;
  • lack of privacy;
  • The need to increase the frequency of cleaning of the whole unified territory.

Regulatory requirements

Before the start of the complex redevelopment process, it is necessary to study all the regulatory requirements and rules for the implementation of this event. Without permits, it is impossible to connect the space of residential premises.

The design of brick houses consists not only of bearing walls, but also from ordinary partitions, the full disassembly of which will allow you to combine space. For panel structures, this task is impossible due to the presence of only supporting buildings. This feature makes it possible to make volumetric arches with installing auxiliary supports.

It is strictly forbidden to remove partitions in natural gas apartments. To prevent gas and burning products in bedrooms, kitchen must have an interroom door. To implement the task, it is necessary to replace the gas stove on the electric. Turning off the apartment from gas should conduct special gas organizations, and for the laying of the required electrical cable it is necessary to invite professional electricians.

Financial expenses for attracting industry professionals should be laid in the estimate cost of repair work.

Special attention should be paid to the combination of kitchen and loggia, which can be performed in two ways.

  • Dismantling only window opening. This project does not require a special permission if the integrity of the wall and the threshold is completely preserved.
  • Demolition of the whole wall, window sill, windows and door threshold. The project requires the mandatory receipt of permits.

An important aspect of this redevelopment is the organization of heating. Regulatory documents prohibit the removal of the heating system to the balcony. This manipulation will lead to a decrease in pressure in the system and a decrease in air temperature in apartments. Experts recommend installing autonomous heaters.

How to agree?

Starting redevelopment, it must be borne in mind that the decision to dismantle any partition requires compulsory agreement with the relevant authorities. The technical passport of the apartment contains detailed information not only about the size of the rooms, but also about the functional purpose of the walls. Each owner can independently check whether the chosen wall for the carrier demolition is or not.

For the demolition of a partition, which is part of the main framework of the building, it is necessary to make a draft planned redevelopment, coordinate it in all envisaged organizations and obtain permission. After the project is implemented, the prerequisite for the further use of the residential premises is the commissioning of the Object.

To create a redevelopment project of a residential apartment, you need to contact special architectural organizations.

Only with all documents and permits can begin demolition of partitions. Up to this point, no partition can be broken.

List of documents to coordinate redevelopment:

  • technical passport of the room;
  • written permission of all prescribed persons;
  • resolution of architectural service;
  • Redevelopment project;
  • Documents confirming the right of ownership;
  • Written application in BTI from the apartment owner.

Zoning and design

Increase the quantity of redevelopment and maximally remove flaws will help the correct design of the room. To date, there are two types of architectural units.

  • Open – Complete combination of rooms and decorate them in one style, direction and color solutions. Main features: Maximum removal from the dining area of ​​household kitchen appliances and exhaust, applying a modern ventilation system.
  • Closed – Harmonious accommodation of lungs and air partitions, which are imperceptibly separated by the kitchen from the dining room. For separation of space, you can use bar rack, curtains, drywall partitions, floral hedges and various furniture.

Basic rules of selection and use of color range:

  • Uniform distribution of sunlight in a room with dark shades;
  • the use of common color solutions;
  • Installation of integrated and multi-level lighting;
  • Using bright furniture with unusual colors and texture.

After performing all design and construction work, it is necessary to start the zoning stage of the obtained premises. There are three ways of competent separation of space:

  • visual;
  • architectural;
  • logical.

Consider the most sought-after zoning options.

  • Podium – A small raising of floor covering in the food cooking area.
  • Furniture – Wessed room divisions when designers use sofa, mounted ceiling shelves, screen and kitchen table on the visual border of two rooms.
  • Curtains – The most economical option in which textiles is used, as well as curtains of beads and glass balls.
  • Flooring – Classic way to designate the kitchen and living room area. The main feature is the use of material of different structures, but the same color scheme and style.
  • Arch – time-consuming and expensive way to divide space, but it makes it possible to create arched openings of any shape and size.

In rooms with low ceilings, designers do not recommend changing the height of the ceilings or use multi-level ceiling structures. For these premises, it is advisable to apply architectural techniques in the form of installation of separating partitions. These structures should be small size and height.

One of the most popular options is a narrow bar stand or a small mounted dining table.

Plasterboard or glass partitions – aesthetic and affordable way to divide the space, as well as give it any form. To increase and optimize the cooking zone, you can remove the kitchen door, and install refrigeration equipment in its place.

To design a gasified kitchen redevelopment Professional designers recommend using sliding partitions or large folding doors. These designs make it possible both to fully isolate the kitchen zone and combine it with a dining room. After registration of all permits, many apartment owners dismantle the design and use a single space.

Special attention designers recommend paying the lighting system, which will later play one of the most important roles in the zoning of the room. Luminaires can be placed not only on the ceilings and walls, but on the working surface, in the cooking area and meals. Special decorative loads are desk lamps and floor lamps.

Increase the area of ​​the kitchen by combining it with a balcony or loggia. To minimize financial spending, you can remove only the window opening and the balcony door.

The remaining block under the window can be used as a dining table, flower stands, bars racks and a kitchen surface.

If the project provides for the work area to the balcony, it is necessary to take into account the following nuances:

  • lack of severe and massive furniture and household appliances;
  • The impossibility of placing electrical sockets and switches.

In the resulting additional space, you can place the following objects:

  • bar zone;
  • study;
  • Recreation area with a comfortable sofa, shelves and lampsher;
  • kitchen work area;
  • Table.

The rules for decorating the combined zone of the balcony and the kitchen coincide with the generally accepted rules of redevelopment.

Beautiful examples

On the pages of specialized journals, you can see a huge number of projects with redevelopment projects. Select the necessary solution for the apartment will help experienced designers and architects.

An elegant and gentle interior made in the total colors will suit for a family with any number of people. In this project, the cooking area and recreation zone are harmoniously combined with a large and comfortable sofa.

Stretch ceilings visually increase the space, and the single design and style of the curtains are further combined.

A beautiful partition from drywall will help functionally divide two spaces. This element of the decor creates a cozy preparation and meal area, and will also allow to organize a seating area of ​​all family members. The use of natural materials and colors will significantly revive the room and will help maintain a positive atmosphere in the house.

    Arrangement of the dining area due to kitchen and balcony uniting – the current way to increase the area of ​​the room. The use of one stylistic direction and color shade will allow you to make a single and holistic space.

    About what needs to be taken into account when combining the kitchen with another room, look next.

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