Stickers in the kitchen: species and features of application

Ways to diversify the interior of the apartment a lot. One of them implies the use of original stickers in the kitchen. This is a very convenient and practical thing that will give to any interior stunning view. Stickers differ in purpose – vinyl and decorative – and in size (from large to small). You can buy them in specialized stores or order online.

Advantages of elements for kitchen decor

Kitchen stickers are very popular in Europe (especially in France), Since they have a number of undoubted advantages:

  • affordable cost;
  • versatility;
  • bright and original appearance;
  • ability to hide disadvantages;
  • long-term operation;
  • Simplicity of application.

Use interior stickers as follows:

  • decorate a tile or walls (even with wallpaper);
  • stick to the “Apron” kitchen;
  • Decorating furniture or household appliances (refrigerator, table and even dishwasher).

Views and sizes

You can highlight two types of stickers: decorative and vinyl. The first are made of film (glossy) and use, in most cases, for decorating furniture. For example, the stickers create a pattern in a single style, which adorn each door of the kitchen headset.

Also there are fragmentary stickers with 3D effect or vinyl stickers. This popular type of decor (vinyl – reliable and environmentally friendly material) is great for the walls and perfectly complements the existing interior style. Stick the vinyl stickers in contrast to decorative stickers is harder, but the effect is simply awesome.

In this case, it is important to choose a shade and the size of a film to create a sticker and decorated with a decorated surface (matte or glossy).

The subject of this type of decor is very diverse: from recipes to humorous pictures. Consider the most popular compositions that help to decorate the kitchen interior and add a unique “highlight” to his design. So stickers can depict the following items.

  • Dishes. Cups, Plates and Cutlery. The dimensions of such stickers can be selected individually, depending on your needs. Extremely popular image of the mixture charts or cartoon characters.
  • Recipes. Very original and stylish. You can place your favorite recipe or yourself to come up with a prominent place. The title is best distinguished by a large font. In addition, it will be possible to place a schematic image on the preparation of a dish.

  • Fruits and vegetables. It will give the interior of the kitchen of bright paints and create a radiant atmosphere in the entire apartment.
  • Spicy. The image of different grasses will attract the attention of guests and will delight the eye of the hostess, which is spent a lot of time for cooking. A lot of “greenery” in the kitchen looks just amazing.

  • Cocktails. Great for modern kitchen with bar counter.
  • Inscriptions with wishes and humorous verses. Perfectly charge the following phrases: “With good in the morning!”, “Bon Appetit!” and a good day!”.
  • Coffee. This topic is close to very many people and causes them the most positive emotions. An image of a cup of fragrant coffee perfectly raises the mood, especially early in the morning.

The size of the stickers, as a rule, vary from 10 to 250 cm. But also encounter more volumetric products.

In most cases, kitchen stickers are applied to furniture items (lockers, chairs and table). The main thing is not to be mistaken with the choice of color. For example, black and dark brown stickers are suitable for furniture of pastel tones. The pattern in any case should be darker. If the sticker must hide any facade defect, apply it extremely neatly, not forgetting to smooth out.

The most popular place to decorate the wall remains. Usually for its decor choose large products that fill the whole area. If you want to change the concept in the future, then the sticker can be changed with ease or completely remove. Excellent decor elements look at a monophonic tile.

In addition, stickers will help hide small defects.

Sometimes, after updating the design of the kitchen, the refrigerator ceases to harmonize with the rest of the interior items. Vinyl stickers will help to correct the situation, which will transform the most promotional view of household appliances in the kitchen.

The choice of stickers on the refrigerator is quite large. These include multi-colored drawings, images of landscapes and thematic stickers. For example, an amazing surprise for a birthday story will be stickers with congratulations. And also besides aesthetic component, stickers will help hide scratches or dents (different sizes) on the outside of the refrigerator.

Features of application

This method of decor implies simple installation with which the fragile mistress will cope with. The main thing is to show attentiveness and accuracy. To stick the sticker with the 3D effect on the wall, follow the instructions.

  • Clean the surface of the wall in the most careful way. With the help of a wet sponge, we remove dust and spots from it from it (you can use special cleaning products).
  • We take stencil and freamed it to the wall (edges fix paint scotch). It should fit tightly to the decorated surface.
  • Insert stickers in stencil. Refer to this process extremely carefully. Otherwise, the sticker will look ridiculous and even funny.
  • We remove the stencil and remove the protective paper layer with the stickers (for quick removal slightly moisturize it).

Apply decorative stickers even easier. In this case, the technique of applying self-adhesive wallpaper is applied: we smoothly remove the protective film, we apply to the surface of the wall and smoothed with a plastic spatula.

On how to properly stick the sticker on the wall of the kitchen, look in the video below.

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